160 euros value of goods: Well cared for until Christmas: The Rituals advent calendar 2022 in the test

Chocolate was yesterday, there are many different advent calendars available for a long time.

160 euros value of goods: Well cared for until Christmas: The Rituals advent calendar 2022 in the test

Chocolate was yesterday, there are many different advent calendars available for a long time. While in childhood models with snacks or pictures were the norm, today adults have more choices. Because advent calendars are not a relic from childhood, but popular options to beautify the waiting time until Christmas with little things. Why? An advent calendar offers the chance to try something new, because each of the 24 packages surprises with a gift. You don't have to be a child for that, because even as an adult, your fingers tingle when you don't know what to unpack the next day. The variety of calendars offers such a large selection that it is not easy to decide on one copy. Anyone who is a fan of care products can now choose between numerous brands and suppliers: from Flaconi to Nivea to Assam Beauty.

The star took a look at this year's Advent calendar from Rituals. More precisely, one of the three advent calendars, because there are several versions in 2022. They differ in terms of appearance and content. The cheapest version is the simplest, the two more expensive versions boast a 3D look. The premium version also offers many exclusive products and original sizes. All three calendars are filled with Rituals products that care for the skin, smell nice or help with washing.

The calendar tested is the 3D Advent Calendar from Rituals. 3-D because it is a Christmas tree that is hung with golden packages. The construction can be easily put together in a few minutes and decorated with 24 golden gifts. These are a great eye-catcher with their golden shimmering shine. Each package has a place on the tree and can be attached to the Christmas tree using the existing hangers. Once the little work of art is assembled, it stands securely and can be placed anywhere there is space. Because the calendar needs that — unlike the classic box versions of other brands, it is more expansive. But also much more decorative and a great eye-catcher in your own home at Christmas time. The tree is crowned by a star-shaped parcel bearing the number 24. If you want to equip the calendar with that certain extra, you will find a small chain of lights in the scope of delivery — but without batteries. The design is really successful and the optics are high quality.

You want to be surprised when the golden package opens and the Rituals advent calendar succeeds in doing that. The 24 packages contain a colorful mix of products with a value of 160 euros. These include hair care, room fragrance, soap and candles. The beautiful mixture is convincing because there is something for different occasions. There are popular Rituals products such as shower foams among the gifts, but also exclusive products that cannot be bought in this way. Plus point: The calendar offers products for every gender.

The Rituals classics must not be missing from the calendar to represent a good mix. However, three products stand out. These include the "The Ritual of Mehr" incense sticks in the original size of 70 milliliters. The concept is as simple as it is effective. Place sticks in the fragrance bottle and at the place of your choice and the pleasant smell will spread. The "The Ritual of Jing" hand cream is also convincing. It smells very pleasant and spreads easily on the hands. After a few seconds it is absorbed and leaves the skin velvety soft. As a candle fan, the four included Advent candles round off the highlights of the calendar. There is something for every taste in the fragrances "Savage Garden", "Sweet Jasmine", "Precious Amber" and "Suede Vanilla".

The beautiful design of the Rituals Advent Calendar 2022 undoubtedly stands out when you look at the competition from Flaconi and Co. In any case, anyone who came up with this Christmas tree with a chain of lights knows how advent calendars can be used not only as Christmas decorations, but also as Christmas decorations. The mixture of blue and gold is particularly pleasing, as it is classic but not kitschy. Inside the calendar is a nice mix of popular classics and exclusive products. It's nice that it's not just about care products, but also little helpers for everyday life, from detergent to decoration. A goods value of 160 euros for a purchase price of 99.50 euros is not outstanding, but it is definitely on average. The only downside: the calendar generates a lot of garbage. As beautiful as the golden packages are, they pack each product individually and must be disposed of accordingly.

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