15 gift ideas: varied and original Christmas gifts for women

Women are choosier when it comes to the right gift.

15 gift ideas: varied and original Christmas gifts for women

Women are choosier when it comes to the right gift. This is why classic gifts such as perfume or jewelery often cause mixed reactions from the partner. The most important premise is therefore to listen. Many women choose their gifts with care, make small lists of wishes from their loved ones even before Christmas and hope that their partner will also pay attention to them. Personal gifts are therefore very popular and add more intimacy to the relationship through active listening. Of course, there are no Christmas gifts just for women or men, because no matter what gender it is important to choose the right gift for the person receiving the gift. For those looking for inspiration, here are original and varied ideas for Christmas gifts for women (and everyone else).

Everyday life can be stressful, which makes it all the more important to find peace within your own four walls. This also includes treating yourself to something and making your free time enjoyable.

The massage pillow

Do you already know soothing massage devices? There are different models, whether for neck, shoulders and back or for feet and hands. Warming Shiatsu massage cushions are particularly pleasant. Your partner can position the pillow as she likes and treat herself to a massage at home.

Restful sleep

Spelled pillows are said to ensure better sleep. They are filled with flexible spelled husks that adapt to the body. In this way, the weight is optimally distributed and sleep is more restful. Likewise, neck tension caused by lying incorrectly can be alleviated or even disappear.

Relaxed bath

The hot bath is also a relaxation classic. It could be even more pleasant if you can rest your head on a comfortable bath pillow. With the suitable bath oils you can switch off optimally.


This table fireplace should also ensure relaxation and cozy hours. A fireplace cannot be integrated into every household, so you have a nice alternative that is particularly pleasant in winter. When buying, make sure that the model is suitable for indoor use and is smoke-free.

Tip: Combine one of the gifts with a voucher for a couples massage. This ensures a pleasant experience and soothing relaxation.

Is your partner curious and likes company? Then the storytelling game "Tell me! The family quiz" could be a suitable Christmas present. The game is suitable for three to eight players and raises exciting questions that are often not asked in everyday life. This includes questions like "Is there a famous person in your family?" or "What did you learn from grandma and grandpa?"

Thanks to compact Bluetooth speakers, you can listen to music almost anywhere these days. For music fans, a wireless boombox is ideal as a Christmas present. The small speaker is waterproof and very flexible, whether traveling or at home.

Tip: You could also give concert tickets as a gift. Not only do you hold the loudspeakers in your hands on Christmas Eve, you can also experience something together in the future.

Common experiences weld together and offer a welcome change in everyday life. Because making time for each other is not always easy. Giving away experiences together means wishing for time together. These can be a wide variety of actions, if you know your partner, you know best what she likes. There are various ways to give away vouchers with experiences. Explosion boxes look great and surprise with numerous layers when you open them. Don't worry, if you're less creative, you'll get a hit thanks to the special design of the surprise box. Possible vouchers could be trips to the climbing park, floating together, cooking and dance classes or a wine seminar.

Tip: If you step out of your comfort zone and dare to discover something new together, you broaden your horizons and find a change from everyday life. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby with your partner.

Daily rituals such as drinking coffee or tea can provide a little break. It is therefore important to use high-quality utensils and treat yourself to something new.

Coffee Fan

Good coffee makes the heart of every coffee lover beat faster. This organic coffee is an Arabica blend and low in acid. This practical manual coffee grinder is suitable for grinding whole beans. In combination with this stainless steel French press, the coffee becomes a nice Christmas present. Stainless steel is actually a better material than the classic glass variant, because it is unbreakable.

tea lover

Not only coffee enjoys great popularity, but also tea. Tea fans like to discover new types of tea. Tea flowers look particularly beautiful - they are small flower arrangements made of tea that only bloom in hot water. That's why you should best give tea flowers as a gift with a beautiful glass teapot. So your partner can watch the tea flowers blossom.

As is well known, Christmas is also a celebration of consumption — but this can be made sustainable. Sustainability is no longer a trend, but part of everyday life in many households. Many classic products therefore now have a sustainable alternative.

Make Fashion

The same applies to sneakers: the sustainable brand Veja is well-known and popular. Their vegan sneakers made of organic cotton, natural rubber and vegetable-tanned leather are an ideal Christmas present for people who value sustainable and fair fashion.

Nice alternatives

In households in particular, there are always disposable products. Products such as practical straws made of stainless steel or kitchen rolls made of bamboo are therefore popular. The cleaning of the reusable products is easy and saves costs and waste in the long term. If you want to save cling film, you can use sustainable beeswax cloths.

When it comes to beauty and care, there are also numerous alternatives. If it is a matter of certified natural cosmetics, then oils, fats, waxes as well as fragrances and dyes are only made from vegetable, mineral and — with some — animal raw materials. On the other hand, paraffins, silicones and synthetic fragrances and dyes are prohibited. Weleda is one of the certified natural cosmetics brands and offers a large selection. In winter, this rich cream should provide particularly good care and long-lasting moisture.

Culinary experiments are part of the hobby cooks, because discovering new recipes and tastes is fun. Of course, enthusiastic cooks are already well equipped in the kitchen and that is why it is considered a Christmas gift to bring a new and original idea under the tree. The Far Eastern cuisine convinces with exciting ideas and spices. Chinese dumplings from the steamer are popular - so-called dumplings. The special thing about the delicious dumplings is the preparation. They are not cooked in water, but only with steam. A traditional bamboo steamer is therefore a suitable gift for your partner.

Tip: Combine the gift with a voucher for a joint cooking course. You can both learn something new and get new inspiration for everyday life.

There is nothing wrong with classic gifts if they come from the heart and suit your partner. That's why this stylish glass vase is a nice option. The Nachtmann brand produces in Germany and, in addition to vases, also has beautiful glasses, bowls or candlesticks in its range.

Tip: If your wife not only has a sense for decoration, but also a green thumb, she could be happy about a course in which she learns how to make beautiful flower arrangements.

First of all, it should be said that there is probably no such thing as the perfect gift. After all, tastes and desires are individual. If you listen and make a note of your gift wishes a few weeks before Christmas, you are most likely to get a hit. Carefully selected gifts show the partner that they know each other well and know what they like. Finding inspiration is also a good option, after all there are numerous gifts and not everyone is familiar with them. If in doubt, ask your partner honestly what she wants, because then you are guaranteed to be right with your gift.

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