10 wines to drink by listening to his old vinyl records - The Point

" the Knights of the round table ", "Drink..." or " The Little white Wine, are drinking songs. Texts that are easy and catchy, repeated in chorus in the en

10 wines to drink by listening to his old vinyl records - The Point

" the Knights of the round table ", "Drink..." or " The Little white Wine, are drinking songs. Texts that are easy and catchy, repeated in chorus in the end of the banquet, and a pretext to repeat the levels of the glasses, they speak of times already distant, where the wine is essentially a drink and drunkenness joyful art of living. But the effects of the wine may not always be the lightness of the happy moments. Boris Vian and a little later, Aznavour wrote each a song called " I drink ". They describe the states of mind of two characters who settle their accounts with the existence, and secondarily with their wives. The first character, one of Vian, drunk " no matter what jaja, provided that it has twelve degrees five, he drinks the worse of the stillage, it is disgusting but it passes the time ". One of Aznavour raises his glass " to its flight forward and drink deep to the hell that is in her liver, in bouquet of cirrhosis water drinking ". This is for the depressed. And then there are the other, the good living, those who eat and drink by celebrating the pleasures of life. In the category of, Pierre Perret is still at the pole position (see 10 wines that could accompany the pasta of Ventura). Good cook, lover of great wines, it clearly announces the color in her song called simply "Wine" : "If the Good God has given us, in his largesse, a hole under the nose to fuck our master, to complete his wish divine, he wished that it pays, from time to time, a glass of wine. "It has the merit of clarity. The result is a jumble of a hymn in burgundy, saint-julien, to Latour, to the chambertin, at the holy love, to Mouton Rothschild, " to the great Petrus ", the clos de vougeot, at Giscours, the "noble montrachet" and " fresh mâcon ". A program and the proof that one can be a client of the grand crus and able to enjoy the wine simple, wine of thirst or snack.

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In the genre of celebration of the pleasures of the flesh or of the beloved, they go very well together, Juliette Noureddine is not bad either. His small solemn mass is a pure delight : "Finally we are here between us all two, one-on-one head-to-head and eye-to-eye, I had so much to say but where to start ? Two glasses, a bottle : I think I found it ! "We see there, glass in hand, to taste syrah and carignan, vacqueyras, tursan, saint-emilion or saint-estèphe. "The wine loosens the meaning, he opens the sheets, but can you see under her cup I won't lie : I wood, yes, for the taste, but also for the taste, for our night of love so let us be without wisdom ! "All is said. But the wine is also an object of dream, not to say fantasies, and the grail of the taster patented remains the Romanée-Conti, undisputed star of the burgundian vineyard. "Its splendor is so great, it is a legend, much more than a drink..." said Anne Sylvestre in its song, which bears the name of the raw magic. "... But I wouldn't want to die before having tasted, ah ! Sure I would like to not die before having seen his jewels, flowing in my glass, this is my only prayer. "A prayer that is not simple to hear the case of one of the wines the most rare and most expensive in the world. But Anne Sylvestre will still be invited to come and enjoy. You can always console themselves with "The Java without moderation" Gilbert Lafaille. It is part of the singers said to text, appreciated by lovers of French song. He announces the color : "I like not the wines are expensive, those that sell at auction, I love the wines scoundrels, those that have never medal. "Medal or not, these are the wines the flavour of the day, affordable in every sense of the term, the kind of wines that we want to share with a friend :" Çui that puts you in the plumage, the boyfriend of Jean Carmet, le petit Chateau-la-Thirst, çui that is simple and honest, that is not on the Internet, but knows the spelling. "

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Bourgogne Chitry

Christian Morin
Chitry (89)
2018. Nose, lemony, floral, citrus, mouth séveuse, coated, final, tense, pretty, balanced wine with flavours of spicy and fruity.

Domain Mathias
Chaintré (71)
2018. Nose: fresh, expressive, lemon, white flowers, the palate lively, elegant, creamy, mineral note, right, balanced, fresh.

Vineyards Michel Guérard
Chateau de Bachen

Duhort-Bachen (40)
2019. Nose honey, lime, chestnut, tasty lips, very ripe white fruit, long, fat, rich, long, yellow peach.

Le Clos des Cazaux

Vacqueyras (84)
The Gold Key 2019. Nose: fresh, white fruits, juicy, flowers of the garrigue, right, precise, to the final tasty.

Domain Bergeron

Émeringes (69)
Clos du chapitre 2019. the Nose is fruity, black cherry, palate is round, fruity, hint of oak, spices, good length, fine tannins.

Fayolle Fils and Fille

Gervans (26)
Vintage Sense 2018. Lovely fruit, black fruit, fresh, spicy, soft mouth, juicy, fine tannins, velvety, persistent finish.

IGP Saint-guilhem-le-desert
Mas Conscience

Saint-Jean-de-Fos (34)
The Case for 2018. made from the carignan. Expressive, fruity, pure, black fruit, notes of garrigue, fresh taste, small, smooth tannins, finish-spicy, peppery.

Château le Crock

St-Estèphe (33)
2016. expressive Nose, red fruits, strawberry, blackberry, cigar box, tannins, delicate, tight, bright, tense, persistent.

Château du Glana
Saint-Julien (33)
2016. Nose elegant, fruity, pure, fresh, long, fine tannins, last, tight, long, savory.

Saint-emilion grand cru
Château d'arcole

Saint-Magne-de-Castillon (33)
2017. red Fruits, soft mouth, soft tannins, nice fruit, elegant wine, with refined, well-balanced.

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The case Maigret. The 10 wines and spirits of the commissioner 10 wines that could accompany the pasta in Ventura
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