10 wines that could accompany the pasta Ventura - The Point

A compression of Caesar, a book signed by Joan Miro, lithographs by Braque, works by Arman, Folon or Moretti, the signed furniture, a collection of pipes, but a

10 wines that could accompany the pasta Ventura - The Point

A compression of Caesar, a book signed by Joan Miro, lithographs by Braque, works by Arman, Folon or Moretti, the signed furniture, a collection of pipes, but also a cellar - " impressive, with the great vintages of bordeaux and the prestigious vintages ". Nothing to do with the famous inventory of Prévert. This list, extracted from an article in the November 14, 2015 published in The new yorker, is only a short excerpt of the catalogue of the auction of the property of the actor Lino Ventura. Art lover and, as his friend Brassens, tobacco if one relies on the presence of the pipes in this descriptive heterogeneous.

Lino Ventura was not least a great lover of wine, very often from the vineyards of bordeaux. Pierre Perret recounts, in her book souvenirs, My Life in wine, on the occasion of a tv show Ventura had offered him a Petrus 1970 while at the time the two stars did not know each other very well. Another time, it is a Petrus 1961 that the actor makes him taste, in a magnum, to accompany an osso-buco cooked by his care. "We were with Mireille Darc, my buddy Jean Carmet and the best dialogue writer, Michel Audiard, a moment of symbiosis," says Pierre Perret, who was interviewed for an article in the Revue du vin de France. Lino Ventura was thanked for his friendly generosity : "He found my cave, and he quickly spotted, at the end of two or three dinners at home, where were the good wines..." still remembers Perret during a visit to Europe 1, interviewed at the side of Jean-Louis Debré, smiling, drinking, if one may say so, his words. During one of their famous dinners, to launch the hostilities and accompany a studnja of foie gras, Perret suggested a sauternes, Lino Ventura went down in the basement, pretended to close his eyes and randomly select a bottle : he pulled out a château Yquem 45.

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It cooked really in the movies

Like many actors of his generation, when Ventura opens a bottle of wine in one of his films, it is very commonly of red and, most of the time, of bordeaux. At the movies, in the 1970s, it is rarely the Petrus flowing in the glasses. Instead of bordeaux simple as it is sometimes called the small, but bordeaux all the same. At the time, the bordeaux-bashing has not yet been invented, and speak evil of Bordeaux wine by opening a bottle of beaujolais nature is not yet fashionable. During the famous scene at the table of the film The Slap, for which Lino Ventura was required to cook personally the pasta that he made to gulp down (the word is weak), Francis Perrin, alias Marc Morillon, the boyfriend of his daughter, played by Isabelle Adjani, this is a bordeaux that can be guessed without a grade, which accompanies the meal. But, in life, Ventura was not only a drinker notified, but also a blue cord, as was said at the time, a great specialist in pasta...

One day, as he told of how his friend the author of "Friends first" had engulfed an entire bowl of her famous pasta, Brassens, pretending to take it for a reproach, said : "Plains-toi... You see guys like me who are a credit to your dishes ? "There were a few if we are to believe the many testimonies of the friends of Ventura, Blier's father in the head and, of course, Gabin. One day as he was interviewed alongside Audiard, he dropped with a form of admiration : "You've got to find you at the table, with Lino... Ben, my old, Lino, this is serious ! You speak of a quadrille of jaws ! It makes us double-six in all ! Because I remember, at home, a jerky, once, and a cuissot de sanglier, another time... My old... You would think he is going to kill you, Lino, when he eats, you would think he is going to kill you ! You dare to speak any more ! You hear the jaws that are clac, clac, clac ! You say to yourself : “Shit ! If I approach, he's gonna kill !” You can't know what it is ! He is a world champion, him ! "

Bordeaux 2018
Castle Bouillerot
06 80 20 32 25.
black Fruit, cherry, mulberry, the palate rich, dense, fine tannins, tight, good length, final tasty.

Bordeaux 2018
Castle in the Bonalguet
06 81 91 08 12.
fine Nose, aromatic, black fruit, floral, livestock, neat, good tannins, tight, savory, long, fruity, clean finish, notes saline.

Bordeaux 2017
Area of Plaice

06 98 63 39 28.
black Fruit, very good fruit in the mouth, pure, good, refreshing, distinctive merlot, quite full-bodied, lush, smooth tannins.

Bordeaux 2016
Château Thieuley
05 56 23 00 01.
a delicate Nose, black fruits, foliage, freshness, fine mouth, melted tannins, harmonious wine, final liquorice, stretched.

Bordeaux-top 2018
Chateau Turcaud

05 56 23 04 41.

Cuvée Majeure. Nose of licorice, black fruit, round mouth, fleshy, small, firm tannins and fresh, long and tasty.

Bordeaux-top 2018
Chateau Reynier

05 57 84 52 02.
black Fruits, burlat, palate: fresh, velvety tannins, well coated, stretched, final found.

Bordeaux higher-2017
Castle Landereau

05 56 30 64 28.
Classic. pleasant Nose, black fruit, cassis, biscuit, fine tannins, tight, pure, right, good structure, final savory.

Bordeaux-top 2016
The Gravel pits of the Brandille

05 57 69 83 01.
Fresh, floral, red fruits, foliage, distinctive cabernet, notes of licorice, fine tannins, tight, final found.

Bordeaux-top 2016
Castle Lauduc

05 57 34 43 56.
Grande Cuvée. of red Fruits, cassis, zan, end, good freshness, tannins are delicate, smooth, shine.

And for the studnja of foie gras... Château d'yquem 2013.
Among the most prestigious names of the Bordeaux region, of which the prices have literally skyrocketed in recent years, it is still possible to access Yquem, at least during the wine fairs in September. In fact, the sweet wines, as great as they are-are less popular than the big red and will remain at prices " affordable ". We had selected last year 2013 in half-bottle, very well noted.

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