10 jobs for the Corona-house arrest

1. Who wants to know how a really terrible epidemic looks, you can folks shudder with Alessandro Manzoni's novel "The bride". Not only is this anyway a grea

10 jobs for the Corona-house arrest

1. Who wants to know how a really terrible epidemic looks, you can folks shudder with Alessandro Manzoni's novel "The bride". Not only is this anyway a great read, an eternal classic, and with almost 900 pages long-enough for a medium-sized quarantine, but it contains probably the most impressive depiction of one of the plague-infested city of Milan in 1830. Manzoni told, almost like a historian, from the emergence of the epidemic and the misconceptions of the people about how it spreads. He then sends his hero, Renzo, through the besieged city, in search of his fiancee, Lucia. He finds them finally in the plague hospital. And, oh miracle, both survive. Finally, the novel needs a Happy ending.

2. in Most cases, it needs to go in the kitchen quickly, and that's why the dishes are finished also so on-Trend. This weekend you could take advantage of now to try once again to all the cooking techniques, which are time-consuming: bake a braid, or else a loaf of bread, time: 30 minutes! They make a puff pastry, duration: 1 hour. You can cook a nice Coq au Vin, duration: approx. 2 hours! Or even with bone, vegetables and red wine a Jus (duration: 4 hours)! time for a classic: A good Coq au Vin come to those who wait.

3. they Devote themselves to all the tiresome cleaning tasks overlooked you during the week cleaning like to "": water-tap descale, hair out of the drain brooding, cracks on window frames cleaning, parquet polishing, cobwebs from the ceiling, sucking, silver Cutlery Shine, kitchen cabinets, interior dusting, refrigerator cleaning, Laundry stand, dusting, welts on the door frame wiping, balcony entmoosen, earth, leaves, and Brösmeli from the Shoe Cabinet piece, shower curtain wash, basement and screed de-clutter (alone, so they are busy for a week), Dresses to sort out, and the remaining nice folding (keyword: Marie Kondo, there is on Netflix, a documentary about). A Lot Of Fun.

4. when, if not now binge watchen? The Streaming services currently have a lot of New and Good things in the offer. For example: "duty/shame," a BBC crime series about a Yakuza Gangster in London (Netflix). Or "Star Trek: Picard," perhaps the best and most dramatic "Star Trek"series of them all (Amazon). Who mysteriously has it better, you should watch "I Am Not Okay With This" (Netflix); the series revolves around a Teenage girl with telekinetic skills in the 80s, Stephen King sends his regards. The last was called "Freud": The good old Sigmund and how he is a murderous Viennese society stumbles, where Sex, shoots and inner demons dominate (Netflix). Robert Finster as a young Sigmund Freud.

5. digital photos are great, you can store Thousands in a minimum of space. But how often do you look at all the snapshots stored on any hard drives, really? And have you ever thought what happens once the recordings? The chances are good that you are lost, disposed of by the descendants of, or are no longer available, because Apple, for 100. The Jacks/cables renewed will have. If you take the time to make the Files to sift through, and with the really good photos of a couple of photo albums. Yes, it takes time. But you have now, Yes.

6. An online course book: languages, tools, or special skills such as script writing, acting, casting or negotiation skills – there is virtually nothing that is not today's world, Tutorials learnable. writer Margaret Atwood teaches online for the art of book writing.

7. letters to write. Make your favorite people a wonderful old-fashioned, in a letter of compliments. Align grandma with a card greetings. Send the Göttikind a postcard from your city. You congratulate your best friend hand in writing for my birthday. This is a stylish and gracious of them and increases the Chance that you will, if you stay because of the Coronavirus for even longer at home, have soon a nice Letter in the letter box.

8. Yep, the handles of the fitness equipment in the Gyms are skidding Viruses. Push-UPS, sit-UPS and rope jumping just as efficient. Home Gym: virus-free and convenient.

9. It's like Monopoly for adults. You would Declaration a lot better, if it would take less long: the tax. It usually takes three to four hours, until it has searched all receipts and Bank statements together. Then the vexing question of what number comes in which field. Finally, the uncertainty of whether you can not pull it off but would it have been this or that ... As it is so beautiful on the Chance card is written: "Forward to Start" – what is meant in this way: Start with the Filling.

10. to Sleep.

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