10 ideas: Beach games: These games defy wind, waves and sand

Those looking for a pastime besides sunbathing and swimming in the sea should pack a beach game.

10 ideas: Beach games: These games defy wind, waves and sand

Those looking for a pastime besides sunbathing and swimming in the sea should pack a beach game. Which games can withstand wind, waves and sand? Ten suggestions for a trip to the sea.

Badminton should be known to most as a sport. Speed ​​badminton is even easier, making it ideal for the beach. It is quick to set up as no mesh is required. You only need two rackets and a shuttlecock for the game. The shuttlecocks are slightly shorter, heavier and narrower than in traditional badminton. This allows the ball to have a stable flight in a stiff sea breeze.

The round must go into the square. So much is known about football. The popular sport is always suitable as a beach game, because football defies wind and sand. It's a lot of fun when even goals are used. Because you don't want to lug a lot to the beach, inflatable goals are ideal, which are light and compact and easy to transport.

Spikeball is somewhat reminiscent of volleyball, as two teams pass a ball to each other. However, not over a large net, but on a round net that is close to the ground. You can read the exact rules of the game here. The aim of the game is to quickly return the ball to the opposing team with just three touches.

Klettball is a catch and throw game for young and old. It's good for the beach because the ball has a bit more weight and sticks to the hand catchers. So flying away will be difficult. The hand catchers usually have an adjustable hand strap and can therefore be individually adapted to all players.

Classically, two teams duel in volleyball. They face each other on a field separated by a net. A team has up to three ball touches to bring the ball back into the opponent's field. The ball game is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. A team usually consists of six players, but a 2-on-2 duel is also popular as a beach game.

Not only volleyball, soccer and spikeball are suitable as beach games, but also games with small balls. Boccia consists of handy balls and is the Italian variant of the well-known boules game. It's about placing your own colored balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball with a precise throw. The winner is whoever manages to shoot away the opponent's balls and keep their own balls as close as possible to the target ball.

Viking chess, also known as kubb, is a popular throwing game that originated in Scandinavia. The game is played in two teams, which try to throw each other's pieces from a distance using wooden sticks. The king is in the center of the board and must not be hit under any circumstances while the other pieces are still standing. Viking chess is robust and can withstand sand and wind without any problems.

The charm of the boomerang: everyone can play with it. It is a specially shaped toy that when thrown correctly will return to the thrower. However, it requires some practice. It is practical that you can play with a boomerang alone. If you want to throw something back and forth, you can alternatively use a Frisbee.

Sand toys are the perfect beach game for the little ones in the family. Nowhere is there more muddy sand to "bake cakes" and build sand castles. Sets that cover several utensils from buckets to molds and shovels are best suited.

Water polo should also be known as a sport. This little water ball works differently and is said to be able to bounce off the water. So he can be thrown back and forth in the water and caught by the other person. The ball is therefore not a classic beach game, but a game close to the beach.

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