Tour de France : edition 2021 will depart from Brest - The Point Schleswig: the life of dangerous armed: investigators search for murder weapon Halle (Saale): positioner fault in the hall: trains between Erfurt and Halle will be redirected Corona-Chaos at the weekend: police stop illegal parties and bathers US policy: Hong Kong rejects U.S. sanctions as a shameless and disgusting Wadgassen: crime 29 years ago? Police searched the forest When the CDU talks about the K-question, insulted you to your voters Beijing arrested long-time adversary Jimmy Lai US election 2020 - secret services: Russia is working against Biden, China against Trump Wandlitz: children discover ammunition in the lake: bathing beach cleared The police inspection the North of the Saarland: dinner in the family circle ends in Chaos - 29jähriger family blasting celebration Jérôme Rothen : PSG can not afford to believe favorite - The Point Police headquarters in Freiburg: a mother and daughter involved in accidents with Bicycle District police authority of Heinsberg: traffic accident with a Heavy - as well as two slightly injured Police Department in Ludwigshafen, Germany: injured cyclist after a traffic accident