Homicide detectives are currently investigating the death of a woman, whose identity has not been disclosed and whose body was discovered in her Newhall apartment on early Sunday morning, according to response officials.

Lieutenant Tom Bryski said the sheriff’s station responded to a report, saying that a body was found in the 22800 block of 9th Street in Newhall, shortly after Saturday midnight. The deputies notified the detectives assigned to the Homicide Bureau of the county sheriff department.

Assigned to the specific case was Sergeant Timothy Cain. He was working at the scene on Sunday morning around 11, a Homicide Bureau spokesman told the reporters on Sunday.

Through a news release issued on Sunday, the LASD officials stated that the homicide detectives of the county sheriff department are en route to the 9th Street in Newhall so as to investigate the circumstances about the death of a woman. The officials said the victim was declared dead at the specific location, pronouncing the death at 2:10 in the morning.

On the same day, Lieutenant Fred Corral stated that the investigators with the Coroner’s Department have not been called to the scene of the crime officially. The homicide detectives, however, are still working on the scene, Corral said.

Local sheriff’s deputies secured an alley between 2 apartment buildings on the 9th Street, between the Newhall Avenue and the Chestnut Street. There were also other apartment complexes around the woman’s apartment, including 2-storey white stucco apartment buildings, facing each other. However, at least half a dozen of those residents in nearby apartments said they did not hear anything unusual that early morning.

About 3 of the residents in the area described the dead woman as new to the place that she and her husband just moved in recently. One neighbor claimed hearing some kind of a tapping sound at the door, while referring to the woman’s apartment door.

The same neighbor, who requested for concealment of identity, added that they just noticed homicide detectives in the apartment, wearing suits at around 8 in the morning. Certainly, homicide detectives were seen going to and from the woman’s apartment the entire morning until the early afternoon.

Shortly after 2 in the afternoon, the Coroner’s Department officials arrived at the scene. More investigation was made at the scene, trying to gather evidence, if any throughout the officials’ stay in the apartment. They also looked into the surrounding apartments and units, trying to discover traces of the culprit.

To date, there are still unclear findings, in spite the thorough investigation at the scene. Officials involved in the probe have not disclosed further information about the case, while investigation still continues.

Meanwhile, the Homicide Bureau of the Sheriff’s Department invites anyone with information about the case. The officials are encouraging those with any information to come to light and speak up, contacting the bureau through via a phone call. The officials also entertain anonymous informants, keeping their identities and information confidential. Crime Stoppers can be contacted as well, or by visiting the agency’s website.


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