The previous Ceres Community Project space, located at 330 South Main Street has been converted into a Muir’s Tea Room that was opened by Christine Dzilvelis. The owner of the newly opened space was basically inspired by the conservationist John Muir.

The menu of the Tea Room is a wide array of plant-based dishes like salads, soups, and a la carte finger sandwich. It also serves a selection of Tea Services that are served with a touch of Scottish and English tradition. The Tea Room’s services range between $9.95 and $29.95, including unlimited pots of tea and assorted fresh fruits, scones, savory pastries, petites desserts, and sausage rolls.

Dzilvelis is an event producer who is very passionate about sustainability. She purchased the 1892 classic Queen Anne home. From there, she restored the place, renovating the walls, adding wood floors, putting authentic wallpaper, and including a vintage fireplace. The entire ambience of the Tea Room also offers outdoor seating through its cottage garden located out front and out back is a small deck. Dzilvelis said that the Tea Room is the perfect tie-in with tea, conservation, and the state.

The tea that is used in the place is outsourced from Mr. Trombly’s Tea from the Duncans Mills, including the menu of gourmet finger sandwiches. The Tea Room serves a wide selection of finger sandwiches like Pesto Tomato and the Pear and Walnut. There are about 20 different kinds of desserts, plus authentic scones made with currants and lemon zest.

The Tea Room’s chef is Tika Moon who serves 4 types of salads. Amongst the most famous and all-time favorite is the Thai Salad made with red onions, tofu, bell peppers, kale, cabbage, cilantro, carrots, and chickpeas.

The Muir’s Tea Room is open between 11 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon from Tuesday through Sunday. At 3:15 in the afternoon every day, it serves “High Tea”, which is almost equivalent to the “Happy Hour” in restaurants and bars.

Also, the place has a coffee bar that serves Genuto, a lactose-free gelato, and the famous Flying Goat Coffee. The Genuto comes in assorted flavors too, such as pistachio and rosewater.

The Muir’s tea House has a gift shop, wherein Dzilvelis British tea paraphernalia, living floral arrangements, home and garden accents, vintage items, bath products, and artisan food.

The entire place hosts a wide range of special occasions, including Father’s Day Weekend Tea scheduled on June 20 and June 21. There is also a Summer Solstice Tea event. To date, there are ongoing plans on adding a dinner service. If the plan pushes through, the dinner services will also include beer and wine.

Dzilvelis said the dinner service might start in late June. It will likewise offer diverse choices of dishes, not exactly the same or comparable with the conventional dishes or what the local community members in the area used to eat. The place also welcomes reservations; however, reservations are strongly advised for High Tea during the holidays and the weekend.


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