What Causes Sweaty Hands

What Causes Sweaty Hands

The reason human sweat cools the body and keeps its inner temperature healthy (thermore control), but sweating occurs far more often in individuals with hyperhidrosis than is needed to keep their body cool.  Hyperhidrosis causes the sweat glands to get excessive, even in the apparent lack of sweat-causing factors such as heat. It doesn't matter like the weather, even if there are no external explanations for hyperhidrosis, people who experience excessive sweating.

Sweaty Hands is a disorder that causes excessive sweating of palm hands.  Sweaty hands are also known as palm hyperhidrosis. While the hands are called sweaty hands, people often experience both sweating together in the palms of their hands and in the soils of their feet. The sweaty hands offset primary hyperhidrose — a condition in which the limbs, the lower arm and the face are excessively sweaty. The effects of hyperhidrosis, including sweating, are between 2% and 3% of the population, but less than 40% seek medical care for those affected. Sweaty hands is one of the hyperhidrosis and it is caused by:


The hormone level of the female body decreases during menopause or perimenopause. This does not make the body system work as usual. During this time, therefore, sweat is increased and hands and feet will not be excluded. Menopause is the main cause of excessive hot flashes by night by women who appear for 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Side effects of drugs

Neither may prolonged sweating of the hands and legs leads to the consequences of taking medications such as painkillers, cardiovascular antidepressants. You may be the explanation for your sweaty hands if you know that the hands you started after you took some medicine were sweating more than usual. Dugs with significant side effects should be led to the veterinarian to see if they can be changed.

Stress and depression

Stress and anguish affect hormones and you will end up in hormone-related conditions any time you let stress overpower you. A lot of stress lead to an increase in hormonal behaviors that lead to an increase in corporal temperature and an increase in sweating when the body temperature is high, and this can ultimately cause people with sweaty hands to sweat.

Low blood sugar or hypoglycaemia

In the case of temperatures control, sugar levels also play an important role in the body. Insulin working in the liver ensures that the body's temperature is controlled in accordance with the surroundings of the body. Sugar deficiency means things don't function properly and it can result in extremely high temperatures at low or minimum levels. This disorder should be handled in the office of your doctor to make medicines that normalize the sugar level. In individuals with diabetes, this is very normal.

The sweat must be excessive and lasting about six months or more without any known reason to diagnose someone with sweaty hands. Other factors leading to the diagnosis include sweating frequency (with one or two sweating episodes a week), the age (as the most common for patients under the twenty-five years of age), and the history of sweat in both palms and sleep without sweating (which can all all be considered sleep hyperhids together).

Date Of Update: 16 November 2020, 12:31