Live updates: The UK rushes for businesses affected by omicron

LONDON -- Britain announced 1 billion pounds ($1.3Billion) in loans and grants to support the hospitality sector. This was after days of pressure from restaurants, pubs and other businesses who have seen their income plummet following public health warnings.

Live updates: The UK rushes for businesses affected by omicron

One-time grants up to 6,000 Pounds ($7,900 each) will be available for businesses in England's hospitality and leisure industries. Local governments will receive 100 million pounds ($132million) to help businesses affected by the sudden rise in COVID-19 infection caused by the highly transmissible variant.

Restaurants and pubs have been reporting a surge in cancellations during Christmas. People shun public events, and workers are forced into self-isolation. This leaves venues with fewer staff. Many museums and theaters have also closed their doors.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, stated that the omicron surge has caused people to be more cautious about how they live their lives. This is affecting our leisure, cultural and hospitality sectors during what is usually the busiest season of the year. "That is why we are taking immediate action."

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