Fauci is dismayed at Texas' decision to ban mandates

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it was "really unfortunate" for Gov. Greg Abbott moved to ban mandates for vaccines in Texas.

Fauci is dismayed at Texas' decision to ban mandates

Fox News Sunday's top infectious disease doctor stated that blocking businesses from requiring vaccinations by the Republican governor would harm public health, as vaccines are the best way to stop the spread COVID-19.

Fauci felt encouraged by the declining trend in coronavirus deaths and hospitalizations across the country and suggested that people who have been vaccinated could enjoy a normal holiday season alongside others who have had the shot. He said that people who have not been vaccinated need to continue to avoid gatherings, and that they should wear a mask.

He suggested that anyone who has had a shot of Johnson and Johnson vaccine could get a booster from Moderna or Pfizer. Last week, the FDA advisory panel ruled that anyone aged 18 or older who received the J&J vaccine was eligible for a booster.


Russia reports its highest daily number of coronavirus cases, up more than 70% from a month ago. This is despite a steady rise in coronavirus infections.

On Sunday, the national coronavirus taskforce reported that 34,303 new infections had been recorded over the previous day. This is in comparison to the 20,174 cases reported on Sept. 19.

The death toll at 999 was just below the 1,002 recorded deaths on Saturday.

Russian officials tried to accelerate vaccinations by offering lotteries, bonuses, and other incentives. However, widespread vaccine doubt and contradicting signals from officials have thwarted their efforts. This week, the government claimed that approximately 43 million Russians (or 29%) are fully vaccinated.

Despite mounting economic damage, the Kremlin has decided to avoid a nationwide lockdown, similar to the one that was implemented early in the pandemic. This would have severely damaged the economy and eroded President Vladimir Putin's popularity. Instead, the Kremlin has given regional authorities the power to enforce coronavirus restrictions.


COLOMBO (Sri Lanka) -- The Sri Lankan authorities have allowed the reopening cinemas and restaurants to reopen as part of an easing COVID-19-related restrictions. They also permit wedding receptions.

Cinemas will open next week with 25% occupancy. A maximum of 50 people can be served at one time by restaurants. Receptions for weddings are also allowed, but only with 50 guests.

While banks can only accommodate five clients at once, gymnasiums can hold a maximum of 10.

The government's decision to relax restrictions is in line with a sharp drop in COVID-19 deaths and cases over the past few days.

The government continues to ban public gatherings, while restrictions on public transport are in place and trains are still stopped.


WELLINGTON (New Zealand) -- Saturday's record-breaking number of vaccination jabs was administered by New Zealand health workers at a festival that aimed to increase the number of people who have been inoculated against coronavirus.

The "Vaxathon", which featured celebrities, sports stars, and musicians, was broadcast live on television for eight hours. Late afternoon, 120,000 people had taken shots. This surpasses the August daily record of 93,000.

It's a throwback to the TV fundraising "telethons" that were popular in the 1970s and 1990s. This comes as New Zealand is facing its greatest threat since the pandemic. The delta variant could spread through Auckland, the largest city, and other parts of New Zealand.

Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister, met with motorists at a Wellington drive-through vaccination centre. She initially set a goal of 100,000 jabs per day, but increased that number to 150,000 when the first target was achieved.

She also set a goal of 25,000 shots to be administered to Indigenous Maori who have been hard hit by the recent outbreak and whose vaccinations have been slow.