You should before workouts, eat for maximum energy

workout without Hunger: This energy booster, you should have thought of that before Training, eat If you are about how your Fitness can improve, many people

You should before workouts, eat for maximum energy

workout without Hunger: This energy booster, you should have thought of that before Training, eat

If you are about how your Fitness can improve, many people are asking, first, what are you Training eat. This is understandable, if you went with the lunch, the spills are still in the gut around, and Running. But there is more to it: Whether you hope to channel your inner LeBron, or simply more out of your fitness routine want to get – it's more to do with the diet than you think. And just with what you eat before the welding begins. (Before or after Training to eat? We have the answer!)

eating before exercise

The diet before the workout, from powder up to the full value of food, can play a major role, from the middle energy level to fat reduction in the course of time. There is no one right answer – instead, there are many schools of thought, from those who can't imagine a life without fasting prior to the Fitness, to those that take before the workout religiously, way powder, hard to pronounce ingredients.

But the bottom line is it depends on what you eat before Training. "What and when you eat before exercise, can make a big difference for your performance and your recovery," says Brian St. Pierre, Director of nutrition at Precision Nutrition. “In the three hours prior to the workout, you will want to eat something that helps you to get energy to increase the power to donate moisture to maintain muscle mass and to speed up the recovery.” (Four diet rules to train more efficiently, you can find here)

in Order to bring more light into the Dark and to get the most out of your workouts, answer our experts here are all the important questions:

What should I eat before a workout?

This really depends on what you intend to do. In General, your main priority is the intake of carbohydrates before the Training. Protein is after sweating is important, but the previous recording of a bunch of them (about a protein shake or other source) is not a top priority, because it is so effective as an energy source.

"at the same time, a balance is important. In the ideal case, you want to take about to three hours before exercise, a healthy meal with carbohydrates, fat and protein," says St. Pierre, adding that the time window is something that you can customize, depending on what feels right for your body properly. In other words, a complete, healthy meal that you can take at any other time. (You need to train on an empty stomach?)

eating before the workout - when is the right time?

“Now, if you train like I early in the morning, you might be thinking that this feels a little aggressive. So think about what your goals are. During a 30-minute Jogging may require the use of any special fuel-rich meal, might feel a longer workout with a small Serving of easily digestible fuel before the workout is better, especially if your last meal is more than two hours,” says Liz Wyosnick, a certified nutritionist and owner of Equilibriyum, a meal-planning service in Seattle. To is (this time of the day Work-out is most effective)

"reach for things that are easily digestible," she adds, and recommends options such as the half of a RX-bar, LaraBar, a banana or two dates and a small handful of nuts. "When Training, cardiovascular intervals, Plyometrics or fast movements includes, it is important to ensure that the fuel degrades before the workout quickly.

In a quandary? You can keep it always simple, suggests Dr. Philip Goglia, co-founder of G-Plan, who has worked with a number of A-Listern such as Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, A-Rod and Russell Wilson. "Eat a tablespoon of simple almond butter and a tablespoon of jam. This combination of sugar and fat makes for a higher calorie burn, which leads to better training results and to be able to combat the cravings for sugar after the workout.

OK, but what about fasting?

fast – like Running or Cycling on an empty stomach is usually done because you want to burn fat. If there is no easily available fuel is available, it taps into the body, our Protein stores in the Form of muscle mass, which, in turn, limits the amount that remains available for repairing and building new muscle tissue left. Basically, he starts itself to devour.

In a study from the year 2016, experts noted that people who have fasted, burn may be more fat, but other studies have shown no difference between gefasteten and fed cardiovascular conditions. Although you could burn through fasting, more fat, but that is no guarantee. Wyosnick recommends, instead, the garbage in the other areas of your diet to omit and remain at full value food. "With an empty food train is not synonymous with lean," she says. "With a properly fuelled body you can work out during and after the workout harder, burn more calories, and you may have more body fat burning.

What is a Pre-Work out powder?

Pre-Work out powder the promise of more energy to increase performance. Most of them are made from one or more of the following substances: amino acids, caffeine, carbohydrates, and beetroot juice. Although there is a whole series of research results proving their benefits, however, many experts would say that it is better to find these benefits instead of full value food.

"most average people would benefit from it more if you would clear away the garbage from your diet, instead of a different muscle soreness is a miracle, add in a bottle," says Detrick Snyder, a registered nutritionist and adjunct Professor of nutrition and public health at the Johnson & Wales University in Denver.

And what about drinks?

especially in the summer, the last thing you want to do, to forget the water. "People often forget the importance of proper hydration," says Dr. Goglia. "You can make the perfect diet, but when water is scarce, hoarding fat in the body. Without the right hydration, your body is not able to keep his internal temperature, and will retain the fat in order to keep its temperature.

This absorption of water can also help you to avoid the dreaded cramps, stresses Natalie Allen, RD, a lecturer in biomedical Sciences at Missouri State University. “Cramps are often associated with mild dehydration. The development of a fluid plan and frequent Drinking, even if you feel not thirsty, is the key.”

Allen also says that calcium and potassium in milk is a good Option for those trying to avoid that unpleasant cramps. It is also a good thing to drink after a workout for recovery.

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