Workout: With these 6 military Exercises to build muscle fast

The military follows the most brutal Workout routines that there is, at least in the United States. There are even special Tests to the physical and mental stre

Workout: With these 6 military Exercises to build muscle fast

The military follows the most brutal Workout routines that there is, at least in the United States. There are even special Tests to the physical and mental strength and endurance of the candidate to find out. Many experienced trainers and fitness fanatics are constantly looking for new challenges, have some of them incorporated in your own training routines to burn more fat and build more muscle – and, above all, quickly! (Also read: These Exercises are better than Stip-ups)

If you observe soldiers in their Training, it is easy to think that these are all masochists who love to suffer and torture yourself. However, if you have seen the results of this ordeal, thinking the most: I want That!

the army of The United States applies a fitness test, which many athletes have tried to beat had to give. The Test consists of 2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of squats and a 3.2-Kilometer run. In sum, these Exercises to decide whether a Person has the physical capabilities to undergo the basic training of the military. (Also interesting: So you train your back muscles without equipment)


Nick Symmonds, a former Olympian, recently tried the military test and documented the Whole thing in a Video in which he showed that many of the Exercises may look easy, but not really easy. You bring people to their limits! This helps to make the muscles so strong and grow quickly, like never before.

The Test, however, is only the first part. Thereafter, a training program (and a extremely clean diet), which seems as if it would never end – and it contains some of the best Exercises that have proved to be effective and have a place in every one of your Fitness the following should have routines. (Worth reading: they should be full of energy before workouts, eat)

The training to the soldiers they will be destroyed on the ground, with pain all over my body, and completely exhausted leave (Symmons commented about: "It is a time once is a problem, it's just that I was after the first sentence so tired that I could not get back on their feet"), but the results will show up soon and all the effort the sweat and the tears will no longer appear, in retrospect, quite as bad.

But now to the actual Workout: the six military Exercises, which will achieve the best results in terms of burning fat and build muscle in record time. (Also interesting: Chris Hemsworths Trainer shows how you can build muscles without Weights)

1. Dumbbell Curls

Beidarmige short, This Exercise is excellent for working the biceps, wherein both of the short head than the long head and the they did the radial muscle (the muscle that extends up to the middle of the forearm) is involved. In addition, the anterior deltoid muscles and the upper chest muscles. (Fitness: Liam Neeson has the perfect Workout for men over 50)

To do this, take a dumbbell in each Hand with the arms out to the sides to the bottom are stretched and the palms facing each other. Breathe in and lift one Arm while turning the palm of the hand on the waist to the top. Lift your elbows while you lift the weight up. Return to the starting position and repeat with other side.

2. Preacher Curls

This is one of the best isolation exercises for the biceps. Best to run it on a device, the so-called Preacher Bench,.

stand or sit in the correct Position on the cushion of the Bank. Arms not over-extend, because you could hurt yourself otherwise. Breathe in and out while you pull the weight up until your forearms are vertical. The effort is greater, if you count slowly to two before your elbow arms are at a 90 degree angle to the top.

3. Pull-UPS

This body weight exercise is good for the back muscles and the biceps.

stretch your arms and grab it with the palms directed to the chin-up bar. Inhale, chest forward lines, and with the arms on the Exhale, pull up and wide pull up how to do it. The basic rule is that the chin should be over the bar, please ignore it, because otherwise you can roll the shoulders forward. Return controlled to the Position of outstretched Arms and repeat the movement.

4. Step-ups

This is a good Exercise for the legs and glutes, and helps you improve your balance.

To do this, you should use a box, a stage, or a Bank of 50 centimeters in height. You can put a couple of inches from the box away and go with a leg up until you are standing with both feet completely upright, then go down and repeat the process with the opposite leg. To increase the intensity, you can take a couple of Weights. (Also read: With these 4 simple nutrition rules you train much more successful)

5. Leg raise

to improve This Exercise helps you to train your abdominal muscles, your flexibility and your balance.

To do this, you need to lie with a straight back and to the side (or under the buttocks) lying hands on the floor, both legs lifting until you are upright, and lowering it slowly, until you are a few inches above the ground. Repeat the Exercise, by the legs, controlled with the abdominal muscles lift.

6. Burpees

Burpees are killers - at least they seem so. Burpees increase the heart rate and arms, back, chest, core, glutes and legs to work.

get into a standing position. The four parts of the Exercise work is as follows:

Bend your legs, place the hands before the feet and go in the squat.

you Support yourself with your hands, jump with both feet in the pushup position and then move the body.

From the prone position, press up with both arms back into the pushup position and jump back into the squat.

Jump in the air, return directly to starting position and then repeat the process.

you can create more intensity by coming Down to the ground with their chest touching. (Also read: stretching exercises – 5 basic exercises to relax the muscles in the Home Office)

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