What you can do for a healthy colon

Food good chew on "gut health begins in the mouth," says physician Nutrition specialist Anne spot. Who chews each bite thoroughly and einspeichelt, relieves

What you can do for a healthy colon
Food good

chew on "gut health begins in the mouth," says physician Nutrition specialist Anne spot. Who chews each bite thoroughly and einspeichelt, relieves the intestines. This helps him especially in the processing of food products with a tough and fibrous structure, such as nuts, lettuce or Corn.


stay Who moves regularly, and it was only a half-hour of the day, also brings the digestive system going. Exercise increases the blood flow to the gastro-intestinal tract and thus its activity.

antibiotics avoid

antibiotics kill not only pathogenic, but also useful bacteria in the gut. Therefore, every fourth Patient gets around when taking diarrhea. However, probiotics can help. In the case of a treatment with Antibiotics, in principle, probiotics to take, keeps Frank Lammert, President of the German society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases, but doubtful.

pain relievers to reduce

those Who take regular painkillers such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen, harms not only the stomach, but also the intestinal mucosa. Nausea, bloating and in severe cases, bleeding can be the result.

bowel movement not to suppress

A pre: How often someone goes to the toilet, is very different. Of three times a day to three times per week everything is normal. Those who urge the chair suppressed, trains the muscles of the rectum to the chair to hold back, which can lead to blockages. The chair remains longer than necessary in the intestine, is deprived of more and more water. As a result, he hardens.


take the bitter substances promote a healthy colon. Because they stimulate the production of digestive juices and support the bowel activity. Are included in both chicory, arugula and endive salad as well as herbs such as parsley, Basil and rosemary.

natural probiotics

dpa/Patrick Pleul/dpa-Central image/dpa-tmn Sauerkraut at home, be no art, says Margret Morlo by the Association for nutrition and dietetics (VFED). As a probiotic food it refers to those that contain live microorganisms such as lactic acid bacteria. These include lactobacilli and enterococci count. They can be found in foods such as yogurt, Kefir and Sauerkraut. They support the intestinal bacteria. There, they compete, however, with the well-established Microbiome and can't settle on a permanent basis.

Digital assistant

In the case of chronic bowel, such as irritable bowel syndrome Diet help disease often. In food and Symptom diaries on the users of the AppCara Care record, for example, your habits and their effects on the intestine. Certified nutrition consultant help in the search for a suitable diet.

Since the gut and brain are in close interaction with each other, should take into account a successful therapy of the Psyche. Cara Care therefore offers the possibility to learn about methods of cognitive behavior therapy for a better management of the disease. The so-called "gut-oriented hypnosis" is to be programmed, the communication between the brain and the intestine so that not every stimulus is perceived in the brain as pain. Users of meditation to listen to similar audio files that put you in a light state of hypnosis. Beginning in the fall, therapy with Cara Care is taken in the context of the Digital-supply-law of all statutory health insurance funds.

Regular screening

Each year, around 60,000 people in Germany are diagnosed for the first time to bowel cancer. The good news: detected Early, the disease is usually well to treat. Already from the age of 50. Year pay health insurance companies a Test that discovered the invisible blood in the stool. A colonoscopy is recommended for men age 50 and in women over 55 years of age. The doctor benign intestinal polyps from which cancers can arise may detect, at an early stage and remove it. A Reflection should be carried out every ten years.

there Are cases of bowel cancer in the family, you should go earlier for Prevention. The digital health Manager APPzumARZT of the Felix Burda Foundation reminds you of appointments for colorectal cancer screening as well as vaccinations and visits to the dentist.

Prefer to eat fresh

Processed foods damage the intestines. Because the contained additives such as flavor enhancers, acidifiers and emulsifiers to attack the intestinal flora. In addition, courts do not supply enough nutrients for a healthy digestive organ.

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