Warning ignored: Crucial mistake in the fight against Corona delivery to us in January

Currently, worldwide there are more than ten million Corona-Infected (Stand 29. June), and more than 500,000 people have already died in consequence of the Viru

Warning ignored: Crucial mistake in the fight against Corona delivery to us in January

Currently, worldwide there are more than ten million Corona-Infected (Stand 29. June), and more than 500,000 people have already died in consequence of the Virus. We could have those Numbers if you would have taken the early warnings from researchers serious? This question raises now the "New York Times" in the room – in the centre of their discussion, German Doctors are, of all things.

So it was Camilla Rothe, Deputy head of the Department of infection and tropical medicine at the LMU-Klinikum München, the novel pathogen, Sars-CoV-2 on 27. January identified for the first Time in a German patient.

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as a reminder: It was a 33-year-old employees of the automotive supplier Webasto, who is a colleague from China. This, in turn, had shown during their tour of duty in Germany no symptoms of the disease; it is only after her return, she felt uncomfortable. In Shanghai, she was tested positive for the Virus.

To be believed this time, most of the scientists that only patients with symptoms are infectious. Rothe and her research team, however, doubted. Because according to their observations, the pathogen could be passed on in the incubation period, even before the first symptoms show – as the Chinese Webasto colleague.

on 30. January was report online

Immediately Rothe reported their findings to their boss Michael Hölscher, turned again to the journal "The New England Journal of Medicine" (NEJM). "We keep our observations is extremely important," he should have according to the "New York Times" wrote.

on 30. January published Hölscher, Rothe and her Team then made their report in the NEJM: Therefore, they warned that even patients with no symptoms , are infectious. And got a doubt.

A "Problem": not led you had not spoken personally with the Chinese patient, but on a report from health officials, you would have interviewed, supported – according to which the woman suffered from mild pain and fatigue, but to a possible infection with the Virus. 10 million infections worldwide and more than half a Million Corona-Dead PCP complained about the 10 million infections worldwide and more than half a Million Corona-Dead

RKI doubted the findings of the Munich-based researchers

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which had been on the phone according to the "New York Times" twice, even with the wife, that this did, in fact, had symptoms, but she had not recognized as signs of a Covid-19-infection – and criticized so that, that the report of the Munich research team was improperly formulated.

But the real conflict was a other: With the publication of their results, the Munich-based experts to another German group of researchers have come to only three hours earlier.

This second Team consisted of experts from the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) and the RKI. They were, therefore, came to a similar result, formulated it differently. Because according to them, patients are also infectious, before the show all symptoms – that is, the time that your symptoms are not yet so weak that patients are not aware of the infection with the Coronavirus.

report will be largely ignored

Shortly after the publication of the report of the Munich team Hölscher should have, therefore, a call from Andreas Zapf, head of the LGL, get. This should have told to him that "in Berlin is very angry about this publication". One wishes that the report would be accordingly reformulated and the name of the Munich-based experts would be replaced by the second group. Hölscher rejected.

On 3. February, published another journal, "Science", then an article in which it refers to the objections of the RKI and Rothe's report as "flawed", to be referred to.

And even though Clemens Wendtner from Munich, clinic Schwabing, the very next day his findings, which are already Infected with weak symptoms are not infectious, launched, and remained in both this as well as that of his Munich colleagues largely ignored.

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Instead, the majority of scientists are rushing to Rothes and Hölschers report. Thus, the Swedish health authority announced on its website that "there is no evidence that people are already in the incubation period, infectious". And the French health authority said: "A Person is only infectious if she has symptoms".

Even the Epidemiologist Sylvie Briand of the world health organization, WHO tweeted: "A study that claimed that the Coronavirus can be transmitted without symptoms, was wrong".

And even four weeks after the publication of the report on 27. February Maria van Kerkhove, a member of the WHO, said emergency relief Committee and head of the Department of emerging diseases and zoonoses that you do not must tabs ensure a great in front of the "quiet Fade": "It rarely happens, but it is possible. But it is very rare.“ The WHO also notes still.

To multiple request, the RKI, not

stop responding Until the beginning of March, as more and more international scientists came to similar results as the German researchers, began to change the opinion gradually. Towards the middle to the end of March it finally came to a change of direction when the first lock downs were to be imposed and the Mask requirement was introduced.

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so, What if you could hear Rothe and Hölscher already in January? In retrospect, it would have been right, says Agoritsa Baka, from the European centre for disease prevention and control (ECDC). Why the RKI and WHO have not acted, remains unknown to multiple request, the "New York Times" did not react to the RKI.

How many people have an asymptomatic infection?

How many people are infected with the Virus, but no symptoms develop, it is not resolved. A study in one of the first Corona-hotspot Ischgl recently showed that 85 percent of those Infected unaware of their Corona had noticed the infection, she was lost in you subjectively asymptomatic. Other studies find lower levels of asymptomatic course of the infection. Studies from Italy and China, for example, had independently proved depending on a ratio of around 43 percent of the asymptomatic Infected. The so-called Heinsberg-study, the field research of the Bonn virologists Teams to Hendrik Streeck, only 22 per cent.

What are the symptoms in the meantime as "typical" for the Sars-CoV-2 induced disease Covid-19 shall apply, says the RKI. These symptoms are in particular:

  • increased temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • coughing
  • loss of taste and smell
  • neck pain
  • runny nose
  • diarrhea
  • a General feeling of weakness

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