Warning: These 8 fitness myths are complete bullshit

Starts burning fat only after 30 minutes? Magnesium against cramps help? And you should train in the back, especially the muscles of the back pain? Not everythi

Warning: These 8 fitness myths are complete bullshit

Starts burning fat only after 30 minutes? Magnesium against cramps help? And you should train in the back, especially the muscles of the back pain? Not everything that is recommended on the topic of sports, is actually scientifically proven – or even healthy. Some myths are now debunked scientifically as incorrect.

1. A cold can be negative

jokes sounds initially plausible: With a fever, the body fights a disease. Also in sports, the temperature rises. So with a round of Jogging in a cold sweat?

This sports myth is not only wrong, but also dangerous. In the case of a disease of the body is weakened already, and mobilized all their forces in order against the viruses or bacteria to fight. A sports unit will cost additional energy, which is lacking for the disease control. Therefore, a run round in the Park can reinforce a cold even.

anyone Who feels beat just a little bit, must not abandon sports, but should go on his training session more relaxed than usual. In the case of fever or a strong feeling of illness, you should cancel Sport and possibly a walk.

2. Muscle soreness shows that the Training was effective

Many people believe that Training for nothing, if you feel the next day, no soreness. That is not true but. Muscle soreness is on the contrary a sign that it has overwhelmed. Training without the muscle soreness and effectively – and the muscles do not have to pain to build up.

by the Way: The cause of muscle soreness is not yet completely clear, but most sports scientists believe that it leads to small tears in the muscle fibers. This lead to microscopic inflammation, which can irritate the nerve. Light exercise may contribute to these inflammatory substances are degraded. Therefore, slight movement often helps a muscles to get rid of or shorten it.

3. Short sport units go nothing

run for 15 minutes – nothing brings? But. On motion, the following applies: Every Minute is precious. In fact, the first 20 minutes in particular are especially favourable, because in this time, the contactor will develop effects for the heart and circulation. Also, one or two minutes of exercise already have a promotional effect. Therefore, it's always worth to take instead of the Elevator, the stairs.

It is not true, by the way, the burning of fat in the body only starts after 30 minutes. It is however true that, unfortunately, it runs only after 20 to 30 minutes, optimally.

4. Directly after the sports, you should not eat anything

The body only burns, but also to the Sport more calories. This is the so-called afterburn effect. He is depending on the duration of the load and its intensity varies strongly: In the case of a marathon, he can last up to a day. After a light workout in the gym this effect fizzles quite quickly.

what's Wrong is that you should eat, therefore, according to the Sport once nothing. The body burns through its activation already more – it doesn't matter whether you eat directly after exercise or two hours after.

5. Magnesium prevents cramps before

cramping during and after Sport are uncomfortable. Always it is recommended, however, Magnesium to take. The effect of this mineral substance, but is manageable. In order for Magnesium against cramps acts, one would have to take at least 400, better yet 600 milligrams. But this is a dose that results in diarrhea and this effect would probably have no one in the Sport. Better it helps to stretch tense muscles gently.

6. The Sport is out there getting healthier

Basically, it sounds like a good idea to engage in Sport outside, and The oxygen supply increases. Wind or cold create additional stimuli, which challenge the immune system and strengthen it.

sports in the fresh air, however, is not, in any case, healthier. Those who train in the middle of the city and next to a busy road jogs, the high concentrations of fine dust and exhaust gases consists of. The irritating to the respiratory tract and can lead to long-term, even lung diseases.

Also, climatic conditions can make exercising outdoors a challenge: heat does not burden the circuit, cold, from minus 10 degrees Celsius is good for the lungs, since the body no longer can heat the air sufficiently. In such cases, you should do think twice, maybe you prefer an Indoor workout.

7. Before the Sport, you should drink plenty of

Who drives the Sport, the sweat and the body needs enough fluid for it to work. This does not mean, however, that you should drink before the Sport, much in order to later compensate for fluid loss.

The body is per hour just to be able to use 0.5 to 0.8 liters of fluid. The stomach full of water, this can cause the Sport to abdominal pain and Nausea. It's better on the day, a glass now and again to drink water, regardless of whether you later want to insert a sport unit or not.

8. Against back pain, you must suffer the strengthen the back

people Who have back pain, the assumption is often that his back muscle is too weak. Targeted back exercises should bring you relief. Unfortunately, this is but only a maximum of half of the truth. Back pain often arise because of the deep abdominal musculature is to weak. Anyone who suffers from back pain, you should first of all work out once this, and then with the other back exercises to combine.

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