Vitamin D: 5 rules, as it can easily fill

Good for the bones, good for the metabolism, good for the immune system. Vitamin D is an invaluable ally for our well-being, and summer is the best Season of th

Vitamin D: 5 rules, as it can easily fill

Good for the bones, good for the metabolism, good for the immune system. Vitamin D is an invaluable ally for our well-being, and summer is the best Season of the year is absolutely, to supply it. But like the best? We have spoken with the endocrinology specialist Doctor Rossella Tozzi, which underscores the importance of Vitamin D: “Recent findings have shown that a good Vitamin D level is associated with children with better nutritional status and better immune response, while he contributes in the adult to determine the health of the muscle tissue and the metabolism and to prevent the outbreak of acute respiratory infections.” (More on the topic of health, you can read here)

Vitamin D: What is the role of the sun?

A crucial role of the sun, which allows the conversion of Vitamin D precursor in the so-called Vitamin D3 plays. The effect of ultra-violet UVB radiation results in the activation of Vitamin D, followed by other reactions that occur first in the liver and then in kidneys. In short, the production of the biologically active Form of Vitamin D is a very complex process, whose first step is definitely the exposure to the sun: Almost the entire concentration of Vitamin D in the body (90%) depends on the exposure to the sun, while the Rest is ensured by the diet. (For more on the Trend, Ketogenic diet you can read here)

What is the impact of Vitamin D on bone?

The biggest Benefit of this Vitamin in the hormonal activity, which manifests itself in the maintenance of the calcium-phosphorus equilibrium, and thus in the mineralization of the bone. These effects are in Childhood is absolutely essential, because they prevent very serious problems such as rickets and pathological fractures.

In adulthood, however, Vitamin D3 prevents the majority of Bone infections, such as osteopenia (reduction of bone density) and osteoporosis and, therefore, is particularly important for older people. Senile osteoporosis, to understand us, is a disease that affects more than 20% of women and almost 7% of the male population over 50 years. We are talking about here is no rarity. (How to recognize a Vitamin B12 Magel, read here)

sports and nutrition

Together with Vitamin D it is important, however, calcium food such as yoghurt and milk-rich products to. It is also important to move regularly physically, as this strengthens the bone structure. In particular, aerobic activities – Jogging, football, Basketball, Volleyball, sports with rackets, such as Tennis and Gymnastics can help. For the Rest of the sun.

But how much sun do you need? Such as the Istituto Superiore di Sanità confirmed, in the summer a short exposure of the Ideal sessions. A minimum of 15 minutes three times a week, even if only in the normally in the summer, uncovered areas of the body such as arms, head, and neck. (Sports during Corona – you need to pay attention to)

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The 5 Golden rules of Vitamin D

1. Frequent and safe exposure (15 minutes, three Times a week is the Minimum) compared to direct sun light protection using the sun.

2. You exercise regularly and you prefer Outdoor activities.

3. Put on Vitamin-D-containing food, which means a varied, normal diet, which includes cheese, eggs, chicken, duck or Turkey, cereals and green vegetables.

4. They facilitate the action of Vitamin D by the introduction of calcium-rich foods, especially for children, by ensuring they have adequate quantities of milk, yogurt and cheese.

5. Try, excursions and walks in places far away from the Smog and pollution of the environment to businesses, which can hinder the proper Assimilation of Vitamin D.

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