Visits it was not: Infectious disease specialists on Mega-eruption at meat giant

730 employees in the North Rhine-Westphalian meat operation Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück positive for the Coronavirus was tested. The battle of lunch (17.6 oper

Visits it was not: Infectious disease specialists on Mega-eruption at meat giant

730 employees in the North Rhine-Westphalian meat operation Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück positive for the Coronavirus was tested. The battle of lunch (17.6 operation since Wednesday.) been stopped. Because several of the employees of the company Tönnies have children, the district schools and daycare centers in the district of Gütersloh close. More than employees have now been tested. Infected and your contacts are under quarantine.

As an explanation for the large outbreak, the company Tönnies was mainly due To two reasons: an employee may have the infections of Visit over the long weekend with their families in Eastern Europe brought. On the other, promoted-cooled rooms apparently, the Transmission of the Virus to many people, the Declaration of Tönnies representative Gereon Schulze Althoff.

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the outbreak on family visits?

The Thesis that the diseases returned to family visits last weekend, holding Isabella Eckerle, a Professor at the University of Geneva and an expert in infectious diseases, however, is extremely unlikely. "The incubation period is five days, so a weekend visit can hardly explain such a large number of people. In addition, there would need to be located simultaneously in all the families of the approximately 400 employees at this weekend an acute care of infected case, which seems very unlikely,“ explains the expert.

Rather, the high number of scientist going that way "unnoticed, even longer before going 'super-spreading Event' in this operation." If you are in close contact and under unfavorable working and living conditions of a Single or only very little initial Infected could lead to a very high number of secondary infections. "The high number, which is now detected by the specific Test indicates that it is happening here to an unnoticed Infection that is likely to be some time."

working conditions at slaughterhouses seem to be outbreaks to favor

do not seem to Eckerle, the working conditions in slaughterhouses well with the currently necessary hygiene measures to be compatible. "The long stay of many people in closed spaces without the ability to maintain distance, is increasingly recognised as a Situation that can lead to a so-called 'super-spreading Event," says Eckerle. The employees would live in limited accommodation, it could also help many people to plug.

in Front of the Corona the case of the company Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, there had been already outbreaks in another Slaughterhouse, for example, in Coesfeld and Dissen.

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As a further factor for proliferation of the Virus in slaughterhouses, the Professor from Geneva leads to the physical effort. It could lead to a higher virus excretion.

The second justification, the company Tönnies for the outbreak, the expert confirmed to the extent that that also assumes that the cold, humid air might favor in the equipment of Transmission of the Virus. "Wet hands, gloves, aprons, and clothing, for example, in the Handling of meat products could, in addition, promote the Transmission by smear infections. It would be important to clarify the extent to which masks were worn in close contact to the work, and whether there is the possibility to use a constant, the current rules on how to keep your Distance and hand hygiene compliance.“

Hennecke: children are not the source of the problem, but the victims

That day-care centres and schools in the district of Gütersloh was closed for the summer holidays again, holding Philipp Henneke, Professor of clinical immunology of Infection at the University hospital Freiburg under one condition justified: "schools, kindergartens and day-care centres are points of contact of many families, which can be closed without direct economic damage quickly. This measure is justified from my perspective, but only if at the same time, substantial Changes in abattoirs and accommodation to be enforced.“

Finally, the children were not the cause of the problem, but the victims. "The outbreak of events in the context of the pandemic have affected, first and foremost, adults – on battle stations, in restaurants, on cruise ships, et cetera. These events stand in clear contrast to the widespread opinion that adults are present because of the better adherence to hygiene measures a lower risk of Transmission than children.“

Hennecke, however, is convinced that children have to be plugged in the majority of cases of adults, and not Vice versa. The Professor from Freiburg is involved in a recently presented study in Baden-Württemberg, in the researchers are about 5000 people with no Corona symptoms of the Virus and antibody, approximately 2500 children under ten years of age and a parent had tested. Consequently, children were infected less frequently with the Coronavirus as their parents.

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