This summer run will hurt especially - and ended with a Smile for grandma

you know this for sure, if in your Timeline, a photo appears, with the reference: "Today in front of XY years". So it was with me these days. "Today, 6 years

This summer run will hurt especially - and ended with a Smile for grandma

you know this for sure, if in your Timeline, a photo appears, with the reference: "Today in front of XY years". So it was with me these days. "Today, 6 years ago". A summer photo of my grandmother and me. Laughing. I explained to grandma what a Selfie is. You had a lot of fun with it.

Already at that time was to realize that they had reached in the late autumn of your life. On the summer-Selfie, you had already moved in on itself. She was there, she was there. But a little way. Not for me, not quite so close. As if an invisible Clock counter ticked to the end of time.

a short biography of Mike Kleiß

Mike Kleiß drives since his Childhood Sport. "Anyone who moves, reaches more" is his life motto. Running was always his favorite subject. Since seven years he runs almost every day between 15 and 20 kilometres, often a Marathon, sometimes Ultra-Marathon. So far, our columnist has published two books on the topic of Running. He is the founder and managing Director of the communication Agency GOODWILLRUN. Mike Kleiß lives with his family in Hamburg and in Cologne, Germany. He writes every Thursday on the Run.

If the pain is too much, I

The memory of that Moment when grandma brought back the pain. Three years ago, she went. And still the loss is not as hard as the day I lost you. If the pain is too much, I go for a run. And so it was on this day.

However, I looked for a track that is particularly hard. Through the woods, up, down, up, down. Many meters of altitude, until the muscles burn. Just in time to empty the head and the soul.

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When Running, I thought of many summer evenings...

I love my forest, because he is my Childhood so similar. Where grandma lived. It is the scent of a sandy forest soil, the Mix of oaks, conifers, and herbs. Old, strong trees, the thicket that provides many animals a home. And everywhere the singing of the various birds. I enjoyed every foot of it, but the photo of grandma and me just did not want to soft in front of my inner eye.

again and again I was reminded of so many summer evenings with her. And with grandpa, when he was still alive. The summer belonged only felt the three of us. We sat in the garden. Grandfather drank his beer, grandma enjoyed her chocolate. In the last few years, I took the summer mother's evenings in large-scale often for a run. Sometimes – when grandma stopped for a NAP – I ran in the midday heat. Totally unreasonable, but incredibly beautiful. I like it when the sun tans the skin when Running, and the Wind a little for cooling. More to the Coronavirus

... and a very special run-out

All of a sudden – while I had again and again the Facebook Timeline and the summer-Selfie in front of the eyes there was the memory of a special running at grandma's, shortly before her death.

The Thermometer showed over 30 degrees, lunch time. Grandma prepared the food, I had to hurry a little. So I ran a rapid pace of 4:30s, which was ambitious in a pretty mountainous area of law. I went to the Playground as a child was so important to me. The wooden scaffolding rays of the midday heat, as more than 40 years ago. I went to the house of friends of my grandparents. They were our circumstances at the time, the rich people, because they had a private Pool. In this I learned to Swim. When I had reached the house, it smelled like chlorine.

Like the time I no longer needed the water wings at last, and in the Pool, my joy had. Again, a couple of streets more smelled it, according to roulades. After a very burnt rolls. Grandma had the window, it is Smoking horribly. But I knew I was out of my favorite just a shower, eat far. And gave again more Gas. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

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grandma kissed me on the cheek

grandmother, I rang arrived. A number of occasions. You no longer hear the bell. So I took my phone, dialed her number, she said: "Where are You? The rolls are done“. "I stand for ten minutes in front of the door and press the bell without end, grandma," I said. Laughing, she opened to me. As always, she took my face with both hands in the Hand. Smiled. And kissed me on the cheek. One of the recent close encounters between her and me.

Now I could let grandma go with a Smile

it was All suddenly so present. Each fragrance of the barrel back then, each set of grandma, every tree, every shrub, even the chlorine smell of the pool, everything was there again. I just ran against my pain-in the forest of Blankenese, years later. I decided to do the lunch run at grandma's, complete again admit. To go there where it hurts the most. To go through each impression once again. After 13 kilometers, the reminder run ended. At home arrived, I looked at me in the summer-Selfie again. I was able to let grandma with a Smile finally, to go. At least for this day.

So it goes.

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