This really helps against sweaty feet

summer, sun, sunshine – and-cheese feet? If the feet are the whole day in closed shoes sandwiched, unfortunately, it is normal for it to stink when the weather

This really helps against sweaty feet

summer, sun, sunshine – and-cheese feet? If the feet are the whole day in closed shoes sandwiched, unfortunately, it is normal for it to stink when the weather is warm. Tip number 1: Who can, should be more likely to wear simply open shoes. As a result, air comes to the feet. This prevents excessive sweating as well as a breeding ground for bacteria, which produce the unpleasant odor.

it would be best to run against smelly feet completely barefoot. But not every Job is it at all possible to wear even only semi-open shoes. Often not only the feet, but the shoes stink in the evening. However, it helps to have them well aired, and to make the shoes for a day out in the fresh air. It is a good idea to switch, especially in the summer, the shoes every day so that Some air can.

Some people sweat excessively

The odor in the shoes? Then the unpleasant odors need to be bound. To baking powder or coffee powder are suitable. The powder is poured into the shoes and leave it overnight. The next Morning, thinking all is well not auszuschütteln, so the socks are full of coffee!

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The feet in the middle of the day to wash and then fresh socks.

Not always sufficient: Some people sweat very heavily. In the case of an unusually heavy sweating doctors speak of a hyperhidrosis. It can occur at various Points on the body and commonly affects hands, armpits or feet – and not just in the summer, but all year long. The most Affected it is very unpleasant. Nothing seems to help against sweating and the feet sweat even in sandals strongly.

The medicine offers several ways against sweating

However, the medicine provides help: "There are four ways to do something about excessive sweating on the feet," says Dr. Heiko Grimme from the skin center at the Kurpark Spa gardens in Stuttgart. Affected can use a special crackling foot and leg mousse. Which contains as active ingredient aluminum chloride hexahydrate in a 20% solution. This concentration is significantly higher than in the case of Deodorants, which are regularly available in the trade.

"Around half of the Concerned is satisfied," says the dermatologist. The deodorant is applied in a first daily in the evening. "If the sweating is less, reduced to the deodorant," says the expert. After that, it is sufficient in some patients to use the products once a week, others need it every other day. "Sometimes the feet are slightly dry and flaky, but the sweating can."

current can reduce perspiration

to help electric power the sweating. Here, a weak current flows in a device that can be Affected, for home use, to prescribe, through the soles of the feet. The exact mode of action of the therapy, called iontophoresis, is not known, but it is assumed that the electrical charge acts in the glands to the cells in the sweat, and so the flow of Sweat is reduced. Around 80 percent of those Affected are, according to the Grimme satisfied with this therapy.

it is Convenient that you can apply at home. Concerned about the health insurer, a corresponding device is provided. "In the beginning, you should use it every day, for example, if you are sitting in the evening in the news on the Sofa," says Grimme. Thereafter, the sweating is often fast and can reduce the times. "Usually it is sufficient, the device is two to three times a week to apply."

Botox paralyzes the sweat glands

another option is to inject Botox in the soles of the feet. This therapy, however, is not covered by medical insurance and costs around 600 Euro. Botox inhibits the activity of the sweat glands, but is degraded by the body. Thus, you need to inject it after a certain time again.

The last method finally, only very rarely used. The sweating, the autonomic nervous system is involved. With a surgery to remove certain node points of the nervous system in the body, so that, for example, the feet sweat less, because there are no stimuli more will be forwarded to you. Grimme advised against the procedure: Apart from the fact that it was an Operation, tend to be Concerned, and thereafter to other parts of the body to sweat suddenly.

In the case of really heavy sweating home remedies not

not help An objective value, when someone at the feet sweat too much, there are, by the way. "Of course, there are ways to measure that," says Grimme. "But it is also a subjective feeling of how much someone is sweating." Some people sweat very heavily, but they are not thereby impaired. "Others will come in practice and not sweating at all so violently, but it bothers you," says the dermatologist. In the case of the claim for treatment was.

Of the popular home remedies such as foot baths with sage or soda Grimme holds only a little. "Sufferers may have to try that, of course," he says. "But I have never experienced before, that someone would have helped."

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