The sport female crushes in a drum for equality

Few emotions there as the success with your team, always next to a few companions with which you have lived difficult moments. One of them is to receive the hig

The sport female crushes in a drum for equality

Few emotions there as the success with your team, always next to a few companions with which you have lived difficult moments. One of them is to receive the highest recognition offered by the city in which you were born. The players of the Royal Society of football and hockey grass have felt both honors in the past few months, because after their sports successes have earned that Monday, the golden drum in the tamborrada of San Sebastian, the biggest festival for the people of san sebastian.

The day has elapsed between the step of the drums of the companies child, with almost 5,000 children blowing their instruments through the streets to be next to the town Hall. The young participants have picked up the baton of the group, with some 20,000 participants, from midnight began the celebration during the traditional hoisted with their own costumes and giving you maximum performance out of your sticks. The weather, sunny but somewhat cold, has contributed to the local residents come out in mass to the streets. The party has shown a strong bet for equality, because this year has not disentangled The Bella Easo, a girl who was as a kind of infant queen of the tamborrada.

This celebration has remained the evolution seen in recent years, after a few early on that women could not intervene. This time, the symbol have been two teams that have coincided in their desire to claim women's sport to set an example for the little ones. Nereba Belzunegi, who captained her hockey grass to win the League in Spain and reach the final in Europe, labeled as “wonderful” the experience of climbing to the balcony of the town hall after many years of enjoying the feast from below. “We are an amateur team proud of doing something that we love,” she says, and confesses to “a little nervous” by starring in a date such as this. Despite all of this, he says, the most important thing is to show the value of women's sports and its impact on society.

His counterpart in the Royal Society of football, Nahikari García, lifted the Queen's Cup after a memorable night in Granada. The player insists that it must continue to work “for girls to do sport and have a place to be fixed”. The recognition, argues along with her companions, did not prevent him from seeing that “there is so much ahead of him.”


do you Help the football to the emancipation of the saudis? “20 years ago there were players who were washing clothes in the homes of companions for their parents to not know that they played” bang fifa women's world

The gala of delivery of the drum of gold has shown a dye-feminist, because a video has collected the testimonies of women who began to show the capabilities of the athletes of San Sebastian, which opened the path for their successors, who were attending to while some shed a few tears, triumph in Spain and in Europe. One of the slogans has been the construction of a new field of hockey grass, a message that emphasizes Belzunegi, to allow the development of this discipline. The mayor, Eneko Goia (PNV), he has duties. Goia stresses that the party “recognizes the spectacular advancement of women” and that the award represents “a clear commitment to equality,” because traditionally the golden drum has fallen into the hands of male. The councilman has also supported the school to which belonged the decision has declined to present a Bella Easo not to be “a specific character”, and has asked us to respect him and “see him as normal without making dramas”.

The two capitanas have agreed in their speeches in front of family, friends, and authorities of the Tamborrada in that on them rests the responsibility of setting an example to future athletes and that embody the philosophy of the effort. Both have passed through ranks of those who have managed to move forward thanks to his perseverance and the “sacrifice” to achieve recognition as the drum of gold, in addition to the titles they won last season.

The festive atmosphere that is breathed by Sebastian thanks to the tireless role of the bands music has crept into the living room of the town hall. The players of both teams have broken the formality of the initial act with the traditional dance with the mayor and other authorities are tamborreros. The laughter and the good atmosphere among the award winners have completed all of these representatives of the sport, female, posing, more than ever, in a family photo.

Updated Date: 20 January 2020, 20:00

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