The queen in new book: Opens up about prince Henry's death

Although queen Margrethe was in love with to up over both ears, so never succeeded to make the Danish people as falling in love with prince Henry. At least not

The queen in new book: Opens up about prince Henry's death

Although queen Margrethe was in love with to up over both ears, so never succeeded to make the Danish people as falling in love with prince Henry. At least not while he was alive.

But the parting, which the danes gave prince Henry, when he died, took the king by storm. It tells a touched queen Margrethe in a new book.

"When my husband died, it was very overwhelming how much people went up in it. I no my man to experience a bit of the sympathy," says queen Margrethe in the new book 'Queen Margrethe'.

the Book is written by journalist Karin Palshøj on the occasion of the queen's 80-årsfødselsdag next year.

Prince Henry died on 13. February 2018. And even though the prince did not want a state funeral, and he took the people, nevertheless a nice farewell with the prince.

Thousands stood in line for hours in the days, where there was the opportunity to say a last farewell to the prince with the French idea, which was the occasion of the state in the Palace Chapel.

In total reached almost 20,000 people stopped by to see the closed coffin.

When prince Henry first came to Denmark in 1966 – as count Henri de Monpezat and should be presented as tronarvingens future husband, he took otherwise the danes by storm.

The beautiful and elegant frenchman looked like for many it is, he should be - a coming prince.

But with the passage of time made the prince also a little unpopular. The danes had a difficult time accepting that he was to have a French accent.

And when the prince after nytårskuren in 2002, when the Queen was unable to attend, aired his dissatisfaction over the fact that it was the crown prince, who stood in for the Queen and he himself was thereby demoted to the number three, it did not the relationship to the population better.

Queen Margrethe comes even check Betkanyon on her husband's sometimes surprising behavior:

"People had, of course, sometimes a little to see the funny side of my husband, who verily was there – I could also see. But it was great to see that people were standing together on us on the way," she says, on whether the aid for prince Henry's death.

As one of the last significant public decisions, as the prince made was, that he would not be buried in Roskilde Cathedral, where there was space for both him and the Queen.

instead, he wanted his ashes scattered, so the thing was spread out over the sea and some were buried in an urn in Fredensborg palace Gardens.

the Prince's deviant desire burial appears not to have moved at that the Queen saw the prince as his companion for the last – that the love they experienced as young people, persisted.

In the book tells the Queen about how she was 'not at all' was in doubt that it was the French count, as she was to be married with:

"We were very, very fond of each other, it was really a stormy love affair from both sides," she says, and adds that it was also 'great', the couple had two children during their first two years as husband and wife.

Author Karin Palshøj spoke with the Queen about some of the images that will appear in the book.

Some of the pictures are from king Frederik and queen ingrid's collections, located on the Queen's-based info-library.

She says that the Queen seemed very happy about prince Henry's death.

"She was quite clearly very concerned over how much attention, as both she and her family had received from the danes in the period. And it is – as she says – something she would have except prince Henry the even to experience," says Karin Palshøj.

She also think, however, that there is a deeper meaning to the Queen's words:

"On the way, there is a slightly tilted raised eyebrow but with a smile – to the danes. She would like to have, that he himself had experienced," says Karin Palshøj.

Karin Palshøj are honoured that she has been allowed to write the book:

"It was a very exciting and honorable task, for it is also a form of historiography, one is with to. And to see those pictures from nearly 80 years of life, it is both Denmark's history and world history, you are reminded of," she says and tells that it was also a fun experience to see the royal family photo albums through:

"It is the albums that we know from his grandparents, where there are pasted pictures into, and where there is written small notes on who's who."

the Book ’Queen Margaret’ is released on 15. november.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 22:01