The new virus chinese is spreading from human to human

The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened on Monday a committee of emergency, with the advance of new coronavirus of Wuhan. Will meet on Wednesday to det

The new virus chinese is spreading from human to human

The World Health Organization (WHO) has convened on Monday a committee of emergency, with the advance of new coronavirus of Wuhan. Will meet on Wednesday to determine if there is an emergency, international, to make recommendations and find solutions to their threat. The decision comes after the confirmation of the chinese authorities that can be transmitted between people, something that becomes more dangerous the disease. In addition, on Monday there has also been a new victim, the third deceased up to the date by this strange disease, and South Korea confirmed its first case.

“The recent outbreak of a new pneumonia due to coronavirus in Wuhan and other places should be taken seriously”, said this Monday the president of the people's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, in his first public statement on the crisis. "The party committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels must put in first place the life and health of the people."

it Is a new virus, only known for 20 days, so that there is still much that is unknown of him. Scientists study their characteristics and their expansion. This is what is known so far.

how Many affected are there?

Despite the fact that the authorities of Wuhan assured until Friday that from the 3 of January I had new infections, the reality is that do not stop growing. According to the latest official data there are 198 confirmed cases, which multiplied by almost three, the figure that had been made public last week. Details are not known of their state, but yes many of them were already discharged. Compared to the official figures, a study from the Center for Analysis of Infectious Diseases Global Imperial College of London estimated that, as of the date of January 12, the number of infections likely amounted to 1.723. “It is likely that the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan has caused a number of respiratory diseases, mild or moderate substantially higher than what has been offered in” read the text, produced with the support of the WHO.

What are the symptoms?

Causes symptoms similar to pneumonia, causing fever and respiratory difficulties, although depending on the affected person may be very minor, serious or even life-threatening.

what Is life threatening?

so far they have recorded three deaths caused by the 2019-nCov, the official name of the pathogen. Details of the first two, which affected men, 61 and 69 years, respectively. They both had lung disease in pre-and perished by complications arising from the infection. The antecedent can be more direct than there is SARS, of the same family. Also was born in China and was brought about in 2002 in the death of over 700 people. It was fatal in about 10% of the cases, ensañándose especially among those older than 65 years. Although scientists work to unravel their sequence, a priori believe that it is not so serious.

How did it come about?

coronaviruses are microorganisms that mutate with ease. It is suspected that it jumped to humans from a market of live animals in the town of Wuhan, since the vast majority of the early patients had been there. It is likely that the virus to pass from a primary host, such as a bat, another species for any adaptation or mutation, and that in the other post, in your contact with people, to come to them.

How is it transmitted?

In principle, it was supposed, could only pass from animals to humans, as another pathogen known of the same family: the MERS-CoV. But the chinese authorities confirmed yesterday that could spread between people, something that had been suspected after detecting more and more cases of infected that are not passed by the market.

is There a risk of a pandemic?

In the absence of knowing the conclusions of the meeting who will keep the Wednesday, in its previous assessments had rated the risk of spread as high within the country, moderate in the region and under globally. In China has already arrived to Beijing and Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. There are rumors, also, that we have identified several suspicious cases in Shanghai. So he exposed a doctor of one of the main hospitals of the city on statements from anonymous to the journal hongkonés South China Morning Post: “Our centre is conducting training sessions on the prevention and treatment of the virus. Also are rushing the purchase of masks, hats and disinfectants. To be honest, I'm scared. It is a new virus with many aspects that are still not clear”.

what countries has arrived?

has Already crossed three boundaries: it has been detected in Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Moment of all the patients had passed through Wuhan.

Updated Date: 20 January 2020, 21:00

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