The Problem is the male Chav: expert says, why are we still cheap to eat meat

The theme of "meat" is as present as never before. Since the Corona onset at the North Rhine-Westphalian industry giants are alerted to policy and society. Po

The Problem is the male Chav: expert says, why are we still cheap to eat meat

The theme of "meat" is as present as never before. Since the Corona onset at the North Rhine-Westphalian industry giants are alerted to policy and society. Polls show that the majority of Germans now pronounces for the stricter laws in the meat industry. A change in the industry is, therefore, desirable. Nevertheless, many continue to cheap Steaks and sausages to buy goods from the supermarket - a contradiction in terms, the food psychologist Christoph Klotter explains.

FOCUS Online : Mr Klotter, what leads people to buy cheap meat?

Christoph Klotter: For the purchase of cheap meat, there are various reasons for this, there are various people who buy it. The first reason: you can afford to buy other meat. A part of the population has no financial means to afford more expensive meat. On the other hand, these people do not want to miss out. Christoph Klotter, Christoph Klotter, Professor of food psychology at the University of Fulda.

Because meat stands for Power, for prosperity, for Survival. The daily meat consumption of socially disadvantaged stand to take part, so to speak, symbolically, to the social well-being. The idea is: "If I eat meat, then it goes to me good". The meat is the Symbol of Survival.

FOCUS Online There are also people who are interested in animal welfare – and still Cheap to buy – how do they fit together?

Klotter: That's right, and that leads me to the second reason: The man is a complete contradiction, he can deceive, perfectly, yourself lie. That he is a paradox, by using on the one hand, for animal welfare, on the other hand, cheap eats meat, he is not aware of. He can talk about animal welfare and at the same time in a Bratwurst bite.

The American psychologist George A. Kelly explained that already in the middle of the last century. Man thinks in terms of constructs. And these constructs can be absolutely contradictory – and yet we experience our Actions as coherent.

German to give little money for food

FOCUS Online that means That the bad Conscience in this case has no Chance?

Klotter: exactly, because it is not aware of the fact that we are doing something "Bad", we hide the. Rather, it is the rule of everyday life, normality. And here we come to point number Three: The German historical little money for food, for quality. You skimp. the German differs from French.

While the French spend about 30 percent of their salary for food, it is in the case of the Germans, only about 13 percent, the data show from a few years ago. To say it with a spell I've read on the Internet: "The Frenchman, driving a cheap car to the Restaurant, the German with an expensive car for a Snack".

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FOCUS Online Is not to say that the German appreciates the value of good, high quality food?

Klotter: Not only that. He's not around to appreciate the Drum and which has historical causes. We define ourselves always about traditions. In France, the people come together for centuries to eat, they get together in the evening hours with family and friends, enjoy.

The German, however, have had little taste for food. As Tacitus, a Roman historian, already 50 after Christ, wrote: "The Germans are poor farmers, they can't grow, you can't cook and who wants to defeat, just have to give them enough beer". And nowadays, we define German we are still on beer. Not about enjoyment, about quality, how about in France.

FOCUS Online Quite as barbaric as Tacitus, our ancestors described, no longer we live now. More and more people are interested in a healthy diet, do sports and take care. The end is not healthier than the Enjoy of our neighbors?

Klotter: This may at first glance seem that the research, however, shows something quite different. There are the so-called "French Paradox". Even if the French have on average more unhealthy food, lower physiological values than the Germans, they have the audacity to live longer.

The reason is that you will enjoy. You are not satisfied. You have the support of your loved one. The lone German in front of the TV on the other hand, lives shorter.

Male Chav eats cheap meat

FOCUS Online : "The lonely German" – the one who buys cheap meat?

Klotter: Exactly. And especially the one that scandals such as the recent case of Tönnies does not shake-up be. Despite societal change for sustainability, for the conscious interested. The data also show. Because the main part of the meat eaters are men. Men who are socially poor.

Earlier men warriors soldiers were. You better have earned it. While the woman was home, they went to work. There is a clear role were clear power relations. Today it is different. The man must compensate for his self-esteem somehow. Makes show.

And if he can't do that with money or expensive cars, he needs to find a different way – for example, meat eating. The biggest Problem in the consumption of cheap meat, if you want to put it bluntly, the male Chav.

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FOCUS Online : Apart from the "male Chav". Do you have any hope that it will in this country to give a change of awareness in terms of nutrition?

Klotter: That already does something, to show the data from the nutrition reports of the German Federal Ministry of food and agriculture publishes annually. More and more people eat vegan or vegetarian. In particular, young people, the Millennials, be careful what you buy, you have a consciousness for quality.

a look in the supermarket shelves, it will be constantly brought new meat alternatives on the market, also Restaurants are always offering more meat-free dishes. Apart from the Corona creates something that has not managed a lot of scandals so far. It is changing something.

In previous scandals of confusion for a few weeks maybe – and then the people returned to the Usual. In the case of Corona, it's different, this crisis comes to all of us, too close. Corona will leave traces, also in the diet, including the consumption of meat. I hope at least.

meat as a good Alternative

FOCUS Online : you still eat meat?

Klotter: I have in years. However, I don't need meat alternatives, no Tofu sausages or Veggie-Hack. However, such products are for many for sure a good Alternative to the excessive consumption of meat gradually wean. In order to find a compromise between ethical principles and the Desire for prosperity.

that's Why I don't want to demonize these products. It is good that in this industry does something. That firm conviction work, by attention to sustainability, for the environmental awareness. Also if we are not aware of the often it is only when you glance at a supermarket shelf, if a lot of us over – there is resistance to the flesh. the It is a silent Revolution.

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