The March of the Women called to evict Trump of the White House

MORE INFORMATION I Want to be president of the united States ‘A rapist in your way’ sounds in Madrid, Bogota and other cities of the world despite the fact th

The March of the Women called to evict Trump of the White House


I Want to be president of the united States ‘A rapist in your way’ sounds in Madrid, Bogota and other cities of the world

despite the fact that close to noon on this Saturday, the thermometer marked zero degrees in Washington and the u.s. capital was covered with flakes and sleet, thousands of protesters took to the streets for the March of the Women. The movement that fights for gender equality, which was forged almost spontaneously when Donald Trump was sworn in as president in January of 2017, celebrated its fourth anniversary in hundreds of U.s. cities to raise their voice for causes such as climate change or the protection of immigrants, but under the umbrella of a message that was repeated on the banners and be heard in the cheers: “Trump must leave.” With an eye to the November presidential elections, the call is going to vote to protect the rights of women.

In the Square of Freedom, before starting the journey towards the White House, the collective of The Thesis performed the action “A rapist in your way”, which since last October has become a global phenomenon and anthem of the feminist struggle. The activists in chile interpreted the song in English and in Spanish repeated several times, so that finally it would resonate strong in the political heartland of the united States. A group of chilean women was proud of the choreography. Ana Maria Arriagada, 67 years of age, he migrated to four decades ago, supports the action of The Thesis is something that goes “far beyond national borders. It is something that touches and resonates in women of all generations, as you can see in this demonstration... all tells us something.”

Laura Albanson, 60 years old, accompanied by her two daughters were the lyrics of the song on the giant screens, even though they had already seen the corografía replicated in different capitals of the world. “A lot of women have been raped and all the women, even if they have not been victims of abuse, have a friend or family member has been. This is an anthem that represents us,” said Albanson. Anna, her daughter of 30 years that he traveled from Boston especially to attend the event, celebrates the inclusion of art in the demonstrations: “This song allows us to live a beautiful experience that involves different cultures”.

The organizers of the march on Washington warned that this year would not have scenarios or speakers. However, family members of Martin Luther King -whose day is celebrated this Monday in the united States - were in charge of giving the initial greeting. The activist Andrea Waters King recalled that this year marks the centenary of women's vote in the country, but clarified that “it is not enough.” “We can't rest until mothers african american to stop being afraid of their children go to the street in the night, and the children of immigrant mothers feel the side of them in cribs, not cages”, said to applause and signs with the insignia “Trump/Pence, get Out already!”.

A group of women dressed as the characters in the book The tale of the maid -a suit which has become a tradition in this type of manifestations - shouted “we Vote while you can!”. At his side, several men with hats yellow critical of abortion by megaphone and recite how many fetuses had been “eliminated” by the centers for reproductive health Planned Parenthood. “More over we have to tell men...”, complained Clady, 76 years of age. “That's why these elections are so important. We are playing a piece of freedom. I'm not going to allow him to steal a right to my granddaughter and all his generation”. Some of the posters read messages of support to the pre-candidate socialist Bernie Sanders, in others in favor of senator Elizabeth Warren, but the roll increased was performed by a group of adherents to the candidacy of Tulsi Gabbard. They wore no signs of development itself, as the rest, but signs official campaign.

The message against the current Administration came to the White House, although Trump was not there. The thousands of protesters formed in the Plaza Lafayette, where, led by The Thesis, made the choreography and sang in Spanish and in English the feminist hymn. The voices rose with more strength when singing the rapist was “the president” and, at the same time, pointed to the office of the republican singing “the rapist you are.”

Updated Date: 19 January 2020, 03:00

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