The Government requires PP, Cs, and Vox dropped in Murcia the veto parental in school

The Ministry of Education has sent this Friday a request to the Government of Murcia to the regional Executive of the PP and Citizens with the support of Vox, b

The Government requires PP, Cs, and Vox dropped in Murcia the veto parental in school

The Ministry of Education has sent this Friday a request to the Government of Murcia to the regional Executive of the PP and Citizens with the support of Vox, back up on the application of the veto parental, coined by the party of the ultra-right as pin parental. This system allows families forbid their children to attend complementary activities taught during the school day and scheduled by the colleges. The minister of the bouquet, Elizabeth Celaá, has declared this Friday, in his appearance after the Council of Ministers, that the pin or veto parental "goes directly against the constitutional values", since “violates the fundamental right to be educated”.


censorship on sexual diversity enters the Spanish school, The Government will have recourse in the courts for the ‘pin parental’ income tax in the colleges of Murcia Citizens are clear of their partners of the PP in Murcia for the “pin it " parental” Vox

Murcia became the last September in the first autonomy to put in place the veto parental pin parental). The ministry of Education, in the hands of the PP, included between the instructions submitted to the educational centres, the need for families to give their express consent for their children to participate in complementary activities, those that do not have to be linked to curricular content, but that are must-attend and evaluable.

The flame ignited this week after Vox condicionara their support to the budgets of the region (PP and Citizens need a vote for Vox to reach the absolute majority) to give more range to the instruction from the pin parental. The president of murcia, Fernando López Miras, confirmed yesterday that will amend the decrees that regulate the curriculum of Primary and Secondary schools to fit those authorizations of the families.

The autonomous communities set out in its regulations that the complementary activities in schools and institutes —which, unlike the school, are developed during school hours— are mandatory for all students and are evaluable, so that the parents can not refuse to have their children receive this type of training. These workshops, which can be of different themes, are approved by the faculty, presented at the school council —with representation of families— and, finally, monitored by the inspectorate of education.

The idea of Vox on the pin parental arose, according to members of the educational community, to the root of the dissatisfaction with the participation of associations LGBTI external to the educational centres in activities about diversity affective-sexual. But, the organic law on education (Lomce) —approved by the PP in 2013— in its article 27, establishes among the powers of the school board to “propose” initiatives to promote the equality between men and women, equal treatment or the prevention of gender-based violence.

The pin parental, has exposed Celaá, “in violation of the own competences of the educational center, which has attributed by law to the determination and finalization of what it means to the school curriculum”. “We get to absurdities such as that there is a group antivacunas that I don't want the children to be educated in the therapeutic importance which may have a vaccine, or groups that think that women or girls, for their sexual orientation, do not have the same right to the education that the children”, added the minister, who has clarified that the requirement sent by the ministry to the Executive murcia “to restore legality”, it is the beginning of the administrative process and the first step to be able to have recourse to the courts in the event that the regional Executive does not rectify his decision.

“we can't think of any way that the children belong to the parents,” he continued Celaá, who has argued that that veto collides with the fundamental constitutional right to education, in addition to contravening the Pact of State against the Violence of Gender (which establishes the obligation of the centres of content learning affective-sexual and emotional), and various international treaties ratified by Spain such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

For the judge emeritus of the Supreme Court José Antonio Martin Pallin, the Constitution provides for “the free development of the personality of children, which are not the property of the parents.” In his view, a State has to ensure protection of the rights of children above the demands of their parents. In this sense, remember that in a judgment of 2010, the Constitutional Court is not authorized to a family to educate their child at home. “In the same way, nor can it guarantee that parents make a selection of the content to be learned by their children and not contravene academic freedom”.

Irene Montero, who has accompanied Celaá after the Council of Ministers, has been asked to speak at his own request in the monitoring committee of the Pact of State Against Gender-based Violence, to understand that the veto parental “is a breach” of that agreement, “which advocates a strengthening of the affective-sex education”. “We understand that the pin parental is a clear element of rupture educational and sexism,” he added. “The sons and daughters of parents homophobic have the same right to be educated in human rights and the right to love whoever they want and as they want. The sons and daughters of parents machists have the same right to be educated in feminism, equality and values,” he continued. “Let us hope that the forces of the right are not carried away by Vox”.

Maria Jesus Montero, who exerts the spokesman of the Executive, has expressed the “concern” of the Government and has reiterated that recourse to administrative or judicial proceedings, “any attempt to” Vox, PP, or Citizens that go against the rights of minors “to receive a comprehensive education in the respect of fundamental freedoms”.

Married to Sanchez: "Get your hands of our families"


The national direction of the PP defends what Vox has baptized as a "pin " parental". "My children are mine and not of the State, and I will fight for this Government is radical and sectarian, not to impose to the parents how we need to educate our children. Get your hands of our families," said the popular president, Paul Married, after the requirement of the Executive to the Government of murcia to withdraw its application. The PP leader will travel to Murcia this Sunday to meet with mayors of the party of different Spanish territories under the slogan of 'Government through freedom'.

The party accuses the Government of attempting "to impose their ideology"with the workshops that will be taught in the centers sexual and emotional education. Asked if he believes that talks on equality in order to avoid cases of teen dating violence or bullying on grounds of sexual orientation is something "ideological", the secretary-general of the popular, Teodoro García Egea, has responded: "I'm Not saying if the content is good or not. The PP will always find the respect and the constitutional values but we believe that they are the parents and not Sanchez who should decide what activities will the children of each one. The PP defends the idea that parents have the freedom to have their children receive the talks that they consider and by teachers who have agreed for the conduct of regulatory to the public function".

Egea has also been criticized on Friday the Government to send a request to the Executive Murcia, but not to the Catalan government. "Pedro Sanchez is only carried well in these moments with those who violate the law," he said, to questions from journalists.

"Not get along well with the presidents who defend the legality and the Constitution. The effort he is making Sanchez by attacking the liberty of parents might as well put it in defending freedom in Catalonia. We don't know, and we'd like someone to ask the minister spokesman, if the same requirements that have been sent to Murcia to end with the freedom of parents to choose the education of their children is going to send you to the lord the Round to end with the spies that puts the government in the schools or with embassies".

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