TV presenter has been testing diets for a year: I'd never go back to carbs

I don't know about you, but you feel scuffed, especially in the first months of the new year is also always so, and überernährt? Yes? My Condolences. I don't

TV presenter has been testing diets for a year: I'd never go back to carbs

I don't know about you, but you feel scuffed, especially in the first months of the new year is also always so, and überernährt? Yes? My Condolences. I don't any more. I'm out of the number. But I'll tell you how I did that. Or as my friend Inke said the other day: "You're always so slim - in spite of the feasts. How does that work?“

"is diets not the 'What' but the 'How',"

My answer, when your eyes were getting bigger and bigger: "it's Very simple: You can, in principle, all the food, it's not about the 'What', it's just the 'How'. Carbs are OK, even the chocolate is perfectly fine.“ And the Best thing is: Actually, I found this out just by the by, while I tried to feed my family and myself as healthy as possible.

for A year, I cooked my way through all of the popular diet trends: Paleo and Superfoods about Apple cider vinegar and seaweed candies to the water on the moor I've tried the different methods. About the guest author

Anna Funck TV presenter, producer and author. Three times the mother has been with various diet trends. Your goal: light in the Food jungle and find out what really makes a beautiful, fitter and healthier and thereby also with the family in everyday life is feasible.

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carbohydrates make us happy and relaxed

Since then, I shake always a bit of the head, if I hear again that Jennifer Lopez and other exclamations on Instagram back to the "No-Carbs" week. Carbohydrates not only bark, bite but. The are not evil - on the contrary, they make us happy, make us relax and improve our perception ability. The brain needs carbs, otherwise it will cook on low flame.

"But it's not supposed to be thick?", my friend Inke explained to me in turn. What I laugh must be: "Yes, we're all thinking. Because we combine incorrectly. If we eat per meal is only one type of carbohydrates and enough breaks, we would not increase at all.“

by the Way, a theory, about which I am in my research, from Hamburg to Hollywood stumbled. Even Hollywood Stars are not the only the thicknesses of the average German.

The body doesn't need carbs, but too much at once

need an example? We take our Breakfast. Raise your Hand if you eat in the morning, a jam roll? Error number one! Because in the jam rolls, three types of carbohydrates are already, per se. The first is the grain in the bread, the second is the fruit sugar from the jam, and the third perhaps a refined sugar for preservation.

Our body thinks, then: "great, the grain I know, I can recover useful parts, but the other two carbs I pack the same to me at the hip. And then I get tired and put me first.“ Hello Afternoon Of Deep!

My Trick would be so - if it is for a bun it must be to prove it with a neutral hard cheeses. This meal does not make you fat and tired. But please don't play tricks with a soft Camembert, because it contains milk sugar.

Now you know why I made my offer to children before school, a couple of Cornflakes with milk and sugar. Since the dwarves metabolism want the technically best to do this right back into bed with a milk - and-industry-sugar-cereal-combined, actually, no wonder.

carbohydrates, specifically

select "But that is terribly complicated - because I have to know yeah all the carbs!", throws in Inke.

Actually, this is not difficult. Meat and fish as well as vegetables, hard cheeses and eggs are neutral. And you wouldn't actually rice, potatoes and Pasta together and eat. Actually, I'm just looking, I'm just a sugar, or a Cereal, or just a strength to eat. If I fry something, not mixes, I the fat, but stay with a. In the Restaurant I don't eat the bread basket is empty, when I've already ordered potatoes to the fish. And if it needs to be a glass of wine (also contains carbs), then I enjoy it best after the meal. Bread baking without yeast: lightning recipe with only 3 ingredients - so's PCP bread baking without yeast: lightning recipe with only 3 ingredients - so it goes

you can Treat the digestive process breaks

we Come to a factor of two: The 'How' refers not only to the composition of our meals, but also on the 'when'. In General, I have noticed that we are actually digesting the Duration.

We eat in the morning beautiful our Fattening Breakfast, which actually does not need a man, because it takes us all the energy we'll drink a carbohydrate-bomb in the Form of a Café Latte with lots of milk and sugar, push us in the canteen, need caffeine, because we are so tired from the food, before we hit again in the evening pure.

in Doing so, our body wants a break is actually only one. And maybe a green tea, a Smoothie, or simply nothing, so he can send the Cleaning crew through. We eat and eat and don't know why.

What are you allowed to eat yet? It is confusing

I have to admit, it's all become very confusing: Gluten is bad, dairy is full of hormones, meat is the devil, all are confused. Since you can eat the same as normal, I often hear. It is worthwhile to take a closer linings. We buy cheap in the shop for twenty cents, can be in the dough additives such as Corn, potatoes, glucose syrup, i.e. sugar, there's a flavor enhancer.

Remember what? Again, several carbohydrates, and chemistry. And immediately we will get you thick and tired, like as in the ninth month, and in the end even stomach ache, migraine and sleep disorders. With organic is on the safe side. And with breaks and a type of carbohydrates also, I think.

Sin is permitted - but after a long Pause

And everyone who has sinned, wait instead of two hours of easy times five. Who is already perfect and always adheres to all the rules? I'm invited at a friends, I'll be five, but I always go back to A carbohydrate-principle. This is also true for the Snacking: at The time I indulge in chocolate for me like in the evening, a panel - so from Monday to Friday.

Yes, you read that right. Chocolate is my secret tip, because of the cocoa covers the sugar, so chocolate is only a kind of carbohydrates. Or as my physician Nutrition specialist Dörten Wolff put it once: "If you know how to eat chocolate properly, not necessarily!"

eating Right is in my case: If I feel that I must in the evening, insert a chocolate unit and I'll eat it for dinner just meat and vegetables instead of carbohydrate-rich. My Dessert, the chocolate, is my carbohydrate percentage. It should be adulterated, without question, a high-quality chocolate and not cheap. Up to 20 KG in 10 weeks! (Ad) Now in the case of Gymondo for free and remove it to See you in FOCUS Online, you will See log in

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 11:26

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