Sweden Corona-Solo: While all of fear 2. Wave, decrease the Numbers

No Lockdown, open day-care centres and schools, busy Restaurants, and only a small contact restrictions – the Corona-measures taken by Sweden in the spring, wer

Sweden Corona-Solo: While all of fear 2. Wave, decrease the Numbers

No Lockdown, open day-care centres and schools, busy Restaurants, and only a small contact restrictions – the Corona-measures taken by Sweden in the spring, were observed from the Rest of Europe with Wonder and suspicion. The Scandinavian neighbors have distanced themselves and joined as a precaution, the limits.

state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, pretended to be the Swedish exceptionalism, just wanted to protect those targeted, where Corona would be dangerous, so mainly old and sick people. All the others should live their daily life as normal as possible.

The idea behind herd immunity: When a large proportion of the healthy population would become infected with the new Coronavirus, would be automatically even those protected, for the an infection would be dangerous.

Swedish exceptionalism looked like a wrong path

The Experiment went, in the meantime, wrong thoroughly. The infection numbers soared to the top and there was a disproportionate number of deaths. According to the Swedish health authority, there were up to 3. Of August, over 80,000 infection confirmed cases in Stockholm were Infected more than 23,000. Almost 6,000 people have died from the effects of Covid-19 – half of them in homes for the elderly and people in need of care. Its just 10 million inhabitants, the equivalent of, in Sweden a quarter more deaths by Covid-19 as the hard-hit United States. folkhalsomyndigheten.se, Sweden has fewer new Corona cases. 3. August 2020 there are a total of about 80,000.

in Spite of a lack of understanding abroad and also sharp criticism of the Swedish physicians, held Tegnell on its strategy. One of them also, to force the Swedes nothing. To date, there is no Mask requirement or a quarantine for travellers returning. His people should volunteer to maintain social distance, and the hygiene measures of the eighth. Please write to us!

a number of people have demonstrated at the weekend in Berlin against the state Corona pads and the end of pandemic is declared. They were also on the spot? We are looking for.

  • what are your reasons for protesting?
  • What would make the policy from your point of view better?
  • At which point you have lost confidence in the crisis management of the policy?

Write us a Mail at mein-bericht@focus.de stating your full Name, your place of residence, and age. We would use your contribution, if necessary, for an article – if you wish, anonymously.

a few new cases, a lower R-value

The Swedish model seemed to be thoroughly a failure, as the case figures just then rose sharply, as they were in other European countries and relaxations were introduced. At the end of June, the daily new infections were achieved with 2500 a peak. And then, the negative trend in Sweden stopped. Since the beginning of July, there were no new infections about 500, more, currently, the daily increase is around 300, and is decreasing. the survivors criticize Corona-strategy in Sweden PCP survivors criticize Corona-strategy-Sweden

A decrease in the deaths registered practitioners before. Anna Mia Ekström, infection epidemiologist from the diamonds to the left-Institute, speaks of the declining Numbers of intensive care patients since the end of April. At the end of July a died, two patients per day, and only a few Covid-19-patients were admitted to intensive care units in. The R-value, so the number of how many other people are infects a of Infected has decreased in Sweden, in the meantime, to 0.6.

  • The latest Corona developments you will read in the Live-Ticker for the pandemic

Anders Tegnell has defended his course always. He only regretted that it had failed to protect the vulnerable groups of the society. At the beginning of June, as he admitted this mistake, he said only: "we Would meet in the same disease, with the present state of knowledge, we would probably end up somewhere in the middle between what has been done in Sweden, and what the Rest of the world has made."

At T-Online, ZDF correspondent Henner Hebestreit gave his assessment of the current Corona-the situation in Sweden. In summary, he says: "The infection numbers are stable and at a low level." The, at times, jerked infection numbers have to do with the high test level. Since Pentecost, you could buy in Sweden Test Kits in pharmacies. This evidence was in the case of private individuals, private healthcare providers, but also sought after for their employees. More Videos with infections Loge Christoph Spinner infections Loge explains how high risk of Infection due to unpackaged food, Café, airplane, office: infection Lodge is explained, where the Corona-the risk is on explains the largest infection Loge, how to detect Coronavirus, and not with the flu confuse risk factor Restaurants: Can be spread the Virus by air conditioners? Infections Lodge on "Corona-Dead": How physicians use the term R to define factor apparently loses its importance - infections Loge explains why The Virus is cured, but a fierce consequential damages: Is Corona even more dangerous than we thought?

Hebestreit explains, as it is in Sweden to the many deaths in high-risk groups. "It has to do with that many precarious workers, employees care to take. That is to say, the staff constantly changes, has a different employer. Through this framework, one has a spread of the Virus, a lot of multipliers,“ the ZDF correspondent. Ready for the next holiday? To vouchers the Lufthansa!

Sweden's neighbours to keep borders

chief epidemiologist Tegnell, who many admire for his quiet and laid-back look, is still convinced that Sweden has not done much wrong. You could not say, whether other measures would have made a difference. Most recently, he showed himself rather concerned about the worldwide infection increase. Sweden go against this Trend. Soon his country would be able to travel people back freely, he said at the end of July.

at The Moment this is not possible. The Swedish exceptionalism has strained the traditionally close ties between the Scandinavian States. Its neighboring States have opened the borders for each other – but not for Sweden.

And at the Travel advice of the foreign office for Sweden, it means that the limits for the Transit of travelers in the direction of Norway or Finland open. But that is not true, if someone has stayed before entering Sweden. Fear of the W-curve: "the Second Corona-wave could young people especially hard hit" FOCUS Online/Wochit fear of the W-curve: "the Second Corona-wave could young people especially hard hit" to The refugee issue complains Merz three Times about the "shame of Europe", FOCUS Online/Wochit At the issue of refugees complains Merz three Times about the "shame of Europe"

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