Sports during Corona: danger for the immune system?

There are many reasons to move sufficiently. Sport not only keeps the immune system and the body fit, but is also excellent to reduce Stress. (Read more in our

Sports during Corona: danger for the immune system?

There are many reasons to move sufficiently. Sport not only keeps the immune system and the body fit, but is also excellent to reduce Stress. (Read more in our Anti-Stress Guide) "exercise lowers cortisol levels and supports the release of messenger substances, which provide balance," says Dr. Paul Schmidt-Hellinger. He is a medical doctor and sports physician at the Charité hospital in Berlin and an expert at Strava, a social network for sporting activities.

This exercise strengthens the immune system , should athletes have to have in mind some things – and is currently in the Corona-crisis. It is not a matter to protect yourself specifically from infection, but also to weaken the immune system through an ambitious Training.

Not everyone who is ill, it shows

A danger for athletes, threatens from two sides. The risk of giving the Virus through droplet infection to others always exists. The Training is mainly in a group with other of the biggest risk factor. "Due to close proximity in a confined space the Transmission through a cough up, or a wet pronunciation when you are Speaking, probably not," says the expert. (Also interesting: Corona-Warn-App: works As the Corona App in Germany)

The Problem: Not everyone who is infected, they will experience symptoms – he can give the Virus, but to others, the disease may be difficult. That is why it is all the more important to protect yourself and others by keeping a sufficient distance. And also anyone suffering from symptoms that may be contagious before he even became ill noticeably.

Intensive Training can weaken the immune system

The other danger is to infect the Sport itself. This is more likely, the weaker your immune system is. "To intense exercise it comes to a so-called Open-Window-effect," says Schmidt-Hellinger. This stops after the maximum stress for up to 72 hours. As through an open window to viruses and bacteria can penetrate much easier than anywhere else in the body.

In the case of the Corona virus will be absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. Add to this the eye as a possible gateway. "Here's the virus starting to flow together with the tears on the Tears into the nose," says the expert. Therefore, the risk of infection if, for example, rubs their eyes, while the Virus is on the Hand.

risk sports: virus easily get in the lungs

it is also Important to distinguish different types of infection with the Corona Virus. This can lead to an infection of the throat and infection in the lung area. Only the throat is infected, the disease is usually mild. "Succinctly said, the scratch in the best case, only a Neck to the result," says the Strava expert. (Read also: exercise with a mask – is sports with a Mouth guard makes sense?)

An infection of the pulmonary area , however, is life-threatening. Because the immune system reacts to the pathogen, swells the lungs of mucous on the skin strongly, which in turn complicates the breathing. In such a case, intensive medical treatment is often necessary. "An infection of the lung area is for athletes at high strain and the Inhalation of virus-containing droplets deep into the lung space is more likely," says the expert. "Therefore, intensive loads are to be avoided under the current circumstances, necessarily."

Who trained alone on the outside, is relatively safe

For athletes who run alone or bike go to, is the risk of infection is not very large. "If you touch any surfaces that might be contaminated, and regularly wash your hands, there is no risk of Infection," says Schmidt-Hellinger.

groups , you should train currently better not . You decide to do so nevertheless, one should keep sufficient distance : Due to the turbulence in the air, the Virus can remain longer in the air. "The recommended 1.5-Meter-distance Running is used as a rule of thumb and should be increased tenfold when in a row to run over longer distances rather," says the sports expert. Many people train, however, prefer to be in the group than alone. "Then an App like Strava can help to track only the units, but also cheering each other on and challenge." (Also worth reading: distance rules: 1 or 2 meters how much distance is really useful?)

The Training is currently rather moderate

Also important: In heavily visited Parks should be doing better any Sport. "Also of railings, strength training equipment or Crossfit bars in the Outdoors, you should take better distance," advises Schmidt-Hellinger.

not to weaken your immune system, should Amateur athletes also work out to be relatively moderate. "It is helpful to reduce the intensity and stress tips to take out," says the expert. An idea is to train muscle groups, for which one takes no time, for example, the foot muscles. You could also try out other sports to compensate, for example, Yoga. (Also interesting: Which type of Yoga is suitable for men?)

Training pausing?

it is also Important: "Well-trained Amateur athletes should lead the Training with low to moderate also in this period," advises Schmidt-Hellinger. "If you suspend the Training is complete, it is Vice versa as well to a functional restriction of the stable and healthy immune system."

If you are driving suddenly no Sport more, pour out of the body, strengthens the hormone cortisol, if you are in stressful situations. "The increased levels of Cortisol leads to the inhibition of immune function," says the expert. Particularly unfavorable is the combination of sports waiver and the Stress is therefore. Contrary to this can be by meditating or mindfulness exercises makes. (Read: expert tips: how mindfulness training)

Who starts now with sports, work should not need to slowly dispense pre-keys

Absolute beginner also in the current time on sports. It is also important that you don't train ambitious to to overwhelm your immune system. "A smart, six-week basic training is not as an entry for the body and the mind, as not to burden the immune system unnecessarily," says the expert. (Also: Jogging: These 3 tips should note beginners)

He recommends the following procedure:

1. To the desired location to go for a walk or bike ride.

2 . On-site ten Times a Minute, loose, in between, run with a one-minute walking break. When Running you should be able to talk, when to Go, theoretically, even sing.

3. do not to perform run In the first week, more than three units, each with up to 10 Times a Minute.

4. To adopt a cautious approach, per week, another load of interval to add. That would mean running in the second week, eleven Times a Minute, in the third twelve Times, and so forth.

5. let The Training end, by going to the house, walks or bike rides.

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Updated Date: 03 July 2020, 04:27

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