Sport-Professor warns: anyone Who drives with mask Sport, you must train different

more and more people wear while Jogging, Cycling or at the gym on devices, a mask. During the risk, in the fresh air with plenty of distance, to infect other wi

Sport-Professor warns: anyone Who drives with mask Sport, you must train different

more and more people wear while Jogging, Cycling or at the gym on devices, a mask. During the risk, in the fresh air with plenty of distance, to infect other with the Corona is low, the Training in closed rooms actually have a higher risk of infection.

the mask in sports - a Problem?

Therefore, the fitness studios were, for example, only recently, and only under strict conditions re-open. One of the Studios mask is compulsory when Entering, but in compliance with the spacing rules during the Training.

However, some prefer their mask to keep it preserved, to avoid an infection and to not infect others. However, it does not harm to the Sport with a mask on his body?

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Necessarily exercise intensity

do not adjust "Unhealthy it is, but it minimizes the performance", explains Professor Ingo Froböse of the German sport University in Cologne. Because by Wearing a mask to a lower absorption of oxygen: "this is Why we need to reduce when Wearing a mask, our exercise intensity," advises the sports Professor.

athletes don't have to shorten your workout time, but only reducing the stresses. "If I try, despite the mask, my normal level of performance to maintain, then it is dangerous," warns Froböse. Because of the limited oxygen capacity of the body will be overwhelmed quickly.

dizziness, drowsiness, up to circulatory collapse

when strength training, you've rise to the stress, an increased need for oxygen – blood pressure, heart and breathing frequency immediately after the muscle training to the unit. "Then, when the oxygen supply is not high enough, it can lead to circulatory problems and an Overload of the vascular system," says a sports scientist.

dizziness, drowsiness up to a circulatory collapse might be the consequences. Therefore, athletes need to screws the maximum load by means of Weights down, and instead, the number of repetitions of the strength exercises increase. Who trained on the Ergometer, should reduce the number of watts, if he is driving with a mask of Sport.

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carbon dioxide

is not inhale bad another point that is of concern to many, is the Inhalation of spent air through the mask. "That you breathe in carbon dioxide, is not so bad," reassured Froböse. CO2 would also have positive effects – for example, it stimulates breathing. Dangerous is only when the body need a higher amount of oxygen, but because of the mask not get.

Guttrainierte athlete would with a mask during the Training better than untrained, but also you should adjust the sport scientists, according to your Training, if you wear a mouth-nose cover.

sports with mask no altitude training comes equal to

That Training with a mask due to the reduced oxygen supply look like a high-altitude training on the body, the negative Froböse. "That would be nice, if it would be so easy". The effects of an altitude training can not be through the Wearing of a mask is achieved despite the lower supply of oxygen. In addition, the Training must take place over a longer period of time, even in the height – as the body quickly adjusts itself, explains the Professor.

A reduction in the oxygen intake during exercise have the consequence that the respiratory muscles will be trained. A means that is also targeted for Training in performance sport will be applied – for example, in the case of boxers. This breathe when Training through a kind of tube, so you must spend more power. This in turn strengthens the muscles and increases the lung volume.

mask to wear makes for some sports sense - what you

note To this effect should, however, not aimed at athletes . Wearing a mask makes only sense if you want to protect themselves and others from infection. This is true for all contact sports such as Judo, wrestling or Boxing and play sports like Curling or bocce. In football and in ice hockey you should wear no masks. In these sports the physical strain is too high, stresses Froböse.

Who decides to train with a mouth-nose cover, must pay attention to the sports scientists is that in addition to Hygiene: "One should always and necessarily only train with a fresh mask and renew if it is due to sweat, or the breath soaked through", so Froböse. Because in this warm, moist environment can breed viruses, bacteria and fungi excellently. There is the risk that one incurs a infection so.

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Updated Date: 23 June 2020, 18:26

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