Söder expresses itself to mass infection on a vegetable farm in Bavaria

the the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong> Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas

Söder expresses itself to mass infection on a vegetable farm in Bavaria
  • the Corona-crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online < / strong>
  • Multiple vacation destinations including: These countries are now Corona-risk areas
Söder expresses itself to mass infection on vegetable farm

Monday, 27. July, 07: 58 PM PM: To the Coronavirus-mass-infection of 174 seasonal workers with a lower Bavarian vegetable farm, Prime Minister Markus Söder wants to speak at 10 am today to the current situation. Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) has announced that on Sunday there is already a Test plan for large farms.

Minister of health decide free Corona-Tests for all of the holiday home-comers

Friday, 24. July, 17.53 at: At German airports, there will be in the future, Corona test sites for travellers returning from high-risk areas . You should be able to leave on request, free of charge on the Virus test, such as the Berlin health Senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) said on Friday after consultations with their colleagues from the Federation and the länder in Bonn. the Also, for returnees from non-risk areas should be offered free-of-Corona-Tests , but not directly at the point of entry.

Kalayci, to be referred to the risk that due to holiday infections to travel to Germany would be introduced, as a "very high". Some provinces have already reported increasing case numbers, which can be attributed to travellers returning. The Senator pointed out, the return from a risk area, regardless of the Test-offer a two-week quarantine required is , as long as a negative test result.

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), said that all travellers returning could be in the future, within three days after the entry test. With a view to the in Germany, again rising infection numbers Spahn warned of the increased risks through travel. The Minister also stressed: "A Test is not a free ride, but always only a snapshot."

Not only for air travelers from abroad, but also for cross-border transport by ship, Bus and train will be introduced according to the Kalayci get out of the business cards. Who come from a risk area, to Germany, had to fill in such a form and submit. In addition, the health Ministers agreed, therefore, that "in border entry points," road traffic "spot checks" are carried out.

Kalayci stressed, you assume that the medical staff instructions when testing, that the investigation should be repeated after a few days. However, the further compliance with the quarantine should be up to a second test result voluntarily, it was said after the Ministerial conference. The laboratory costs for the time being, take over the health insurance, the cost for the construction of the infrastructure, especially at the airports in the country.

Minister of transport agreed that The hygiene rules in the air traffic in the EU

Thursday, 23. July, 13.13 PM : The EU transport Ministers have agreed, in the words of the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) on uniform Standards for health protection in air transport. "This creates safety, clarity and trust," said Scheuer on Thursday in Berlin at the start of the digital discussions about the difficult situation of the industry.

there would be the following:

  • a commitment to Wear a mouth-nose protection from the 6. Age of
  • wait higher cleaning intervals
  • a multilingual Information to the passengers as well as
  • distance of the commandments at the time of release, even if it to longer times to run.

Scheuer said the proposal had been accepted. Germany currently holds the EU presidency.

The Minister also warned against a "sell-out" of European aviation companies. Because of the Corona-crisis as before, he said, with a view to a drastic slump in passenger numbers. The air transport industry and air traffic were in front of an epochal break. "It jobs are at stake." The policy of wool against taxes. There are also innovations such as more fuel-efficient aircraft.

Scheuer said of the industry for more support: unnecessary empty flights should be avoided. The EU Commission should set up the rules so that Start and land rights shall expire and the airlines could get the operation on your old levels.

the German aviation industry had demanded to extend a previously time - limited suspension of the rules at the Start-and landing rights at the EU level. This is the so-called 80/20 rule. It says that takeoff and landing rights (Slots) expired in European airports, if not provided for in a single season, 80 percent is actually a plane, as in the flight plan takes off.

Scheuer advises in the digital conference with EU colleagues, as well as top representatives from industry, airlines, airports and ANSPs on the situation in the air transport sector.

The air travel is one of the industries that is hit by the restrictions in the Corona-crisis the hardest. The Federal government had approved a multi-billion dollar rescue package for the German industry leader Lufthansa. Flight delayed or cancelled? (Display)

With flight rights you can claim, quite simply, up to 600 euros in compensation of the Airline. The claim applies to all flights since 2017 , which were more than had 3 hours delay or cancelled, even in the event of Overbooking and flight time change.

Now, it's free to claim for flight

the Minister of health check legal advice about new Corona-rules for returnees

Wednesday, 22. July, 13.49 at: For returnees from abroad, to travel could be due to the Corona pandemic will soon be new rules. The Minister of health of the Federation and the länder want advice on (today's) late Wednesday afternoon at a circuit meeting about it. In conversation-targeted Tests are more. A question is whether it is only returnees from a strong from Coronavirus-affected States, which are considered to be risk areas, to be taken in the view, or also from other countries. Currently, many Germans are in France, Spain or Greece on holiday - countries that are not classified as a risk area.

"is It so, that we said the national testing strategy to adjust, together with the Federal States in respect of travel returnees", a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of health. Will advise about the extent to which individuals without symptoms at the expense of the Statutory health insurance will be tested. "The talks, which run now," said the spokeswoman.

Further Statements to the Corona-crisis on the second page.

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