Sleep expert reveals the best tips to fight sleep disorders

in the Evening, to bed a go, quickly and sleep through the night and in the morning, wonderfully rested and without difficulty to get up – everyone wants pretty

Sleep expert reveals the best tips to fight sleep disorders

in the Evening, to bed a go, quickly and sleep through the night and in the morning, wonderfully rested and without difficulty to get up – everyone wants pretty much. Unfortunately the reality is different, because we always sleep worse, and so we are always in search of the best tips to fight sleep disorders.

"About a third of the German has a sleep problem," says sleep expert Dr. Hans-Günter Blind. This means that these people sleep better, and sometimes worse, and a so-called fragile sleep.

when is a sleep disorder a disease?

sleep disorder Is a disease? Yes, if she is in need of treatment. Under such a sleep disorder for about six percent of the population suffer. "We are talking about, if you sleep at least three nights, over four weeks, so bad that daytime impairments such as fatigue, lack of concentration, etc. occur," Dr. Blind.

(read also: Sleep doctor reveals: What really helps when going to Sleep) Or a sleep disorder, so if when you Wake up several nights in a row, several times per night and hard to fall asleep.

Six percent sounds maybe a little, however, these Numbers have increased within the last 15 years to over 60 percent, a study by the Barmer health insurance Fund shows. And with the more frequently occurring sleep disorders, and the number of sleep means that we are taking, often with fatal consequences are Estimated to be more than a million people in Germany of sleeping pills dependent, and the trend is rising. (Read here more about natural variants to sleeping pills)

No long-term solution: sleep

Ostensibly sleeping pills seem to be a simple solution, because they have the effect of muscle relaxing, anxiolytic, and calming. But we sleep by the artificially-induced fatigue is not as relaxing as it normally is. We have then less deep stages of sleep, but it's exactly that our body needs for numerous regeneration processes, which take place exactly in these stages, and for the next day fit. Therefore, sleeping pills to solve the no sleeping problems. On the contrary, We always need more of it to be able to go to sleep – a vicious circle. (You can learn more about sleep myths)

What sleep is causing interference?

"our main reason for sleep problems is that we do not create it to be relieved of us, so the Not Can Off. People take their problems and Worries to bed with you and not in the sleep-promoting relaxation," says Dr. Wees. "All of Germany is asleep most of the night from Sunday to Monday on the bad – rather than start our work week on Monday morning, after pondering, we are already everything that could stand before – and that robs us of sleep." This inner restlessness promotes sleep disorders.

are Also a Problem for a long night phone Sessions, or even falling Asleep in front of the TV. "We turn off the television and us," said the expert, "however, this is not a restful sleep, so we take only the sleep pressure and are later in bed awake". (Also interesting: cigarettes, alcohol, or coffee? This disturbs the sleep at the most)

He recommends at least an hour before going to bed turn off the TV, mobile phone and co. also. And, very important: "Not to bed and absolutely want to go to sleep, this does the opposite and puts us even more under pressure!"

Who over the course of several weeks problems with sleep, you should definitely go to the doctor, to clarify that the sleep disorders have no organic cause. (When sweating

What can at night helps be dangerous) in the case of sleep disorders?

medication should be taken for sleep disorders only in an emergency and not over a longer period of time. The bad news is that home remedies such as lavender pillows, tea with Valerian, hops or lemon balm can only get light sleep disorders the relief. "And here, too, it is more likely the Ritual that helps us come to rest, as in fact the active ingredients."

Similar to the non-prescription products for sleep disorders such as Magnesium. It is not intended to act as a sleep-inducing, reliable studies that prove this, but there are. The question should not be: "How much Magnesium do I need sleep?", but: "How I'm going to my own sleeping pill?" Because untreated and prolonged sleep disturbance can cause depression and other serious consequences, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases respectively. (Also read: Better sleep: avoid evening these foods)

tips for better sleep

In his interdisciplinary sleep center at the Palatine hospital in Klingenmünster Dr. Blind teaches his patients, to tablet, to like you again of your own sleep. "In the case of a sleep disorder, our sleep school, for example, is a useful therapy," says Dr. Blind. Here, people learn to come in the evening to rest and, as they say, "to let the dear God be a good man". The anybody can learn, however, it takes patience and Practice. Three simple tips that can be applied directly to mild sleep disorders are:

1. at Least an hour before bedtime to "analog" switch to: mobile phone, Tablet and co. have ban till the Morning break and also the Bedroom.

2. do Not go to bed to want to sleep, but only when one is actually tired.

3. Enough sleep pressure build-up: Not in front of the TV to fall asleep, but stay awake, until the individually appropriate to go to bed came in time, then one is usually tired enough and falls asleep quickly.

How to sleep better at night? What are the stages of sleep are there? The GQ sleep-Guide has the answers and also provides you with tips for sleep problems.


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