Ségur health : a backup plan waiting in the turning - Point

After ten weeks of a health crisis without precedent, the nursing staff expects the government on a firm footing. On Monday, it will be the kick-off of its "Se

Ségur health : a backup plan waiting in the turning - Point

After ten weeks of a health crisis without precedent, the nursing staff expects the government on a firm footing. On Monday, it will be the kick-off of its "Segur of health," many of whom hope to measures on increase of salaries, working time or the governance of hospitals. "We will go fast, we go strong," promised Wednesday the minister of Health, Olivier Véran, presenting the framework of this cooperation, aimed at improving the working conditions and the care of the sick.

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Coronavirus requires, the union leaders and the collective of health care providers called to the bedside of the hospital will not be received physically, but together in a video conference. The latter will start at 15: 30 with a message from the Prime minister, Édouard Philippe. According to union sources, around 300 people are expected to participate in this " Segur of health ", the name of the street where is located the ministry. Among them : representatives of hospitals, but also long-term care facilities, medico-social establishments and the medicine of city.

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The discussions, coordinated by the former secretary general of the CFDT, Nicole Notat, will last seven weeks. They will take the form of "working groups" and "sharing experience" on the Covid-19, according to the ministry. The goal is to "draw conclusions" consultations "at the latest in mid-July," said Olivier Véran, trying to register some of the selected measures in the next budget of the social Security, presented at the end of September.

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A delay is not without cause for concern. "If everything must be finalised by 15 July, the margins of maneuver will be very limited for the negotiation ", regrets from the Agence France-Presse a trade union official, pointing to the risk of a " simple consultation ". "The fact that it starts quickly is a good signal," but "on the condition that the government is not looking to sell too quickly and at little cost, the liability, which is heavy in the hospital," said on RFI, the secretary general of Force ouvrière, Yves Veyrier.

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"massive Plan of investment and revaluation" for the hospital

"Segur health" fulfills the promise of Emmanuel Macron, who had referred to the end of march, "a massive plan of investment and revaluation" for the hospital, whose health crisis has revealed the weaknesses and dysfunctions. Since 2017, a number of reforms have yet seen the light of day, including " My health 2022 ", meant to strengthen the system of health " for the coming 50 years ". But these successive plans have failed to calm the anger of caregivers, annoyed by the lack of resources.

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" We have made the right diagnosis, we have taken the right directions. But we were neither fast enough nor strong enough, "conceded Wednesday Olivier Véran, promising to" shake up corporatism " and " habits ". At the core of expectations : the salary of the personal hospital, including nursing, among the lowest in OECD countries. The objective is to reach a "level of compensation corresponding at least to the european average," said Olivier Véran.

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Another key issue : the organization of working time, a source of recurrent tension in hospitals. The reform "will go through a questioning of some of the shackles that prevent those who wish to work more," said Olivier Véran. A sensitive issue for the trade unions, attached to 35 hours. "You must not pervert this Segur of health wielding a totem to the questioning of the 35 hours ", warned the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger.

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This round of talks will be finally the opportunity for the executive to clarify its intentions in relation to investment and recovery of debt of hospitals, and the reforms that it wishes to carry out in order to improve the "governance" of the health care system. Measures eagerly anticipated by caregivers, who have planned several days of mobilization to "put pressure" on the government, strong support they receive in public opinion since the crisis of the Covid-19. "We will wait to see if the government keeps its commitments," warned Asdine Aissiou, delegate CGT at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital. Otherwise, " in the street, there will not be that white coats, but all those who were on the balconies ".

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