Returnees, churches, celebrations: How five German municipalities to Corona Hotspots were

Over 1,500 employees and a temporary Lockdown for the district of Gütersloh: The Corona onset at the meat processor Tönnies made about a month ago nationwide fo

Returnees, churches, celebrations: How five German municipalities to Corona Hotspots were

Over 1,500 employees and a temporary Lockdown for the district of Gütersloh: The Corona onset at the meat processor Tönnies made about a month ago nationwide for concern. After four weeks of forced break, the production runs at the company's headquarters in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, in the meantime, again, the Shutdown in Gütersloh, Germany, has been repealed. Although the situation in the North Rhine seems to have been Westphalia, district calms. Now, however, there are other Corona-Hotspots in Germany.

there Was until a few weeks ago, is still in a stable 300 to 500 daily new HIV infections reported to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Thursday to set a value of 902. This is the highest value since the weeks, the RKI experts are concerned, in view of the higher Corona-Figures, a trend reversal in Germany. Particularly in five municipalities of the infections pile up in Germany - for various reasons.

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vegetable farm fiasco in Palazzo mamming: 174 harvesters Corona

infected So Bayern is not the cases with 50.806 infections, only the state with the most Corona - a Hotspot is located in the free state. In front of around five days, it became known that on a vegetable farm in lower Bavaria, Palazzo mamming (in the district of Dingolfing) 174 harvest helpers with the Coronavirus have plugged in. After seven staff were positive to the pathogen tested, had led the charge of the Gemüsehofs Corona series of tests.

Currently more than 500 Mamminger under quarantine so every sixth member of the congregation therefore. On the farm Infected were separated from non-infected staff, the site is now surrounded by a fence. The Corona Tests were promoted in the last days of the massif, more than 2000 citizens already have a Covid-19-Check behind. dpa/Armin Weigel/dpa On a large farm in Palazzo mamming in lower Bavaria, there has been a Corona-outbreak harvest helpers. Now, nearly 500 people are under quarantine.

well: In 90 percent of the Tests you have already the result, and it is in all cases negative, according to the Landratsamt in Dingolfing-Landau on Thursday. "Thus, it is increasingly clear that the Virus has not been worn after the outbreak on a farm in the population," said district administrator Bumeder. Nevertheless, The district of Dingolfing leads the list of counties with the highest 7-day incidence. According to the current report of the RKI the rate of new Infections is there in 188,1. From a value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, the RKI considers a Region as a risk area.

the reason for the Corona onset on the vegetable farm in Palazzo mamming should have been a shoddy implementation of the hygiene regulations. Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) withdrew from the case, hard consequences, and increased, among other things, the penalties for companies that disregard rules.

"for us Is a Catastrophe": Church members in Sinsheim, get infected

"for us, That is a Meltdown. Measured at the Ill, we have had so far, this is an exceptional situation": With these words, Lord mayor Jörg Albrecht described the Corona onset in the baden-württemberg municipality of Sinsheim-Steinfurt (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis). The health Department announced on Thursday, were tested by 105 members of the Romanian Pentecostal Church "Maranata" 40 a positive impact on Covid-19. At least 14 of them live in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, in others, for example in Karlsruhe or Heilbronn.

The positively tested Church members must now in quarantine. A further 77 members of the community did not appear on Tuesday to Corona-Check, says a report of the "Rhein Neckar Zeitung". You should, however, be taken with a swab. The contribution of "RNZ" that is so far unclear how so many people in Sinsheim with the Coronavirus could infect. "According to information from the municipality itself, all the hygiene rules were complied with", said the responsible health authority.

Nevertheless, a contagion in a Church service is not unlikely. In may, the infection Loge Matthias Stoll told the "editors' network Germany" that it could come at Church events, in spite of the hygiene measures to infections. In Sinsheim you now, be careful: According to "SWR" to have the leaders of the Romanian Pentecostal Church after the outbreak voluntarily decided not to hold worship services anymore.

After a Virus outbreak in Heath re-contact restrictions

Particularly hard Corona hits currently, the town of Heide in Schleswig-Holstein. Around 44 new infections have been identified in the past few days, in the district of Dithmarschen, in which the municipality is located. Most of this is attributable to Heide - out of 13 new Infections on Wednesday, six were registered in the district town. This has serious consequences for the members of the congregation: as of today, are to apply in Heath, contact restrictions, a maximum of two persons from different households must meet. According to a report by the "norddeutscher Rundfunk".

public events will be suspended until the infection numbers start to decline. The Heider week, the market should be allowed to be visited only with a mouth, nose and protect, the Corona-testing should be extended. In the district of Dithmarschen, the 7-day incidence according to RKI 26.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days. dpa/picture-alliance / dpabild Stefan Mohrdieck.

The authorities lead the wave of new infections in travellers returning from the Western Balkans, and Scandinavia. Fixed: For Croatia, there is currently no travel warning, even if the Foreign office on the rising Corona-Figures in the Balkan state points. Trips to Sweden are also now without a Quarantine period. The country was however for a long time as a risk area, because the infections multiplied, and Sweden, in contrast to most of the other States on a Lockdown waived.

Also in other country Corona circles-outbreaks

in addition to Sinsheim, Heath and Palazzo mamming, it is also in other regions of the greater Germany, Corona eruptions. The district of Mettmann, in North Rhine-Westphalia, as a problem area among other things. Within a day has increased the Corona Rate of around 10 cases, in total, there are (as of Thursday) 97 people Covid-19 ill. And also the Bavarian Rehau in the yard in the past few days, as the "Corona-Hotspot" in the headlines.

There had been tested after more than a month without new infections within a few days, a number of people positive for the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. The leaders of the upper Franconian town responded promptly and led Corona-mass tests. The result: all the 678 Tested, the Virus Check was negative. "The results of the extensive Tests have shown that the Virus has only spread in the area of the Rehauer large families," said district administrator Oliver Bär (CSU). The Sick were in quarantine.

With an incidence of 33.6 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days has eased the situation in the district court, however, also if the Region is still in place on the RKI list of counties with the highest incidence rate. Because a few days ago, the value was 48 - so at the critical 50-mark scratched.

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