Researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who the super-spreader

Densely populated and an ageing population – Japan seemed to be predestined for a massive Sars-CoV-2 outbreak. But then, the country came in the spring better b

Researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who the super-spreader

Densely populated and an ageing population – Japan seemed to be predestined for a massive Sars-CoV-2 outbreak. But then, the country came in the spring better by the pandemic than most of the other States. With 126 million inhabitants, a third more than in Germany, it was only to 24,000 proven infections and almost 1,000 deaths.

Recently, the infection numbers have increased, however, especially in the 14-million metropolis of Tokyo. The Affected are to 70 per cent between 20 and 30 years old, the current cases have their origin in the nightlife areas of the city.

The increasing number of cases concern the authorities, but in some ways, Japan's chief virologists, Hitoshi Oshitani of Tohoku University in Sendai. He was found in a study of that outbreak, mostly of young Infected, which show little or no symptoms.

super-spreader in the karaoke bar and the second shaft rolls

Increasingly, international observation to support studies Oshitanis Belief that most of the Infected infect anyone, a few of the cause of this very many new patients. It is the so – called super-spreader, which scientists pay increasingly attention-and the super-spreading events, in favour of such contagions are.


  • churches, meat factories, homes: "super spreader" are the main danger of the Corona-pandemic

"Probably ten percent of cases cause 80 percent of the spread. The experts know where such events are to be expected, you could try to prevent the outbreaks instead of large sectors of society to paralyze“, said the epidemiologist Adam Kucharski of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Cluster Monitoring't better than many of the Corona-Tests

The company's lame, was the goal of the Japanese strategy for Corona control. Hitoshi Oshitani with is part of the crisis team of the government and certain the way the country is different than in most States: Instead of large-scale Tests in Japan practiced a Cluster Monitoring. That is, once an infection occurs, the contacts of the person Concerned and the environment prophylactically in quarantine sent – without waiting for test results.

On the hard output restrictions and strict bans, such as in Germany or Italy, Japan had renounced all the time. There were only recommendations possible to stay home and practice a home office. It was left to the regional governors to close individual establishments or schools.


  • Japanese against Corona - the strategy
Drosten sees praises the Japan-strategy

The Cluster strategy without wide testing was also in Japan a controversial one, but Amateurs, such as the virologist Christian Drosten. He called the Japanese way in his Podcast at the end of may "courageous but correct". According to this example, in Germany, larger lock downs could be prevented, if it comes in the autumn a second wave.

the accuracy of The Cluster-strategy and his Conviction of super-spreaders and super-spreading Events wanted to prove Oshitani in a nationwide study. With a large team of researchers, he explored the question of how infection foci arise and where the risk is particularly high. As a Pre-publication of the investigation appeared on the page of the magazine "Emerging Infectious Diseases" of the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The researchers analyzed in the months of January to April places or situations where many people are infected at the same time. The researchers referred to as a Cluster if five infections emerged in one place at the same time. Infections within a household were not taken into account. In total, they examined 61 of such Cluster 3184 Infected. Nursing homes, fitness studios, Restaurants, concert halls, or Karaoke Bars were one of the Hotspots.


  • Corona-super spreader: Aerosol contagion risk is when they Sing on the largest
- Risk super-spreader: young, in a party mood, no symptoms

it's Not always the scientists found a Person that triggered a Cluster outbreak. This was only possible in 22 cases. For the spread of highly infectious viruses women were: first, under 30, without any symptoms.

Why women are spreading the viruses, could not explain, the scientists Oshitani. Why the super-spreader between 20 and 39 years of age, by contrast, have: close contact in enclosed spaces with poor air circulation, where people breathe either hard (the gym!) or in the case of music, loud talk, or even sing. This is at concerts, in Clubs, Bars and pubs of the case. And here, younger people predominantly.

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The greatest danger for an infection is, therefore, in Japan, very popular Karaoke Bars, not from the Packed Tokyo subway, to assume, maybe.

it was less the fact that means of transportation were disinfected in Japan due to Corona very often, and carefully, but more on the behavior of the user: A mouth-nose protection is the usual accessory in Japan's commuters, it is intended to protect the crowd against the common cold and flu. The others don't Accidentally anzuhusten or anzuniesen, but it is also a matter of courtesy.

the Silence behind the Mouth guard, then the full U-Bahn no risk

in addition, the phone is in the narrow U-Bahn seems to be little loud, but silent as Hitoshi Oshitani said in an Interview with "time".

in it, he explains why he spreaders, the pursuit of Super and their clusters for the most important measure in the fight against Covid-19: "We had already discovered during the Sars epidemic, that not everyone Infected infected someone, but a few of the very many others. Through such a super-spreader Cluster arise. We had suspected the new Coronavirus.“

The result of their study, the authors see as an important contribution to the further pandemic-fighting. If risk factors for infection Cluster are known, quarantine measures can be targeted to apply.

But while it is always clear which situations may be super-spreading Events, is so far impossible to identify in advance which Person is a super in a crowd spreader. German infections Loge has no doubt: "The second Corona-shaft will come" FOCUS Online the German infection Loge has no doubt: "The second Corona-wave will come," "Drink as much as it is": As it goes for German tourists on Mallorca now more FOCUS Online "Drink as much as it is": As it goes for German tourists on Mallorca now more

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