Prosecutor's office determined now because of embezzlement against Wirecard-Manager

the the price of The Wirecard stock Top-message public Prosecutor's office determined now because of embezzlement against Wirecard-Manager 11.54 am: In

Prosecutor's office determined now because of embezzlement against Wirecard-Manager
  • the price of The Wirecard stock
Top-message public Prosecutor's office determined now because of embezzlement against Wirecard-Manager

11.54 am: In the scandal of the missing billions at the Dax-listed company Wirecard, the Munich Prosecutor determined according to information of the "süddeutsche Zeitung" also due to infidelity suspicions against the Ex-CEO and another Manager. It is alleged that three-digit million sums of Wirecard accounts flowed to companies in Asia and Mauritius. In addition, the investigators, according to the "SZ"report from Friday that the alleged manipulations in the case of Wirecard started by 2014 at the latest. The newspaper is based on "findings of the investigators" and "investigation documents". The Prosecutor's office said it could not confirm the report. "We continue to determine against Mr brown and a possible accomplice because of all the criminal offences under consideration". Wirecard 3,23 EUR +0,13 (+4,08%) Xetra

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had given To the course data

Wirecard in June, that 1.9 billion euros reported on Asian fiduciary accounts corporate funds do not exist is very likely. That the alleged manipulation have many years of rich history, was known, but so far no concrete start date, the investigators go out. A key figure in the earlier in the Wirecard Executive Board for day-to-day business competent Manager Jan Marsalek is next to brown. Its track was lost before ten days in the Philippines. Public Prosecutor's office has made against brown, Marsalek and others due to the suspicion of incorrect information and market manipulation is determined.

rate-capers go further - a two-digit income for Wirecard stock

Friday, 3. June, 9.40 am: the end of The week the wild roller-coaster ride of the Wirecard share is more. After the title had lost on Thursday, a third, went there on Friday morning to 12.61 percent to 3.54 euros upwards.

The significant gains of the past few days shook but in the meantime. After the shares crashed in the Wake of the accounting fraud of over 100 on only a Euro, went to the mountain for a week start again steep. On Monday the paper had, at times, tripled. In pre-market trade at Lang & Schwarz on Friday but the share price fell shortly before the start of regular trading under the brand of three euros.

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further developments:report: Wirecard is since 2014 cheated

18.04 PM: The public Prosecutor's office Munich I, seems to assume that the fraud at Wirecard is already running much longer than previously assumed. The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" reported. According to the investigators, the management of the payment service provider already in 2014 decided to increase the sales with trumped-up income to inflate. Already in the year balance sheet 2015 had been working with the wrong Numbers. So-hand accounts had not, apparently, exist loyal with billions even, it was said more.

With the fraud Wirecards leaders have tried to leave the group of financially strong, appear to be outwardly attractive. This assumption of the office of the public Prosecutor would be supported by numerous, internal documents Wirecards, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

The prosecution pointed out in their documents in addition to the fact that the media had reported since 2016, in isolated cases, even fake sales with Wirecard. The media had at that time stressed that the alleged partners Wirecards just a note or letter be-box companies.

On the stock exchanges, the message is obviously far in the past-reaching the fraud was, however, no large waves. The Wirecard share on Thursday went to the high volatility of previous days, with a Minus of 35 percent to 3.10 euros from the trade. After trading hours, the title to the Broker negotiated Long & Black and a little lower at 3.01 euros.

Deutsche Bank to support the Wirecard Bank is financially

15.35 PM: The German Bank, Wirecard Bank wants to take the accounting scandals of the parent company, Wirecard may be financially under the arms. "We can imagine, in principle, to grant in the framework of the continuation of the business activities of these support, if it should be necessary," said a Deutsche Bank spokesman on Thursday on demand. The group was in agreement with the financial Supervisory authority, Bafin, the preliminary insolvency administrator of and Wirecard, Wirecard Bank itself.

How, exactly, the German Bank would provide such support and to what size it is, not to say the speaker. Wirecard had requested last week after a billion dollar accounting scandal and bankruptcy. The belonging to the group, Wirecard Bank is not affected by the bankruptcy so far.

Five Wirecard subsidiary companies are filing for bankruptcy share massively in the Minus

12.42 PM: of The balance sheet scandal at the Dax-listed company Wirecard moved to the parent company and five subsidiary companies financially affected. As the Munich local court announced on Thursday, have requested that these five companies now also filed for bankruptcy. Provisional insolvency administrator is the lawyer Michael Jaffé is like the mother of Wirecard AG.

All five daughters are like the Wirecard AG, in the Munich suburb of Aschheim resident, these are companies that offer services and Software for the parent company, such as the sales and marketing company, Wirecard, Global Sales and software company, Wirecard Issuing Technologies.

meanwhile, Wirecard's share price fell on Thursday as massive value. Last out of the papers were by 31.25 per cent to 3.30 euros. At the start of the week the shares had risen enormously, on Monday, the rate had, at times, tripled.

One reason for the slump: The retail giant Aldi Süd limited its transactions with the group is now far and now relies on a competitor. "The processing of credit card payments at Aldi Süd has been in place since 1. July on the Payone GmbH. The cooperation with the Wirecard Bank AG is limited since the business with the Aldi gift card," said Aldi Süd.

Bafin-in-chief after criticism: Have only limited possibilities of action

15.30 : Bafin-President Felix Hufeld has given the criticism of his authority in the Wirecard-balance-sheet scandal at the limited possibilities for action of the financial regulator. "The Problem is Who do we supervise is:?", Hufeld said in the case of a transmission over the Internet conference on Thursday. Technology service providers and technology companies that are not financial institutions, and not by the financial Supervisory authorities would be supervised, verschmölzen with more and more banking services and banking institutions. "And this is, of course, beyond the special case Wirecard is a much larger challenge that we see everywhere," said Hufeld.

"And this raises, in fact, questions that I asked in the last two years, and we need to address on a regulatory, so the political level," said the Bafin chief. This was part of the large amount of homework that had to be done. Formally, the Bafin was only for part of the Wirecard group responsible: the Wirecard Bank.

at the beginning of last week Hufeld had referred to the operations around Wirecard as a "disgrace" and at the same time, self-critically on the role of supervision, commented: "We have not been effective enough to prevent something like this happens."

shareholder conservationists demand immediate Wirecard getting kicked out of the Dax

Thursday, 2. July, 09.11 PM: shareholder activists call for the immediate expulsion of the scandal company Wirecard from the Dax. The current whereabouts of Wirecard in the German benchmark index, the doing, the Dax, the stock exchange and the location of Germany is not good, said the chief Executive of the German protection Association for securities holding (DSW), Marc Tüngler, the "New osnabrück newspaper" (Thursday edition).

The next Review of the composition of the Dax is expected in September. This is for Tüngler, however, too late. The German stock market could not now sticking to their rule book, but had to respond - "for the protection of other enterprises and of equity culture". In the Dax, only "good companies should be" and not "the bust are or have cheated".

The shareholder, conservationists pointed out that other indices, such as the Euro traded STOXX already and Wirecard have adopted in accordance with the insolvency of the company. "We don't need no undead, and no memorial in the Dax," said Tüngler.

Wirecard had admitted that in the annual balance sheet, the absence of 1.9 billion Euro and the money probably does not even exist. A week ago, the company introduced a insolvency request. This Thursday will address the Bundestag at the request of the Greens in a Current hour with the Wirecard-scandal.

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