Popular pressure forces the Government to reopen the birthing of Verín

"it was Not alluded to lack of expertise of gynecologists to attend a few births; it wasn't even just that the pediatricians of Ourense did not want to move t

Popular pressure forces the Government to reopen the birthing of Verín

"it was Not alluded to lack of expertise of gynecologists to attend a few births; it wasn't even just that the pediatricians of Ourense did not want to move to 75 miles every time some woman giving birth: there has been a political decision wrong that was going to bring the citizenry to the service instead of the service to the citizens with the aim of reduce costs and serious risks to the life of the people.” So he appreciates the chief of Gynecology of the regional hospital of Verín (Ourense, spain), Javier Castrillo, the announcement made Saturday by the Xunta de Galicia to backtrack on its decision to close the birthing of a hospital in Spain emptied that provides services to more than 30,000 people of different municipalities ourensanos and any of Zamora. The Government ensures that it has found two pediatricians that will allow the reopening.

Almost 50 days has kept the Government of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, the pulse against the people and against all the political parties of the parliamentary spectrum, including his own in the province of Ourense, by the closure of the birthing of this regional hospital. Almost 50 days in which the gynecologists of Verín have chosen to follow by attending to maternity cases, with the risk of giving birth on the road on the way to Ourense prior notification to the judge of guard that broke a political decision to ' preserve a superior good”. And almost 50 days of bull run neighborhood, which will last until the announcement of the reopening is a fact, and of the motions and concentrations in the whole territory of galicia.

The workers of the hospital of Verín are clear that Feijóo made the “mistake” in its decision, policy, and rocket now, in an election year that is threatening its fourth absolute majority, “to a pressure neighborhood tremendous, and given the opposition of his own party in Ourense”, in the barn of the votes of the PP in galicia.


The councillor who gave birth in the birthing closed Verín give Birth with the mediation of the judge on call

to the cry of their neighbors, the mayors of the PP in the counties affected were his position clear from the first moment. The president of the Council and of the party in the province, José Manuel Baltar, maximum rival internal Feijóo, stood at the front of the protest of his own.

The last delivery in the service closed Verín took place this same week. The woman who gave birth in the birthing closed by the PP Government is an institutional position of the same party (a councillor in the Municipality of A Gudiña), and the alderman put the cry in heaven to the risk in putting your councillor in charge of the decision of his own party. As in the two previous deliveries from that decreed the closing, the pediatricians of the Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de Ourense arrived late.

The great social response has been modulating throughout this month and through the speech of the president of an autonomous region on the arguments to the closure to assume now reopening. Feijóo went on to appeal to reasons of safety for pregnant women and infants, citing the “lack of expertise” of the gynecologists by the shortage of deliveries, to argue that there had pediatricians to ensure the service.

"Unfortunately, I don't have solution for this problem. If there was a solution some day, wouldn't be this problem", justified in December. The opposition threw in the face of its “apparent inability of management”.

Subsequently convened two squares of pediatricians —that became vacant— through the Official Journal of Galicia (DOG), ensuring that if covered would reopen the birthing. The intersindical nacionalista IGC was assured that the seats are not covered because the Service Galician Health service (Sergas) had a delay of eight months in the publication of the lists.

The president of the Government stressed then that the decision of the closure was not a policy, but that was due to the proposal made to him by the gynecologists and pediatricians at the hospital of Ourense.

“What we have experienced has been tremendous. They have put faculty against faculty in order to justify a political decision,” says Castrillo in reference to this endorsement at the close of his colleagues gynecologists of the hospital of Ourense, which “put in question our ability and sought to guarantee the highest number of births they in a hospital overbuilt because, as in the rest of the province, births have fallen dramatically”.


After declaring the closure of the birthing of Verín, the galicia Health department referred to the gynaecologists of the regional hospital, the protocol of the emergency action which they claimed. The chief of the Gynecology Service, Javier Castrillo, ensures that if they had met would have put “in serious danger” to the life of the pregnant women. “In their obsession because derivásemos all births to Ourense we became a kind of 061 or outpatient: we removed all the functions of the specialty,” says Castrillo. In the document it is clear that one should not assist in Verín to the patient, but instead to call an ambulance to take them to Ourense.

The protocol stipulates that in case of bleeding in the second half of pregnancy, the gynecologist had to perform “hemodynamic monitoring continuous vital signs”, put “supplemental oxygen, two-way venous peripheral” and “monitor the amount of vaginal bleeding and the frequency fetal heart”. “This is something amazing because if it stays the bleeding of a pregnant woman for ten minutes can mean your death,” says Castrillo.

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