Paris : the list of outdoor locations where the mask becomes mandatory - The Point

After Brussels and Madrid, mask-wearing becomes compulsory as soon as 8 hours on Monday in some districts very popular in Paris, where the strict application of

Paris : the list of outdoor locations where the mask becomes mandatory - The Point

After Brussels and Madrid, mask-wearing becomes compulsory as soon as 8 hours on Monday in some districts very popular in Paris, where the strict application of this measure in the fight against the coronavirus could face a wave of scorching heat, and current.

Banks of the Seine, the heights of Montmartre, rue Mouffetard : it is no longer possible to stroll face to face, in some tourist areas and major shopping streets of the French capital, and of some cities of the Île-de-France. Planned for a duration of one month renewable, this measure should enable, according to the health authorities, to stop a rebound of the virus, which raises fears of a second wave of the epidemic with potentially devastating effects for the economy habs.

Brazil exceeds 100 000 deaths

The task is likely to be delicate in view of the scenes observed in the past 48 hours in several european countries, numbed by temperatures in excess of 35 °C, where many summer visitors have ignored the health measures recommended. By making the wearing of masks compulsory, Paris after the other French cities at the image of Nice, Marseille or even Lille, but also from other countries like the region of Madrid in Spain, Belgium or even Romania, which since the end of July have muscled their sanitary measures.

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Monday will also be marked by the reopening of restaurants, cinemas and public transport in Pakistan and back-to-school in Berlin, where students and teachers will have to wear the mask, with the exception of classrooms and playgrounds. In the United States, where the debate around the issue of wearing the mask continues to rage and divide the Americans as the political class of three months of the presidential election, the epidemic continues to progress, deadly. In accordance with the statement of the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made, the first world economic power is by far the worst affected, with more than 162,000 dead and crossed Sunday, the bar and five million cases official of contamination.

In Brazil, the second country most affected in the world, the threshold of 100 000 dead has been past Sunday, triggering on the social networks, a wave of messages of solidarity with the bereaved families mixed with bitter criticism of the government. "Brazil is in mourning. A genocide led by a government of incompetent and irresponsible ", has down Ciro Gomes, the third of the presidential election of 2018 and representative of the democratic Party of labour (centre-left). Facing criticism, the president Jair Bolsonaro is simply post a tweet highlighting the people restored, and to celebrate a victory of his favorite football team.

Madagascar "prevented the worst"

In Venezuela, the escalation in the number of cases of coronavirus has led Sunday president Nicolas Maduro to extend for 30 days the" state of alert " which allows it to extend the quarantine is in force since march. According to the latest official figures, 25 805 contamination cases and 223 deaths have been reported since march in this country of 30 million people, a record that according to many NGOS is in reality much higher.

In Madagascar, the president of madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, for its part, defended its remedy, the Covid Organics, claiming that without this herbal tea herbal that is supposed to be effective against the coronavirus, the country would have seen " dead bodies scattered in the street." "We avoided the worst," said the head of State on Sunday evening. The island has recorded more than 13,000 cases of coronavirus since march, including 148 deaths. The new cases number in the hundreds per day and the hospitals are crowded.

A shadow on the champions League

Since its debut in December in China, the coronavirus has killed nearly 730 000 people and affected more than 19 million people in the world, according to a count taken on Sunday by the Agence France-Presse from official sources. Beyond its health consequences, the epidemic has affected the world economy, revived old lines of fracture and of the social inequalities and disrupted schedules, cultural and sports.

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Interrupted by the pandemic, the champions League should have known the outcome when a "Final 8" unpublished, held in Lisbon from Wednesday, but the announcement of two cases of coronavirus in the Atlético Madrid casts a shadow over the competition. In Brazil, these are ten players from the team of Goias, who learned Sunday that they had tested positive for the coronavirus for a few hours before a match of the first day of the Championship which has had to be postponed, at the last minute.

Stranded in their country home, the foreign students must cope with a distancing of the family that plays extra time... and that weighs heavily on their morale. "I'm only in Marseille for almost a year and it becomes increasingly cumbersome to be away from my family ", entrusted to the Agence France-Presse Tsiry Rajemison, a student of malagasy master's degree in human resources management.

list of places in paris affected by the decree, can be consulted on the website of the Mairie de Paris :

Center of Paris : rue Montorgueil, a market of the Children-red, rue Rambuteau, rue de Bretagne, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, rue Saint-Honoré, rue de Montmartre.5th and 6th arrondissements : the rue Mouffetard, rue de Buci, rue de Seine, rue Mazarine, rue Jacques-Callot, rue Princesse, rue des Canettes, rue Guisarde, St Germain market, jardin Tino-Rossi.7th arrondissement : rue Clerc and the market on avenue de Saxe.9th arrondissement : rue des Martyrs, rue Cadet, and the food market of Antwerp.10th arrondissement : rue de Metz, boulevard de Strasbourg, rue du Château-d'eau, between faubourg Saint-Martin and the faubourg Saint-Denis, rue Cail, rue Perdonnet, and rue Philippe-de-Girard, place Ian-Karski, rue Louis-Blanc in its portion between the square Karski and the faubourg Saint-Denis, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, rue Lucien-Sampaix, rue de Lancry, rue des Vinaigriers, quays of the Canal Saint-Martin (Jemmapes and Valmy).11th arrondissement : rue de la Roquette, rue de Lappe, rue Keller, rue Daval, rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud, market of Belleville, Oberkampf street.12th district : Bercy Village, Cour Saint-Emilion, Aligre market.13th district : quai François-Mauriac, quai de la gare, national Library of France (square + stairs and dock), market White House on the avenue d'italie.14th arrondissement : rue Daguerre, rue Raymond-Losserand (between rue d'alesia and avenue du Maine).15th arrondissement : rue du Commerce, rue Linois.16th arrondissement : rue de Passy, rue de l Annonciaion.17th arrondissement : avenue de Saint-Ouen, rue de Lévis and rue Poncelet rue Bayen.18th arrondissement : market Barbès, market Lariboisière, marché Ornano boulevard de la Chapelle (between Timbuktu and boulevard Barbès), rue des Isletes, street of the Drop-d'or, rue des Poissonniers rue Dejean, rue de Suez, rue Panama, market Dejean (triangle streets Chicken, Fish and Dejean), market Gate Montmartre (including square to ' biffins), market Ordener, rue de Steinkerque, avenue de Saint-Ouen, boulevard de Clichy, boulevard Rochechouart, market Pole (street Duchess – between Ordener and Post), flea market of Paris, rue Riquet (between Marx-Dormoy and Pajol), rue de l Olive, bute Montmartre (place du tertre square and walk from the Sacré-Coeur, rue Norvins, rue du Mont-Cenis).19th district : quai de la Loire, quai de Seine, quai de Marne, quai de l'oise to the entrance of the parc de la Villette, rue de Belleville, a market of Joinville, place des Fêtes, avenue Secrétan, avenue Mathurin-Moreau, rue Manin, avenue Jean-Jaurès, between rue de l Ourcq and Porte de Pantin.20th arrondissement : rue des Panoyaux, rue Victor-Letalle, rue Sorbier (between the rue Menilmontant and rue July), a belvedere of the parc de Belleville, boulevard de Belleville, boulevard de Ménilmontant, rue de Ménilmontant, rue des Pyrénées, rue de Bagnolet, rue d'avron, the flea market of porte de Montreuil.

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