Parents are incredibly pissed off: After Corona onset, it is seething in Göttingen

There is also an infected employees in an old people's home and in göttingen, outdoor swimming pool, which is now closed. Whether these infections are celebrat

Parents are incredibly pissed off: After Corona onset, it is seething in Göttingen

There is also an infected employees in an old people's home and in göttingen, outdoor swimming pool, which is now closed. Whether these infections are celebrations in connection with the family, however, is not finally clarified, informed the social head of the Department of Petra Broistedt on Wednesday evening. The 123 residents and the approximately 100 employees of the old home should be tested for Covid, 19, said the social Department.

After the Corona onset has taken the city further easing back. Team and contact sports in Clubs is prohibited in the University city for the next two weeks, because many of the currently Infected team sports.

"parents are incredibly mad"

The Corona-the outbreak has far-reaching consequences for hundreds of students in Göttingen. Among the contact persons in the first degree, also 57 children and young people, were the city had communicated on Monday night. On Tuesday evening it was said that among the previously known Infected 24 children. In order to prevent further spread, close to the city, therefore, all of the göttingen schools, and some in the district this week. Then there is a two-week mask of duty. Four nurseries to remain.

in Addition, the schools would pay attention in the future on the signs of the disease. A student should be tested positive for the Coronavirus, were all classmates and their teachers as the persons to contact in the first degree, a quarantine available. In the case of parents and school heads of displeasure over the school grows in the lower Saxon city. "It is frightening that there are people who do not, or the rules for you, under certain circumstances, be overridden, for you the rules apply," said the head of the New Integrated comprehensive school in Göttingen, Lars Humrich, on Wednesday. For the children and young people, the closure of all schools in Göttingen means more uncertainty.

The City's parents ' Council in Göttingen and supports the decision of the city. "We have called for the closure of the schools," said the Chairman of the Göttinger town elternrats, Janek Freyjer, the station Hit Radio FFH. "This is the lesser of two Evils, than with a infection done deal, wouldn't that be more under control." For the violations of the Corona-rules but he has no understanding. "Parents are incredibly pissed that some act irresponsibly."

announcement of a possible quarantine-crusher

of The crisis staff of the state government has already threatened a possible quarantine-breakers with a briefing. Who does not believe a quarantine edition, is guilty of an Offence and could be transferred from the court in a closed establishment. The Deputy head of the crisis unit, Claudia Schröder said. After Wednesday, the number of positive Tests, on Tuesday was 80, it was on Wednesday according to information of the city of Göttingen, 105.

The city continues to assume that the people Affected especially in the case of a Meeting in private premises with the Virus have been infected. "We know that the outbreak, with multiple private family celebrations into context," said city spokeswoman Cordula Dankert on Tuesday. Also what happened in an illegally opened Shisha Bar, is investigated.

Coronavirus in göttingen hookah-Bar spread

according to A new report, according to which the Coronavirus suspected at the sugar festival (Festival of breaking the fast) at the 23. or 24. May have used in the göttingen mosque, she could not confirm. The role of a hookah Bar that was illegally opened and is now threatening a fine, is also unclear. "We will follow up all evidence that we have, and try to get a comprehensive picture," said Dankert.

But: "chains is a Top priority at the Moment, the tracking of the Infection." Nevertheless, to examine whether Affected against Hygiene and the spacing rule is violated.

105 people a positive effect on Covid-19 tested - the mayor speaks of "a number of large family associations"

The authorities in Göttingen, working hard to make all of the people who were with the Infected contact. Therefore, the complete residential complex, in which many of the people involved lived is subjected to Tests. All of the identified contact persons in the city and district of Göttingen would have received a Quarantine, and are encouraged to take the test. Further contacts were found in Salzgitter, Osnabrück or the Eichsfeld circle. They had been informed. Swen Pförtner/dpa The Iduna-centre in the city centre of Göttingen

"There are several large family groups cause of this Situation,"

What exactly is happening in the Shisha Bar, is still unclear. A spokeswoman for the city of Göttingen, the stand on Monday, according to information previously only: The Bar had not opened, although it was due to the Corona-pads actually still. And Several people who sufferers later Covid-19, were in the Bar. You are there to have in common from a water pipe Smoking, such as the "HAZ" reported. The Director of the göttingen crisis staff, Petra Broistedt, said according to the newspaper, the behaviour of the men was a "disaster". "The Bar was closed, now a fine procedure is being reviewed," said city spokeswoman Cordula Dankert.

with the exception of the illegally opened Shisha Bar to have a majority of the other parties Concerned in, or after a number of larger private family celebrations to be infected. The crisis team leader said that family associations would be made with a supra-regional respect from large Parts of lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, obviously, last weekend. In this case, the distance bid had not been complied with. On Tuesday, the first infections were detected.

"There are several large family associations - not one, but several cause of this Situation," said göttingen's mayor, Rolf-Georg Köhler (SPD) on Tuesday. In the framework of the Zuckerfests there had been a "private greetings and celebrations," said Köhler. In this context, a hookah Bar have played "a significant role". There are several people should have smoked with a mouthpiece.

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Coronavirus outbreak in Göttingen: "We take the Situation very seriously,"

Some people have not appeared, according to the city, in spite of verbal prompt by the health Department for testing. The invitation follows in writing, in case of no show a penalty threatens.

And what are the consequences of the case are now? In Göttingen, the city wants to first wait for the results of all Tests before it is decided. "It depends on how the Tests went. We take the Situation very seriously, but all other measures depend on how the test results look," said city spokeswoman Dankert.

The lower Saxony land government, in spite of the new Corona cases in Gottingen, so far, no need, by Easing move away. "The action does not change our plan at the Moment, nothing," said on Monday the Deputy government spokesperson Kathrin Riggert.

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