Nutrition expert: That's the secret to a long and healthy life!

With the year 2020 the "decade of healthy ageing". So the project of the world health organization (WHO) is officially called, around the world on an ageing p

Nutrition expert: That's the secret to a long and healthy life!

With the year 2020 the "decade of healthy ageing". So the project of the world health organization (WHO) is officially called, around the world on an ageing population to prepare. In ten years, the number of people Over 60 will have a-Year-old in the world increased by one-third, by 2050, there are twice as many as today.

Every person today lives longer than ever before. But we also live healthier? How can the Knowledge for a long and healthy life for us to use?

These are the questions I asked myself after I had graduated 20 years ago, my community service in a retirement home. What do you think is the secret to a long and healthy life? The people were so different in Constitution, but all pretty old. Some happy, some less happy. Some healthier and some less healthy. How could this be?

The essence of my experiences I've documented in my new book, "The secret of healthy ageing". Book recommendation (display)

"The secret of healthy ageing: The essence of all scientific studies, with many practical applications," by Malte Rubach

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requirements were never better than today,

Through decades of Research, thousands of data and studies, I was able to find that healthy ageing is not rocket science and the conditions have never been better than it is today. You look at the countries where people live the longest, what you have eaten earlier and what you eat in today's time, it is indubitable that there is no magic formula for life-prolonging nutrition.

Many foods are healthy, it is often only on the quantity and dosage. Neither plant food nor animal food alone, to play in these countries a role, but a well-balanced mix. About the experts

Malte Rubach nutritionist and book author. His doctoral work, he has made in the field of coffee research at the Technical University of Munich. Today he lives and works in Munich.

And sustainable, it should also be even?

The sustainability must not fall today, of course, under the table, if we think of the future generations. Who can live long, but also happy when it could no longer provide for all people to have enough food and resources? Therefore, I compared consumption studies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the recommendations of the widely-acclaimed "planet-diet" the Lancet-EAT-Commission.

The result: a Lot of things we already do correctly. Some things we can do better. Especially when the meat we should get used to simple on the recommendation of the German nutrition society (DGE): per week 300 grams of meat is sufficient in the context of a balanced diet. Overall, less highly processed food, and cook yourself. So, you come up with some basic skills in the kitchen is almost automatically the aim of an ideal nutrition very. More on the topic of diet, interval fasting: 6 reasons why it works German society for nutrition: The 10 rules for a healthy life What foods the kidneys destroy and what they protect What is the food destroy the gut and protecting it

What helps else?

  • Healthy bones, which carry up to a high age.
  • A strong heart that is not so simple a beat.
  • Strong nerves that let us feel the life.
  • A stable body weight, the best small food breaks – the so-called micro-interval of fasting.

movement is also particularly important to better the everyday movement said. Physical activities, of which we do not get around in everyday life anyway, we can use clever to move us sufficiently. What they are and how you best find out what works in everyday life, you can find out for yourself. Help I offer in my book. More on the subject of Slimming That happens in the body when you have fast – after 1, 14 and 40 days, the Decreasing Ranking in 2020: a physician popular diets interval tested fasting: 6 reasons why it works: "We eat ourselves sick": medical advocates for "species-appropriate" diet.

enjoy the must!

no Matter what age, is important, that the pleasure never comes too short. You can keep your sense of fit, so that no question of age Enjoy. Odor - and taste-training, you can actually reactivate and train. This works best, of course, if you try to spoon. The processing of natural foods, it provides Aroma and taste pure, the best Training for our senses.

Without the enjoyment of the life of the fad is, therefore, happiness is the result of diet and exercise in Balance, multiplied by any amount of enjoyment! All the important messages to the Coronavirus in the FOCUS Online Newsletter. Subscribe now.

The 6 most important To-dos in order to be healthy as they grow older:

  • you can eat everything, just not too much of it.
  • half A plate of vegetables a day is half the battle for a long and healthy life.
  • Any movement is good, no matter what – an hour a day is optimal.
  • One to two-thirds less meat is not only good for a long life, but also for the climate. to drink
  • Enough water, is the best fountain of youth effect.
  • micro-interval, each can hold fast his weight until old age. Six pack abs through Situps? You forget 3 Fitness myths in order to finally FOCUS the Online six pack Abs lose weight by sit-UPS? You forget 3 Fitness myths in order to finally
to take off

Date Of Update: 31 July 2020, 11:28

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