No more Stress: These 5 strategies will preserve you from Burnout

you need Anti-Stress strategies? We all know these or similar situations: The presentation must be ready by morning, the Kids want to be picked up in a half-hou

No more Stress: These 5 strategies will preserve you from Burnout

you need Anti-Stress strategies? We all know these or similar situations: The presentation must be ready by morning, the Kids want to be picked up in a half-hour from the sports and shopping is also still on the docket – or so our daily "To-do list" often. And instead of staying in the Moment and in the rest, point for point, tick off, we most of the forthcoming tasks and duties are overwhelming and have the feeling to get anything more on the series.

Our stress system: The alarm system of the body

"Our stress system in the body works like an alarm system," explains stress expert Jacob dragon mountain. "Short-term Stress usually has a positive effect, we get a power boost, can concentrate better and our tasks efficiently. Long-term Stress overload, however, our System, and bring it out of balance.“ (Read more: Mindfulness: 6 Tools, with which you can train your mental strength)

This means: If we have such a busy day, the fine for us – in the long term, but this is not a healthy state, and shows not only mentally: "physically, this permanent tension – we draw the shoulders up, sitting in the cramped pre-bowed so-called T Rex posture in front of the PC," says dragon's mountain.

Five Anti-Stress strategies against the downward spiral

This leads to tense muscles, especially in the neck and back, it can cause headaches and chronic back problems. In addition, long-term Stress can weaken our immune system, we become more susceptible to colds, mental illness, addiction disorders, and are overall, much irritated. (Read also: Burn-out – these are the symptoms you should be aware of)

This, in turn, that we cope with our tasks, even worse, this lousy feeling and so on. This downward spiral can lead to Burnout, Depression, or heart attack. In order for you to have your stress level from the beginning, good in the grip and so your daily life more relaxed, more confident and happier to be able to cope, has developed our expert, Jacob, dragon mountain, this five simple and effective strategies for you:

1. Four minutes of gratitude

to Write four minutes of the day things for which you are grateful. This has several effects: It relieves our stress system immediately, because we can't be grateful and stressed out. In addition, it directs our focus to the positive things and experiences – and that is a balm for the soul.

If we do this every day for four minutes, we are expected to be the year for a good 24 hours of gratitude – and this will have a positive neural changes in the brain that make it to us in the future, the easier the positive things in life to perceive and appreciate. (Also read: Stress 3 expert tips that really help)

2 mine:. The best possible rather than perfect

to be Perfect only Stress is not caused, it is also terribly boring. Replace "perfectly" by "best possible": you Say for example: "I want to be the best possible father for my child" or "I want to do the Job in the best possible way". This strategy puts into perspective the often exaggerated claims that we have of ourselves and takes us immediately to a big load of the shoulders. (Also interesting: how to use Stress to improve their level of performance)

3. Sports make!

Our body is responding to the Alarm and nothing else triggers our stress system Yes – instinctively, with three strategies: fight, flight, and dead bodies. We make Sport, we give our body a chance to do what he wants to just move in! This immediately builds Stress, reduces the stress hormone level in the body and we will be more balanced. Which Sport you choose, don't care, as long as it's fun for you and good auspowert. If possible, complete your workout in the morning, so a relaxing start to the day, and delighted that you have managed the Work-out already. (Also read: 5 tips to help you get back in shape)

4. Reflection

Take a once a month time for an honest summary and make a note of it. It is important to answer the following three questions:

What is my Highlights in this month ?

What is the findings I have collected this month?

What is the questions/problems have occurred?

Writing brings your thoughts out of your head and onto paper (or into the PC), and feels good. In addition, it helps you to bring structure into your thoughts and to focus on the beautiful moments in life. (Also interesting: resilience – the silent helpers against Stress)

5. I-must-make-list and behind questions

you Write down everything you can think of that you need to do it. And, very important, write about "things I have to do", but "things I think I need to do". So, you step back mentally a step further and have the opportunity to decide what is actually important. And you rank in your list of priorities. Things that are not absolutely necessary, strike-through. Does well, or? No wonder there was no real Need to. (Read more: avoid Stress With these tips, s)

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