Milk glass pattern: Corona-the consequences of late alert Doctors

Dimitri Boulgakov can still remember well, as he suddenly thought of a last will and Testament. With 46 years, two small children and a Coronavirus infection.

Milk glass pattern: Corona-the consequences of late alert Doctors

Dimitri Boulgakov can still remember well, as he suddenly thought of a last will and Testament. With 46 years, two small children and a Coronavirus infection.

He is one of the patients in whom the disease is more than two months after the outbreak not over yet. When stairs or play football with his sons, he climb out of breath. So he is not an isolated case.

Light Corona diseases with serious consequences

Torsten Blum is a senior physician in the Berlin of the lung clinic heckeshorn at Helios hospital Emil von Behring. At the end of June and beginning of July, assisted physicians in the outpatient clinic, many patients with persistent shortness of breath.

The only common denominator: History of Covid, diseases that were not run hard. The crucial question for Blum is the lung damage, the healing still – or stay?

Like many colleagues, he also warns a good half a year after the first Covid cases in China in front of a trivialization of the pandemic. "We expect a second wave in the autumn." And still no doctors have come to understand this disease fully.

Perforated lungs, like a sponge

"Recover" stands in many German Corona-statistics in the case of the number of tables. But that is also fit again?

The German society for pneumology and respiratory medicine (DGP) has any doubt about. Images from the computer showed scanners that many patients more or less strong lung had damage, they say.

The University of Augsburg recently published images, according to autopsies. The lungs of some Corona-victims looked frightening – full of holes like a sponge.

The Augsburg Doctors came to the conclusion that these damages were not caused by the respiration, but most likely directly by the Virus. What does this mean for the Living?

"It is believed that it can late be consequences," says Blum. "In particular, in the area of the lung." It is not just Covid-patients on long time were on ventilators. "Since we know that there can be scars in the area of the lung."

Key questions concern in particular the lighter cases. People had to go to the hospital. "May this new Coronavirus can also cause you longer-lasting or even permanent result of damage in the lungs," says Blum. Specifically: shortness of breath is especially on exertion.

Corona infection, Corona infection is not as harmless will not be displayed without risk factors often harmless

"how often," added Patient Boulgakov. It has not made the Virus get sick, although the risk apply factors such as pre-existing conditions, Obesity, Smoking and old age.

Boulgakov is mid 40's and by trained. Earlier he danced at Moscow's Bolshoi theatre, and later for the Berlin state ballet – and that means more than two decades of high-performance sport. Since the end of his ballet career, he works as a line driver. Smoked, he never did.

Boulgakov is hard to Take. For three years he didn't call in sick, he says proudly. But by the end of April, he suddenly felt weak and had a high fever. On the advice of Doctors, he made the 4. A Corona Test: positive.

when is Corona really that dangerous?

The health Department had advised him then: "can you Take Paracetamol or you call an ambulance." He felt left alone. When is the Corona so dangerous that you call the ambulance?

"were The worst nights," he recalls. Pain, nightmares, fear of the future: The sons only five and six years old, the credit for the apartment, his wife is a freelancer. How will this go when he dies? Boulgakov called no ambulance. The fever dropped, but he felt extremely weak and tired for weeks.

If Blum more than two months later, a computed tomography of Boulgakovs lungs looks at, he sees a lot of healthy sections, but interspersed also pathological changes of the tissue.

"milk glass" pattern Doctors call these white traces, there are inflammatory Posts. This could later be scars. For a forecast it is too early, says the doctor. The next appointment is in three months. Boulgakov reported that he is very much better. "But it is not the same as before."

Diverse and unpredictable late

More than 40 people with Covid-19 were treated in Blum's Berlin-based lung specialist clinic previously stationary. The Virus is new. "We had at the beginning no clinical sense for the patient," says the doctor. "And I still have great respect for the new Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2." Because for him, the lung is not everything.

"This Virus can of the heart, for example, muscle, intestine, kidney, vascular inner skins and damage the nervous system," he says. How often and to what extent? A Big Question Mark. A British study by the end of June in the scientific journal 'The Lancet Psychiatry' 153 destinies described – without any claim to representativeness.

All of the patients developed severe cases in hospitals in connection with Covid-19 complications. Including stroke were seizures, but brain inflammation, and even psychosis.

patients in Germany, the not seemed seriously ill, suffered heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism or venous thrombosis, reported Clemens Wendtner, chief physician of the clinic for infectious diseases at the Schwabing in Munich clinic.

The number of people Affected was low. You spent well under ten percent of the patients in the clinic – and thus something less than one percent of all registered Infected.

New secondary diseases by Covid-19

It was but the risk that there would be consequences, says Wendtner.

"A part of the patients in the long term develop problems. I think that we also have a new disease to generate a secondary effect due to Covid-19 images."

The Coronavirus can infect not only the lungs, but, ultimately, every cell of the body, adds Christopher Spinner, Klinikum rechts der Isar of the Technical University of Munich. "Undoubtedly, a systemic disease is Covid 19."

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