Mike Kleiß about Motivation: That was the Moment that made me a runner

again and again I am asked: How to get started with Running? How to get the most high from the Sofa? How do you manage to run further than the fridge? Experts w

Mike Kleiß about Motivation: That was the Moment that made me a runner

again and again I am asked: How to get started with Running? How to get the most high from the Sofa? How do you manage to run further than the fridge? Experts would now speak of the perfect strategy, it needs. Motivational talk, small goals, not to run fast at the beginning, do not want too much, and and and.

The, the, the want to run, but never get started have managed, certainly in all of the magazines in the world read. New tips, per se, are not sustainable, also hardly. To lead the way diets mostly nothing. They may be for the short-term success is okay, but a lot of back throws it more.

a short biography of Mike Kleiß

Mike Kleiß drives since his Childhood Sport. "Anyone who moves, reaches more" is his life motto. Running was always his favorite subject. Since seven years he runs almost every day between 15 and 20 kilometres, often a Marathon, sometimes Ultra-Marathon. So far, our columnist has published two books on the topic of Running. He is the founder and managing Director of the communication Agency GOODWILLRUN. Mike Kleiß lives with his family in Hamburg and in Cologne, Germany. He writes every Thursday on the Run.

True Motivation comes only from within ourselves. Just the kind of Motivation that keeps us sustained. Short, quick successes are great. But they are gone quickly. Usually it's an initial spark that changed everything. I have long considered, which is the Moment that was for me. I've come over the years to it. I broke really the brain, almost on a regular basis. Always the inner question arose: Why are you running actually? What drives you? What makes the Motor run and run and run?

"You can't run at all. The looks but also comical,“

With a run in the sun a few days ago, there it was suddenly. The Memory. I must have been nine or ten years old. Mathias, a children friend of mine who was already in young years a successful athlete. The long distance it had done to him particularly. He was slim a few years older than me, had an incredibly athletic figure. I was as a child, never thick, maybe a little chubby, sporty I was not really.

I have long belonged to the type of winner's certificate. Just I failed in school, always on the honor certificate. It annoyed me terribly. Others had the signature of the Federal President, on your deed, I just to the class teacher. It's A Shame. One day, I went with Mathias run. We wanted to create an hour. Again and again he looked at me and said: "You can't run at all. The looks but also funny. And You're immediately out of breath. So this is nothing, this makes no fun with You.“

It was summer, it was hot, I was exhausted, after only a few kilometres. For this purpose, the head of place to me almost. I felt bad, humiliated, and not accepted, and certainly not sporty. Just this day I made a decision: next summer, me should get to know Mathias. And then we wanted to see, who is faster out of breath. I didn't announce it. I screamed it only formally into me.

Mathias has me

In the sports teaching motivated I gave everything. I was a member of the football club, put special training, practiced Sprints. If my teammates were already in the shower, you found me an hour longer alone on the court. The next national youth games were more of a personal Triumph. I held the certificate of honor with the signature of the Federal President in the Hand. Finally, so an athlete, not an Amateur any more. So anyway, it felt. The summer with my grandparents crowned my new athlete-life. I met Mathias. And we ran.

An hour we took us. Mathias could no longer follow me after 30 minutes. "Come, we run for 1.5 hours", I called him. He did not answer. After an hour I stopped. And waited for ten minutes on him. "How did You do that, Mike?", he asked. "You could've run last year. And now this?“. "I could perhaps run as fast as You, Mathias. But I was able to run. Next year we meet again. And then You're maybe back faster,“ I replied.

Unfortunately, we have lost ourselves out of sight. To another drive it has come to this. And it have already passed 40 years. How I would love to meet Mathias again one day to thank him. He was my initial ignition. He is the reason that I can't be without the Run. I wish each of you a Mathias, of the heart. Because sometimes it takes a special feeling to change everything.

So it goes.

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