Masks protect us from Corona, but emotions prevent and create distance

Had known Donald Trump, this study would have been of the "Deal"-the President much earlier to the mask Fan. Researchers have examined the mouth, nose, coveri

Masks protect us from Corona, but emotions prevent and create distance

Had known Donald Trump, this study would have been of the "Deal"-the President much earlier to the mask Fan. Researchers have examined the mouth, nose, covering the impact on social interaction, such as in business negotiations. Their core result is: people accept an unfair offer if it is submitted by a human with a mask.

by the spring of 2020 half-veiled faces played in our society, not a big role. Doctors and medical personnel wore masks at work, some of the craftsmen protected to Fumes or dust, and occasionally walked tourists from the far East with a mouth-nose protection around.

mask changed communication

As the medical and self-sewn masks were required for the accessory against the infection with the Coronavirus, quickly fell, how much they interfere with the communication. Not only because the voice sounds from behind the cloth muffled, and the exhaled air longer Speak uncomfortable power, but also because neither a friendly Smile still annoying together gekniffene lips are visible.

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The lack of facial Expressions was for psychologists on the topic, but also economic and behavioral researchers interested in the influence of masks on the interaction. Ramzi Fatfouta of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Yulia Oganian from the University of California in San Francisco have just released their study, "effect of face masks on socio-economic decisions in the Covid-19-pandemic" on the Preprint server PsyArXiv.

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In the case of business negotiations, rituals, body language and facial Expressions play an almost as important as the negotiation itself. If, due to the social distancing measures both a Vice-like handshake as well as a shark's smile disappear, the negotiating guide, the adoption of the scientist.

they tested 339 subjects with the so-called Ultimatum game. The well-known Instrument of the economic and behavioral research is often used for the detection of altruism or selfishness.

would Rather lose everything, than the other indulge too much

Here, a certain sum is divided among two players, and according to the discretion of the one. The other player can accept or reject it. He rejects the proposed distribution, both get nothing. Rational would be to accept an unfair distribution of, for example, 80 to 20 euros, not quite empty-handed. Thus, the experience of behavior, but in accordance with the least players: you would rather do without a 20 Euro, as a (unfair) pulls against the part with 80 euros of it.

This expected result changes when the masks come into play. Ramzi Fatfouta and Yulia Oganian showed the test subjects photos of the "providers" in the Ultimatum game. The images came from a database, and were provided to the sub-graph with masks. The 50 in quick succession offers made were almost all to the detriment of the participants – of a 9:1 - best 5:5 split.

This accepted the unfair offers, however, often, if they came from people with a surgical mask. Unmasked providers let you egoism less likely to go through, nor the people who had tied a Bandana over his face. More to the Coronavirus Corona-the danger Is by Breathing low? Harvard researchers doubt Aerosol hypothesis of pediatricians-in-chief promotes Opening: "the risk that schools are Hotspots, is low," researchers decode the Corona of the Cluster and find out who are the super spreader! Chart analysis shows Which countries have Corona in the handle, and which do not explode infection numbers - why the Balkans suddenly creates Europe's Corona-Hotspot

OP-mask distance that promotes rational decision-making

The researchers deduce that the interaction between people with masks expires less emotional. The possible ways that the medical surgical masks "psychological distance" is created. As a result, the decision could fall for the little money more easily.

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suffers When masks cover 50 to 60 percent of the face, primarily the non-verbal communication. This has been recognised by the perception psychologist Claus-Christian Carbon, University of Bamberg, quickly. He has examined soon after the introduction of the Mask requirement in an experimental study, such as face masks affect the interpretation of different emotions. In the Test, the 41 participants between 18 and 87 years, had to rate a total of 144 facial expressions: angry, disgusted, fearful, happy, neutral and sad. There are twelve different faces were either fully visible or with a mouth-nose cover or covered.

Angry, sad or disgusted? The mask hides emotions

Claus-Christian Carbon, says: "The Participants recognized emotions less accurately, and trusted their own assessment of rare." Without the mouth as a part of the facial Expressions, the participants made serious errors in the interpretation of emotions. For example, a significantly more disgusted face, it was considered an expression with a mask than angry.

Carbon, said in a television Interview: "We need to see the mouth of another person, to whose emotions are relatively clear to read. We then must think big, if someone is disgusted cheerful, annoying, angry, or sad – for fear is the on the other hand is mainly about the eyes.“ What to consider when you Wear a mouth-nose-covering:

- pay Attention when Attaching to the fact that the nose and mouth are covered up to the chin and the mouth-nose cover at the edges as closely as possible is applied.

- Change the mouth, nose and covering at least then, if it is through the respiratory air, moist all the way through. Because then you can settle with additional germs.

- Avoid them, while wearing the mouth, nose and touch cover and move.

- Touch when Removing the mouth, nose, covering, if possible, not the outer sides, since this pathogen can be located. You grab the side tabs or cords, and put the mouth, nose and coverage carefully.

- Wash after Removing the mouth, nose and covering your hands thoroughly (at least 20 to 30 seconds with soap).

- After using the mouth-nose should be kept covering up for Washing air-tight (e.g. in a separate bag) or at best immediately at 60° to 95°C are washed.

(source: German Federal centre for health education)

Since the masks in everyday life to stay safe a while longer, recommends the psychologist: "We can compensate for the inability to read emotions. For example, we can increasingly use body language, Gestures and verbal communication to effectively interact socially.“ Corona-the danger through the air: What are the masks in the office, the best protection FOCUS Online Corona-risk of delivering by air: What are the masks in the office, the best protection to deliver "There are no rules": Majorca-Star totally appalled by the Dutch section at the ball man FOCUS Online "There are no rules": Majorca-Star totally appalled by the Dutch section at the ball man

Date Of Update: 25 July 2020, 06:26

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