Mary's big day: Only the second time it happens in History

crown Princess Mary has on Friday one of its biggest days as crown princess. She has, in fact, for the first time was the regent. An honor, as prince Henrik nev

Mary's big day: Only the second time it happens in History

crown Princess Mary has on Friday one of its biggest days as crown princess. She has, in fact, for the first time was the regent. An honor, as prince Henrik never achieved.

And it is a great thing, tells kongehuseksperter. Especially because it is only the second time in History that a non-Danish-born royal will get the powerful duties.

her Debut as regent comes right after that, the crown princess has been several days in Indonesia, marking the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Denmark and Indonesia.

However, although according to the royal calendar are not any official duties from Friday to Sunday, where Mary is the regent, so there has not been taken lightly in the event.

It tells the historian and kongehusekspert Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen.

"It's great, because it is something new. And it's her premiere, and it's all prepared very thoroughly", he says and adds:

"This is a new step in the royal family, on the way gets split up on the tronfølgerens tasks."

There are no rules about where in Denmark, you must be as regent, and the crown princess matched the record from the Danish crown prince's palace at Amalienborg.

the Day was quite eventful. According to the Royal private secretary to the queen Henning Fode had the crown princess several tasks.

Among other things, the crown princess upheld (approved,red.) two legislative proposals. In addition, she was approved six to seven devices from Greenland.

There was the crown princess also have the opportunity to appoint a civil servant as well as take leave of the two. It was about udnævelser of a departementchef as well as the dismissal of two judges of the aldermæssige reasons had to stop.

When the crown princess, as regent approves a bill, then going on the know that she writes under the in the queen's name with the signature 'in the queen's name Mary, crown princess regent’, informs Henning Fode.

It is only the second time that Denmark has a regent, who is the administration in the royal family.

the First time was in 1972, when queen Ingrid was appointed to the regent some time after her husband died.

But, unlike now, was queen Ingrid already queen – and her husband was dead.

"back Then there was no longer a king, but now there is a crown prince. So in this way there is a greater cadeau to Mary," says Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen.

He also believes that it is a sign of a greater equality in the royal family.

gender Equality in the royal family was otherwise known as prince Henry's crusade.

He did, however, never to be regent.

"There, I think he was a little pinched in the door, for the first several years of his marriage with the Queen was still in the old system, where it was still inconceivable that it would happen. When he became dissatisfied and would like to have kongetitlen, was 'regent' jo for a bit. So really has Mary achieved a bit of equality, as prince Henrik advocated for," says Sebastian Olden-Jørgensen.

According to historian Michael Bregnsbo from the University of Southern denmark it is interesting that crown princess Mary of denmark debuts as regent:

"It is not something that happens every day, and it is a great honor," he says.

He adds, that crown princess Mary has proven that she does the job as crown princess very well.

Although it sounds nice to be regent, though, it is probably limited to how many tasks that necessarily ends up in the Kronprinsessens hands in the three days:

"But there should be one or another, so it is she who acts as the head of state – as the Queen's relief. Should a minister leave, or there will be some guests on state visits, so it is she who must step in and take," explains Michael Bregnsbo.

When the crown princess these days is the regent, due to the fact that both the Queen and the crown prince are out to travel.

the Royal family will not, however, clarify where the governor and the heir to the throne is located.

the Queen, however, has the tradition to go on christmas shopping in London around the beginning of december.

Updated Date: 06 December 2019, 19:00

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