Mama is dead: Cancer Daniela wants to live for your son - you can help her

Daniela has seen how your son will fare, if it happens, what can prevent neither you nor your Doctors. The single mother is dying of cancer. Brain, lymph nodes,

Mama is dead: Cancer Daniela wants to live for your son - you can help her

Daniela has seen how your son will fare, if it happens, what can prevent neither you nor your Doctors. The single mother is dying of cancer. Brain, lymph nodes, breast, bone marrow: Because the disease was detected two years ago, to late, is almost infested her entire young body from metastases. "It feels as if you would eat the inside up," says Daniela.

The star girl fought for herself and her son. 38 chemotherapy sessions, 31 radiation treatments, dozens of OPs, and a breast decrease has you endure - without success. The cancer spreads and continues, the tumors are too large to be operated on. Daniela has canceled the grueling treatments. "I don't want to spend the time that remains to me, in pain and on the toilet bowl," she says. Doctors give her one to two years time.

"My son needs me. He is a Mama-child"

your own life comes to an end, has resigned Daniela now. Despite the "roaring pain" works as a waitress, the tough woman in a Pizzeria, meets with friends and family and it makes and "a", as she says. "I take morphine. That gets me through the day.“ But one can endure Daniela hardly. "Knowing that I must leave Ludwig alone. He needs me. He is a Mama-baby.“

Daniela is just turned 30. Two years ago, the young woman stood still in the midst of life, had many plans for the future. "At 30, I always wanted to have a husband, two kids and a house. Now I have a child and am dying. But that doesn't matter,“ says Daniela, and laughs – not out of bitterness, but because she accepts the life as it comes. It was not always so.

diagnosed with cancer: "don't Lie to your children - you can feel it"

Daniela is 28, you will receive the dread diagnosis. You work 250 hours in a month in a Discount bakery, is trying to create for yourself and your son a modest Living. Then you will be torn with a stroke from the life that she had built up so laboriously. "On the day of the diagnosis I brought Louis to my parents, I left to a friend and I drowned my anger in alcohol," says Daniela. The noise was for the young woman to the catharsis. "After three days I woke up and knew: I have to go – if not for my sake, then for Ludwig's sake."

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The star girl has made of her illness from the beginning, no secret – not even your son. Three days after the diagnosis of Daniela Ludwig took on the Arm and told him, "that Mama has, unfortunately, a nasty disease". He wept while bitterly, but quickly understood. Helped Ludwig that his mother took him to their Doctors, with child-friendly images to explain what a Tumor is and what he's doing. "I can recommend it to all parents in this Situation: be open, speak with the children and they don't lie. You can feel it.“, Daniela says.

The funeral is organized, the urn of Ludwig-painted

Cautiously, the young mother tries to your child to prepare for the Inevitable. As Daniela was due to the Chemo-therapy, the hair, platted it, and Ludwig the strands together in a braid, and framed him – "as a reminder to the mom," says Daniela. Because the mother felt, how well your child did with their illness and the consequences, was allowed to Ludwig, the urn with pick and paint. In the meantime, all the formalities are settled from the funeral to the guardian. If Daniela dies, Ludwig grow up with her little sister.

"Actually, I could be under the circumstances calmed down," says Daniela. However, the scenes of the schoolyard no longer have to go to the 30-Year-old out of the head. "I've seen my death, Ludwig, despite all the efforts of the web will throw. I just have to hold on a bit longer.“

immunotherapy: "for Three years, and then I could go"

Daniela's greatest desire more time for living – not for herself but for her son. Ludwig came in in the first class, has problems in the new environment – "because he is so sensitive and no elbows", as Daniela says. The idea to leave him now, not from holding the 30-Year-old. "Three years, and then he would be ten. Then I could go“, says Daniela.

Even if the cancer grows in your body, there is a way to meet Daniela's wish. In Switzerland is not available for patients like Daniela, a specific immune therapy, the cure your disease, although the Inevitable but you can postpone. "The Doctors say that I would have even two to three years. That would be wonderful.“

treatment costs 17,000 euros - too much for a single mother

The Problem: Daniela's health insurance covers only 40 percent of the 17,000-Euro treatment. Without help, the single mother can't afford the therapy. The 30-Year-old hopes, therefore, on donations and has launched on Facebook is a stirring call to your friends. "I'm actually not the type of person who asks for help," says Daniela. "But when it comes to the happiness of my son is to me every means available to them."

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Since Ludwig's collapse on the Playground, Daniela spends even more time than usual with your son. You go out in the garden, at the Bach or on the lake. Although she is physically weak, and every movement hurts, making the young mother a small bike tours with Ludwig. If Corona is over, would spend the little family like a few days on the Baltic sea. By all means Daniela is trying to give your child the feeling: "I'm still here – you can count on me."

you have to Help Daniela and Ludwig

If you want to support Daniela Fuchs and their son, Ludwig, you can: to the following Bank account for donations

Daniela Fuchs


IBAN: DE53 7002 0270 0650 7626 81


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