LinkedIn: 11 tips to make your profile different from the other millions of users stands out

LinkedIn is a professional Mega-search engine with 500 million users from over 200 countries. It is the preferred Instrument of the advanced companies in order

LinkedIn: 11 tips to make your profile different from the other millions of users stands out

LinkedIn is a professional Mega-search engine with 500 million users from over 200 countries. It is the preferred Instrument of the advanced companies in order to find candidates for the best paid and most highly qualified positions. The Problem is that the application of a selection procedure is very simple, so the competition for those who want to improve their professional Position, is enormous.

11 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

How to stand out in this social network? Follow these tips, the in a to summarize: Create your profile on the basis of your future employer and not on the basis of their Person. LinkedIn is not Instagram, Tinder or Facebook.

LinkedIn tip #1: be Sure you good on your job title

first of all, your profile with your latest Work update. In the title, you can describe your current exact Position (project Manager), but you can also use this field to your career, or your main strengths (combine strategist and team Manager). You can also highlight awards that you have received (sports journalist with an Ondas prize). If you have written a book, add this Information to your Position (project Manager and author).

LinkedIn tip #2: your photo must be from LinkedIn is not another social network

Add a photo to your profile, then you will stand out ten times more from the other. But make sure that the photo is current and looks as if it came from another social network: It must be professional. Or at least look that way. A good Trick is the use of a black-and-white filter to create a portrait of a serious.

LinkedIn tip #3: Put a Background on your profile

just like on Facebook, you can add to LinkedIn a Background to your profile to make it more attractive. You can choose a single color or an image that reflects your passion or your area of expertise resist. But do not overdo it: If you are a copywriter, you should be no Don-Draper-Image.

LinkedIn tip #4: Make a good summary for your resume

This is a very important section, as many recruiters read the resume and not in addition to go. In it you will summarize your Strengths, your work experience (in years), and their ambitions.

LinkedIn tip #5: pay Attention to grammar and spelling

Not an error, please. Remember: spelling is the new Sexy.

LinkedIn tip #6: key words, use

LinkedIn looks like a social network, but it works like a search engine. Therefore, it is very important that you use key words so recruiters can find you. It is not the same, if you 'will writer' with 'copywriter' and 'programmer' with 'Front-End web development' is the same. Consider this and fill in your profile correctly.

LinkedIn tip #7: Customize your profile URL to

When you enter your name in the URL, it will be for someone easier to find through search engines such as Google, so you do it: you can use the URL in the settings section of your LinkedIn profile change.

LinkedIn tip #8: add-on content

add to that, If you published an academic article, a Website designed, in the construction of a building involved, or what you have done and there are pictures, texts or Videos, you can link, share it in your LinkedIn profile. The Web allows you to add Multimedia, so you should take this opportunity to have your work in a visual way to highlight.

LinkedIn tip #9: Add sections about their experience in addition to go

With LinkedIn, you can add multiple sections to make your profile more visual appeal and depth. You can have sections for publications, volunteer work, languages, honors and awards, patents, concerns that interest you, and many others to add. All of these sections open up to you more possibilities to make new Connections.

LinkedIn tip #10: be more Active

do not Wait for the company to find you. You start building a professional network by connecting with other users, and relevant content share, in order to reach new possibilities. But remember, LinkedIn is not Facebook, if you tell a story, make it interesting and, above all, on your professional field-related.

LinkedIn tip #11: to personalize your invitation to contact

by Default, the invitations are a boring "I would like to add you to my professional network". Adjust the message so that it attracts people's attention, with whom you want to get in contact.

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