Internist about Corona-the long-term consequences: Virus bodies to decades of aging

About half a year has passed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. A time in which we learned a lot about the novel Virus, Sars-CoV-2 – and what serious c

Internist about Corona-the long-term consequences: Virus bodies to decades of aging

About half a year has passed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. A time in which we learned a lot about the novel Virus, Sars-CoV-2 – and what serious changes can take the resulting disease Covid-19, especially in the Elderly, and vorerkrankten people. In post-mortem samples of Corona-Sacrifice pathologists were unable to determine just massive damage to the lungs, but also heart, kidneys, and other organs.

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Coronavirus could be the aging process

to accelerate these effects, however, are only one facet of the disease, suspected Stefan Schreiber, Director of the Institute for clinical molecular biology (IKMB) and Director of the clinic for Internal medicine at the University hospital in Kiel. "Given the Severity of the organs to the part to be attacked, it is assumed that it can also cause long-term damage to these organs," explains the physician, in an interview with FOCUS Online.

"We see people suffer, even after the infection to Fatigue, so tired and lacking in motivation are, the scarring of Lungs, liver damage, etc., suffering," said the doctor. "So it comes to end-organ damage, the immediate consequences of the infection with the Coronavirus, and the repair will take much longer, as the Virus is active in the body - if the body creates the repair at all."

Also, the presumption would be that the Corona accelerate the aging process of the organs – so that, for example, a 30-year-old Genesener have suddenly Aged out of the function and performance of the heart or the lung of a 40-Year-old or a 50-so writer.

This could not but affect the long-only people who have made a serious history: "There are also patients that come to me in the ambulance, the Covid-19 relatively well-handled, but still, after that, no more complaints to come in properly on the legs – you suffer from extreme weight loss, massive fatigue or can no longer smell properly and taste."

inflammation, not heal

Schreiber suspected that inflammation will follow in the body are responsible for healing after the infection. So, for example, the loss of Smell over the many Sufferers complain in part, for months after the infection could be on a long-term inflammation of the brainstem due. Also, a slight disease of the liver could progress through the infection faster, and a sudden heart weakness occur as a direct or indirect infection result.

infection with the Coronavirus, only the long-term consequences for formerly seriously Ill would not believe the physician, therefore, the long-time people with mild and even asymptomatic gradients could have consequences.

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this study investigated long-term effects of Coronavirus infection

Which of late, a Covid consequences of-19-can result in disease, should be explored with the research project Covidom, the head of which is clerk, for the first time, exactly. It is a joint project of the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (CAU), the University of Lübeck (AEO) and the University hospital of Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), which focuses on the impact of the Sars-CoV-2 infection on the lung, the heart, the kidney, the liver, the brain, the immune system, the metabolism and the nervous system in the focus of consideration.

"We will investigate former Covid-19-Sick now over a period of two years, and observed on the basis of blood and metabolic analyses as well as imaging studies of the organs and ultrasound of the vessels, whether and which changes in the post-set infectious". It allows those Affected to lead a full investigation, the results of which are not only you, but also your treating Physicians. For the former Infected to participate in the Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, the agree, as subjects over 3000 people act – for a total of.

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writer sees in this project is not only a Chance to learn more about the effects of Corona, but to learn in a further step, in General, more about the late effects of viral diseases. "It is the question of whether or not other viral diseases such as Influenza or varicella in the longer term, institutions weaken," said black box is about the Coronavirus and beyond. "If we knew, then that would be a Revolution in medicine".

Coronavirus causes damage to blood vessel walls solid

In terms of corona infection pen has to be Regarded as a specialist in inflammatory diseases a very specific Covid-19: "we have all the Details that we already know, then Corona is probably not a pure lung disease, but an infection that can infect many cells, particularly endothelial cells," he says of the physician. The endothelium is the thin, inner layer of blood vessels and cells. "Pathologists at autopsies of Covid-19-Victims of strong damage to this blood to determine the vascular walls – the Virus has left right battle fields," says Schreiber.

the infection, these cells die, which in turn can lead to excessive reaction of the immune system – a so-called cytokine storm, which was often documented in the severe forms, and also leads to a massive activation of the coagulation system. This can be life-threatening and infectious diseases such as Influenza, but also in non-infectious diseases occur.

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methods of treatment says, against late

follow the caused by the inflammation of long-term damage or even accelerated ageing processes of the institutions can no longer repent, but Schreiber sees a Chance to mitigate their impact. "We can diseases, such as hypertension or insulin resistance, which are, ultimately, aging processes, to treat with medication," said the doctor. "Just the same, we could Ill then follow the long-time former Covid-19-when they occur, handle - it is only important that the early happens."

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