Home Workout: a Yoga-meets-HIIT: 15 minutes total body workout with LeaLight

Not always enough Motivation or time for intensive sports units. Who can a Workout that uses maybe the Morning or evening hours, or the short lunch break. Eve

Home Workout: a Yoga-meets-HIIT: 15 minutes total body workout with LeaLight

Not always enough Motivation or time for intensive sports units. Who can a Workout that uses maybe the Morning or evening hours, or the short lunch break.

Even if it's just a quarter of an hour is that you today for your fitness training can muster, and you want to, is invested in this short time: For your fitness goals and your metabolism is better to exercise regularly to short as a rare long time.

Relaxed training with HIIT, and Yoga

fitness trainer Lea Light has compiled a nearly 15-minute combination of HIIT and Yoga.

The advantage of this Training is on the Hand: You talk with short intervals, specifically your muscles, spoil the same time your body but also through intensive Stretch-units and relaxing Yoga poses.

The Workout is, therefore, best to start fresh in the day or in the evening, when the sun sets, to rest.

Everything you need for this Workout is a training Mat. With the can you let it be so perfect in a shady spot in the Park and enjoy the ride.

how to: The Workout includes 14 Exercises. These are pulled through for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest.

"This Workout circumscribes: endurance, Mobility, Stretch, strength – everything is at the Start," explains Lea in the Youtube Video. So put on those workout clothes and then we can start already!

1. Plank to Downward Faceing Dog

Lea starts your Workout with an exercise combination that appeals not just to the muscles in the entire body, but also a wonderful Stretch.

  • output position is the high Plank: The body forms a Straight, hands placed directly under your shoulders, your weight rests on the palms.
  • slide you out of the Plank in downward dog, your back remains long, with the butt pointing up and your gaze is directed to the floor. Changing in this way between the float back and forth.

is As in Yoga, the focus is on breathing, is it also here, this the movement to Breathe, when you push yourself in the Plank and again, if you are in a downward dog to go.

2. Plank-to-Malasana-the Squat

it Continues with a compound Exercise, the course looks at the first Moment more complicated than it actually is.

  • Start again in the high Plank. Set to this Position first of all your right and then your left leg forward to your hands.
  • release the hands from the floor and bring them together in front of your chest. Your chest in the Malasana and open up. Important: Your feet are completely on the floor.
  • Express yourself with the heels in the Squat, stretch out your hands like this forwards to your weight a little bit to compensate.
  • sink you again in the Malasana down and put your feet up one at a time in the back, to go back into the Plank.

Even if Lea sequence of this move more quickly through, should always be the correct execution of all adapted to breathing in focus, you can, therefore, allow more time.

3. Knee lift – right side

get up slowly and on a roll you roll. Then it goes on with an Exercise, you need some Balance.

  • Shift your weight to the left leg, lift the right leg bent and pull the foot upwards. Give in this Position, small pulses with the leg up.
  • Since, especially the low-lying muscle strands addressed, need not be the movements of large.

In this Exercise, it is on the correct posture of your body: The chest is open, sliding your hips a little bit forward so that you're not a hollow cross.

4. Tree – right side

For the next Exercise, you can stay directly, it continues with the tree.

  • Bring your right foot to either your ankle or on your thighs. "Very important: Please do not on one knee," stresses Lea.
  • Lead your hands in front of your heart together in the Namaste posture. Press in this position, your thighs against your feet and practice with your foot pressure against your leg.
  • If you like, you can stretch out your arms above your head. Eighth weiterhinn to the voltage in your belly.

tip: search for you to be able to balance better, a fixed point on the view folders can.

If you're with the right, follow to lift the two Exercises, Knee and tree for the left side.

5. Squat to Malasana

And because it did the legs already so good, now comes a compound Exercise Squat and Malasana.

  • Start in the Squat: the tips of The toes are slightly turned to the outside, your weight on the heels. Pulsate in this position five Times to the top.
  • sink you after the fifth Time down in the Malasana. Press your hand areas in front of your body strong. Manage back at each respiration length in your and sink you a bit more to the ground.

6. Camel

if You want to stretch your body properly? Then this Exercise is perfect for you.

  • Go to the knee, lifting your torso and bring your hands one by one to your heels.
  • a sit back and take a deep breath. Your chest, sliding open your hips forward and your shoulders back.

if you Stretch too much, you can place your hands on your lower back. Solve you after the last deep breath slowly out of Position.

7. Quadruped and my dog

Find you for the next movement in a sequence, first in all-fours position.

  • Press you from the Quadruped to the top in the Downward Faceing Dog – make sure to turn your gaze to the ground.
  • back then Switch back to the all-fours position, without, however, your knee to lower. Your head will be kept permanently in the extension of the back.

If you get the Exercise you want to do something more ambitious, you can also in the downward dog to jump. Here it is important that your uniform breathing suffers from the jumps.

8. High lung warriors – left leg at the front

Now it is once again full body tension, especially in your legs and Pomuskeln you tomorrow, for sure a slight muscle soreness is felt.

  • the starting position of the High lung. Your left leg is the front-positioned, on the whole foot, your right leg to the back, stretched out, just on the ball of the foot.
  • stretch your arms upward and open your chest. Bring the hips forward and suck your navel in.
  • to Pulsate in this position a little up and down.

Here is rich also in small pulses to the deep-seated muscles address.

9. Chair position

this position is primarily your legs – but also the upper part of the body targeted.

  • on the legs hip width apart, shift your weight to the heels and sink you in a controlled manner, in the chair.
  • Open your arms over your body and spread your fingers – do so to a comfortable length in the entire torso.
  • Try to leave you with every exhalation a little bit to sink deeper.

After that, we return to the High lung – this Time your right leg is in front.

10. Chair position, with the shoulder press

to Find you, as before, in the chair position. This Time the Exercise is modified, however, by the shoulder press.

  • Prefer to just your arms strength fully to the sides.

you can customize your breathing to the movement of your arms Breathe in the high-lift your arms and sweeping Down to take off again.

11. Cool Down with Cat and Cow

the Training session complete, has Lea at the end of a very relaxing Exercise options.

  • a Find you in the Quadruped and do alternately Cat and Cow.
  • Start with the cat's hump: sliding the hips forward and bring your shoulders away from your ears. Then exhale deeply, open your chest and push the hips a little to the rear.

If you want one of the two positions, last longer, can you do the like. Move how it feels good for your body, close your eyes and let your breathing to flow.

Cornelia Bertram

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